Crossing the embarrassing whitening watershed _1

Crossing the embarrassing whitening watershed _1

Crossing the embarrassing whitening “watershed”

Whitening work changed our faces, but accidentally exposed the black and yellow below the neck.
When the “color number” of the facial skin and the body skin has fallen by two squares, will you remain indifferent?

  When the scenery is great, you join a friend’s outing plan, sit on the green hills and enjoy a good mood.
Last night’s whitening mask was very effective. In the sun, the skin on your face was white and shiny, beautiful and jealous.
Someone likes you “born white”?
Hurry up and cover your coat tightly, just because your body skin is still so “natural”, the white on the face, not completely white!
Want to truly transform into a beautiful Snow White, let the body whiten together is the last word!
This season, carefully customize your body’s whitening plan, and cross the “watershed” of embarrassing whitening!
  Whitening “watershed” small test Before officially starting whitening care, do a small test to test your “watershed” status!
(The following test is based on your daily whitening habits to measure the difference between your facial skin and body skin.
1. I’m late for work. I only have one minute for sunscreen. Which part would you rub first?
  a, eye b, face c, neck 2, in hot weather, when you go out with friends, what will you choose?
  a, cotton sports vest + shorts b, short-sleeved shirt + short skirt c, breathable cotton shirt + mid-skirt 3, to travel to Hawaii, you can only bring one accessory except changing clothes, what will you bring?
  a, straw hat b, sunglasses c, parasol 4, a cycle of facial exfoliation for yourself?
  a. 4 ~ 5 times a week b, 2 ~ 3 times a week c, 1 ~ 2 times a week 5, how long is the cycle of doing body exfoliation for yourself?
  a. Occasionally do several times in half a year b, once a month cleaning, usually only do basic cleaning c, once a week 6, what is the commonly used bathing method?
  a、冲洗―浴液―冲洗  b、冲洗―浸泡(桑拿)―浴液―冲洗  c、冲洗―浸泡(桑拿)―浴盐―冲洗―浴液―冲洗  (a项得分为0分,b项得分为1分,c项得分为2分)  0~4分 A型–高危“分水岭”(面部>身体3档或以上)  测试结果是A型的你,其实很认真也很细心地做了面部Sun protection and whitening care, so your face looks softer and fairer than the original skin.
Although the skin color itself is not black, the exposed part of the body is exposed to excessive sunlight, so it will appear darker. If you can increase your awareness of sun protection, you can help you reproduce a uniform skin color.
  5~8分 B型–浅危“分水岭”(面部>身体2~3档之间)  身体测试结果是B型的你,有着天生非常均匀的肤色,原本应该是非常有光泽、有弹性的The skin may be slack on deep skin cleansing.
For you, it is best to perform keratin care during each bath. This will have a magical effect on the whitening of your body.
  8~12分 C型–隐形“分水岭”( 面部>身体0~1档之间)  测试结果是C型的你面部和身体的肤色相当地均匀统一,无论是得益于天生,还是后天保养It is very close to the limit of their whitening. Be sure to keep it up!
  Whitening Metamorphosis 3 Steps “I want to be as white as XX!”
  ”Muscles like gelatin” is not the ultimate goal that everyone can reach. According to their whitening limit, we can achieve the perfect skin quality when we are infants.
The watershed problem is already in front of us. How can we improve it?

1 “Whitening” metamorphosis The first step in whitening is cleaning!
When you hear these two words again, you may feel bored. After all, this thing is so ordinary, but it can not be underestimated to improve the whitening effect.
  Why does cleaning whiten us?
We must know that the metabolism of the body also produces sweat, oil and aging sebum. These metabolites are combined with environmental dirt, and the surface layer of our skin gradually forms a “junkyard.”
Yes, a comprehensive cleansing treatment for the skin is a veritable “cleanup”, and a cleansing product is a “cleaner” tailored for your delicate skin!
  Tips shower cream, whitening “star” ingredients acid horns and oranges: acid horns and oranges can significantly improve dull skin tone.
  Green tea: The tea polyphenols in green tea help to hydrate and moisturize, and can instantly resist oxidation.
  Licorice Essence: Prevents skin from redness after sun exposure, hindering the formation of melanin.

2 “Huanbai” metamorphosis Every time you take a shower and care for your facial skin, you will always feel that there is something left, right!

Your skin is waiting for your care!
Pamper your body and be promoted to a whitening beauty!

  Huanbai Raiders 1-Body Mask: After bathing, the heat has not yet dissipated, and the energy of metabolism still works magically on your skin?

?Take advantage of this time, apply a flower extract or a body mask containing plant essential oil ingredients, while soothing, relaxing and detoxifying, your skin will be as smooth and fair as a newborn baby.

  Whitening Strategy 2-Nourishing Emulsion: “Whitening Function” is the most common function in the body milk description. If you want to use the whitening effect quickly and efficiently, we suggest you choose the one with the whitening “star” secret we recommendBody care products.

  Tips for body milk, whitening “star” ingredient vitamin C: It can inhibit pigmentation, promote collagen growth in the dermis layer, make skin brighter and full of elasticity.

  Vitamin A: It can enter the nucleus and improve the dullness of the skin through elastin and collagen synthesis.

  Fruit acid: Fruit acid can stimulate the growth of new cells, remove fine lines, and lighten the epidermal pigment.

  NO.3 “Translucent” transmutation UV is the number one natural enemy of the skin!

Strong ultraviolet rays will completely cause skin oxidation, and then accelerate the formation of melanin. What is more terrible is that it will produce super severe pigmentation and pigmentation.

Every summer, the sun leaves relentless marks on the skin. The saying goes: “The best offense is defense!

“The key to whitening is actually to improve sun protection into a” level one plan “in the whitening plan. Of course, our best sun protection” weapon “is sunscreen.

  Sunscreen selection: Same sunscreens of different qualities can be divided into the following types: The first-to prevent sunburn and sunburn, this sunscreen uses isolated UVB, the sun protection index is identified by SPF; the second-to prevent sunburnBlack, this sunscreen is used to isolate UVA, the sun protection index is marked with PA; third-has both functions.

  When shopping, going out, or going to work, you can choose the first two, generally SPF15 is enough, pay attention to make up after sweating; If you are traveling, it is best to use the third type for comprehensive protection!

Generally choose SPF30 or above to resist the strong sunlight of the royal family.

  Don’t forget, if you are visiting the beach in the hot sun, it is best to choose waterproof sunscreen.

  Tips to be alert to the damage of UV rays on the skin at night is not only one night. When going to a concert at night or going to a bar, the UV intensity of those spotlights and fluorescent lights can not be ignored, so when going out at night, do not forget to protect the skinAdd a “protective jacket”.


L’OREAL Paris L’Oreal Multiple Protective Isolation Milk SPF30 / PA +++ 150 / 100ml 2.

CAMENAE Almond Beauty Cream 168 / 250ml 3.

YUE-SAI 120 / 100ml 4 after repairing the sun.

VICHY Soothing Body Lotion 118 / 200ml 5.

?H2O + Shuizhiao Fresh Body Deep Moisturizing Cream 160 / 240ml6.

MARUBI Pills Whitening Body Cream 180 / 150ml 7.

YUE-SAI Refreshing Sun Spray SPF30 150 / 150ml 8.

L’OREAL Paris Multi-Protection Isolating Spray SPF30 + PA +++ 165/150 ml 9.

HERBORIST Herborist repairs the whole body 140 / 100ml after sun exposure10.

Neutrogena Neutrogena light sunscreen SPF30 + 129/88 ml 11.

Avene Avene Natural Sunscreen SPF25 248 / 100ml12.

VICHY Refreshing Sun Spray SPF30 PA +++ 248 / 125ml13.

LA ROCHE-POSAY SPF30 + PA +++ 278 / 125ml (Edit: Kitty) 14.

Biotherm sunscreen body lotion SPF50 360 / 200ml