Four myths of summer leisure sports

Four myths of summer leisure sports

Four myths of summer leisure sports

The summer is hot, and health experts remind that there are four misunderstandings that you should beware of when going out for leisure sports or tourism in the summer: Misunderstanding 1: The darker the color of the glasses, the better the eye protection.

  In fact, the color of the lens is too dark, which will affect the vision of the eye, and the eye is therefore vulnerable.

The lenses of summer sunglasses should be able to penetrate 30% of the visible light, preferably gray or green, because these colors not only resist ultraviolet radiation, but also have the best viewing.

  Misunderstanding 2: The less clothes you wear, the cooler you go.

  In fact, bare skin can only increase the transmission and heat dissipation of the skin when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature; when the skin temperature is close to or exceeds the skin temperature, the skin not only cannot dissipate heat, but will absorb and absorb from the external environment.

  Misunderstanding 3: Drinking beer while traveling can relieve the heat.

  In fact, the human body sweats less during summer sports, and it is easy to get tired. If you continue to drink beer, the “hotness” caused by alcohol will increase thirst and sweating, which will reduce people’s thinking ability.

Therefore, it is best to drink more active vitamin drinks to quench thirst and relieve heat.

  Myth 4: Drinking water instead of plain water is good for health.

  Soda, juice, cola and other beverages contain a lot of saccharin and electrolytes.

These substances are toxic to the stomach and produce adverse irritation, affecting digestion and appetite, such as a large amount of metabolism, will increase the burden of kidney filtration and affect renal function.

Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more drinks during summer sports. It is better to drink plain water, especially children and the elderly. It is better to drink less water and drink more water. It is best to drink a little salt water or light tea.