How to maintain attractiveness between husband and wife

How to maintain attractiveness between husband and wife

How to maintain attractiveness between husband and wife

Couples who have been wandering in the love river for a long time always want to find a beach.

Home is the berth of love and a symbol of stability.

  However, marriage is like a painting, and in the years, it may become ordinary.

In order for this “berth” to make couples who have been married for decades, even in the races of this world, they think of it when they are exhausted or in pain, and also in the calm and ordinary days., Still lingering about it from time to time, because of it, lingering dreams, in addition to the need to promote noble moral sentiment and enhance the sense of responsibility to the family, the best way is to deepen the love between husband and wife, do everything possible to let marriageLater life is still immersed in the height of love, so that the other party will still have new expectations and new satisfaction every day; and, continuously improve themselves, develop themselves, attract each other with their new achievements, new style, and conquerThe other’s heart is already his own.

  For a like-minded couple, they need to use their hearts, wisdom, and hands to create a new love life as usual.

  (1) Create mutual affection in the common pursuit of the cause.

  As a social year, Aiqian is destined to be affected by socio-political, economic, and cultural factors, and cannot be isolated from the world.

Love is the driving force of career, and career is the sublimation of love.

There are not necessarily many people who hope that their lover must become a strong person, but anyone who has a sense of responsibility to the society wants his lover to pay attention to the society, have an alternative career ambition, and have a constant pursuit of the cause.

Therefore, after the marriage, the husband and wife all day and night, they closed themselves in a small circle of personal family, the temperature of love is difficult to last.

With new goals in the career, husbands and wives can continue to deepen their understanding and overcome difficulties together in the common worth and pursuit, which will bring opportunities for new emotional integration.

  (2) Add new content and find new fun.

  In addition to work, study and housework, we should strive to add some new content to family life and create a good environment for emotional development; for example, weekend activities, you can choose and cultivate a hobby shared by couples.

This helps to reduce the tedious feeling.

  (3) Always pay attention to the emotional communication of husband and wife.

  Praise each other, affirm or remind each other, the eyes of a participant, a smile of comfort, and a kind of praise will bring revelation to each other.

Returning home, or giving a small gift on the other party ‘s birthday, ripples of love in the heart of the lover; the wife washes clothes, the husband helped out in the past; the husband writes an article at the desk, and the wife sends a cup of hot tea;Even before and after work, a gentle farewell and a cordial greeting will make the other party realize that he (she) is above his heart, creating a sense of satisfaction.

There are various ways to convey information and express feelings between husband and wife. It seems trivial matters. As long as they can often appear in family life, they can add a tenderness between husbands and wives.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that after having a child, the wife must not “hang” the husband.

  (4) Leave some space for your lover.

  The union of the two sexes is the union of feelings and life, not the personality, and the dissolution of personality. The two sides are not the shadow of each other, so don’t be inseparable.

Otherwise, just like eating constantly will make people lose their appetite, old sticking together will also make people interested.

The relationship between men and women has only some common points. Both sides can have their own friends and hobbies, and they can have more topics.

There are moments when I miss each other.

Give each other a distance, a space to let them desire, to wait tenderly.

Therefore, appropriate small, increase the freshness between husband and wife.

As the saying goes, “Xiaobie wins the wedding”. Psychologically speaking, this is due to the artificially created distance, so that the image of each other in the minds of the other is evergreen.

A benign effect is formed. In a sense, there is no freedom without distance, and there is no attraction without distance. The space-time interval often increases the intensity of love.

  A few people find it difficult to accept the normal relationship between a lover and the opposite sex. They are always worried that they will be “squeezed out” one day, so they often do something stupid: the lover receives a phone call from the opposite sex or a friend from the opposite sex at home,Inquire about other people, or look at the guests left and right; others also control the other party ‘s activities by declaring “discipline”, including reconnaissance correspondence, interactive social interaction, and even tracking pursuits, so that the other party does not have a little free time and space, etc.; As a result, it is impossible to win the other’s attraction, but on the contrary, they often place themselves in a position of indifference.

Think about it this way. “Possession” is so strenuous, so tense, so tightly guarded, what love is there to speak of?

How much love is there in a caretaker marriage?

Love is first and foremost a conscious and voluntary affection, a strong attraction to the other party, a push that cannot be pushed away, and a constant desire to chop and chop.

Since you can succeed in getting love over everything before marriage, why do n’t you have such a style after marriage, and you can only extend everything you have through a marriage certificate or overcoming the spiritual life of the other person?

  (5) For the content, for the content.

  Beauty is human nature, both men and women.

Married couples should prevent the stereotyped, repetitive chores, and the dullness of getting along with the day and night, so that the emotions and ambitions before marriage are vanished.

Attention should be paid to the modification, especially after the woman is married, she must not dedicate and sacrifice to the family, consider her only life meaning and obligation, and ignore the richer pursuit of life.

She plunged into the kitchen and played the role of “mother-in-law”, becoming unwilling, or sloppy, old and rigid.Even in middle age, even after entering old age, due to the physiological reasons of men and women, men ‘s charm period is longer than women ‘s. At this time, subjective efforts are needed to seek common ground between both parties with deeper love and new understanding.Reinvent yourself.

No one can stay red, but “even though the innate beauty is lost, the artificial beauty is full compensation.” Decent light makeup and clothing, coupled with dignified elegance and deep, generous, still give people a glorious feeling.

Although temperament has a natural beauty, it is more about cultivated the day after tomorrow.

  (6) More sense of humor.

  Empathy is the only way to promote love.

Faced with the complicated social life, especially the trivial matters of family life, sometimes it really needs more courage to endure difficulties and the ability to control life.

Humor in the family can alleviate the psychological pressure, especially the humorous language in the life of husband and wife, which can often stir up emotional waves.

Because humor is a symbol of perseverance, calmness, wisdom, and ability, and a mediator of family conflicts.

Most people in the world have a natural instinct: they don’t want to hear others blame themselves.

Husbands and wives stay together forever, and they need mutual understanding and tolerance. There is no one in the world who is short of dollars.

Wurouzhigang is another kind of fragility. The subjective irritability and complaints of either side of the husband and wife will make the relationship tend to be flat and atrophy, which needs to be overcome.