Erotic philosophy of married men

Erotic philosophy of married men

Erotic philosophy of married men

As the saying goes, heroes have been sad about beauty since ancient times.

Since heroes can hardly resist the temptation of beauties, let alone ordinary men and women who are suffering.

So the man was lustful, and seemed to have done things right.

  In this case, men are irresistible. You can even go after which beautiful girl you like. You even go to see the younger sister in the bar. Even the actress who loves movies and magazines. Although it is out of reach, you alsoYou can hang her big picture in front of the dining table on the bed. At present, the beautiful color can at least help you fall asleep, as long as you like it, as long as you do n’t own others and violate the law and morals, everything is not a problem.

However, if you are unfortunate and you become a married man, you have to converge. If you don’t pay attention to harm others, you will lose more than you pay.

Because you were n’t lucky to be born in ancient times, you can justify your three wives and concubines; you ‘re not an emperor who can want to be beautiful; you ‘re not the most popular male star.Some people ‘s jokes after a meal . Then it ‘s wonderful to keep that “lechery”
on a certain scale.

  However, at present, there is a man who can sit in confusion, whether I am married or unmarried. Besides, Liu Xiahui’s story is not convincing to some extent, at least it makes men less convinced. There is no third person at all.At the scene, who knows whether it ‘s really chaotic or distracted after a night of sitting or not . It ‘s unclear if it can be verified, or even true, then in the eyes of modern people, Mr. Liu Xiahui is not a born stupid idiotIs personality incompetence.

  No, recently, a survey was conducted by psychologists in the United States to make men all over the world rejoicing: from the degree of replacement of married men who derailed, it is determined that male lust is inherent in nature and is purely caused by genes in the body.A physiological phenomenon.

  It ‘s okay now, men are lascivious, and they are both heroic and historical. ”And there are also scientific conclusions. Many men frowned after seeing this news, and impersonated imitations. It ‘s not their fault to say that lascivious, it ‘s all caused by genes.disaster.

  What’s wrong with this modern man, he doesn’t even have the courage to recognize his lust and indulgence, so he has to find a “scientific” viewer to use as a cover for maintaining “self-esteem”.

The talented man Li Ao once admitted that engaging in politics and engaging in women is the worst thing in the world, and it is also the favorite thing of men.

So he worked tirelessly from a young age, to a sixties, and married a beautiful girl like a flower.

Jackie Chan commented on the Clinton sex scandal: “He just made the mistake that most men in the world would make.

“Yeah, since men in the world will make mistakes, why do n’t they allow Clinton to commit them? I mean Jackie Chan is also a man. Of course, there can be no exceptions. Let ‘s not talk about their behavior, at least the lust of others is obvious.Secretly, most of the hypocrites who find a thousand reasons for their lusts.

  In fact, beauty is not a sin, and there is nothing wrong with it, nor is it an unsightly thing. As long as you don’t have an inferiority, even if you love women everywhere

Even though the idiot Duan Yu is in the face of many beautiful colors, but only one woman truly loves the old fairy sister “Wang Yuyan, and sees her happiness as more important than his own life. What about such a man?How about it?

  Because the man’s lecherous topic has been corrected with a married male friend on the Internet, he believes that: men’s lecheries are beyond reproach, but normal men are not unscrupulous in the face of beauty, distracted, emotional, and emotionalin.

But the key is to have a sense of color, to achieve color without chaos, and it is easy to be romantic without being indecent.

Because people are not animals, they are responsible and sane people. They must be responsible for the marriage you have chosen and be able to love you desperately. * The woman willing to wash and cook at home for you.

In fact, a lot of times, men are lascivious, have nothing to do with love, love, love, appreciation and heart-warming.

calm at heart.

  Yes, everyone who looks pretty likes to look at it twice, and beauty is human nature.

The beautiful woman is picturesque and picturesque, like a flower like a moon, it is really pleasing to the eye, just like watching a picture, a pot of flowers, and a woman with bright eyes and meticulous manners occasionally walks on the street.Men and women will stop and watch.

Moreover, the high head rate of the road tour is a woman’s proud capital. No woman wants her beauty to be appreciated, and she is lonely in a orchid house like a flower. Even the sage Confucius has the words “food and sex.”

“Let’s compare color with food and distinguish it from sex. So what’s true of us earlier?

  However, from a woman’s point of view, especially a wife’s point of view, a man who is lascivious has a bit of embarrassment. He feels that a lascivious man is insecure as a husband, and he is always worried that he will be obsessed with beauty.

However, as long as you know your husband well, and he can know the man’s lascivious philosophy, as long as he is not indifferent, indifferent, not pornographic, or when he sees a woman who confessed to him, he will just mess up.Let him go.

  A gentleman loves money, and he has the right way. A gentleman should be lascivious, and he should have a “Tao”, especially the lustful philosophy of a married man. Contemporary disciples should really remember it.

That lust is bright, and he is definitely not derogatory.

  Men, passion is not wrong, passion is wrong.

However, one thing, especially married men, must not forget the lascivious philosophy of married men.