[How to make microwave noodles?

[How to make microwave noodles?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make microwave noodles?
】 _How to do_How to do

With the appearance of many household appliances in modern society, people’s lives have become very simple and easy.

For example, pancakes have electric baking pans, rice has electric rice cookers, barbecues have electric baking pans, and so on. Thanks to their help, our diet can be richer and save a lot of trouble.

Nowadays most households have microwave ovens. So, how to make microwave noodles?

Ingredients: a bag of instant noodles, boiling water has not exceeded the amount of instant noodles, you can use an oven heated bowl, other side dishes instead of ham sausage, eggs.

1. Add an appropriate amount of boiling water to a large microwaveable bowl.

2. Open the instant noodle package and add noodles.

3. Then add the kit.

4. Put your favorite vegetables.

5. Add the microwave and high heat for 3 minutes.

6, well done, not particularly bad, very strong.

The principle of microwave heating The principle of microwave heating is simply: when microwave is radiated to food, the food always contains a certain amount of water, and water is doped by polar molecules (positive and negative doping centers of molecules,It also does not coincide when present), and the orientation of this polar molecule will move with the microwave field.

Due to this movement of polar molecules of water in food.

As well as the interaction between adjacent molecules, a friction-like phenomenon occurs, which raises the temperature of the water, so the temperature of the food also rises.

The food heated by the microwave is heated at the same time, so that the whole object is heated uniformly and the heating speed is fast.

It’s at 24 per second.

The frequency is 500 million times, and the deep food is heated by 5cm to accelerate the molecular movement.

Using the microwave technique to rotate food to thaw evenly. The microwave thaw function is very convenient and quick, but there is a trick. First, turn a small dish on a large and deep dish, then put the food on the small dish and then thaw in the microwave.

During the thawing process, the dissolved water will not cook the food.

At the same time, in the process of thawing the food, take out the food every 5 minutes, align and flip 1?
2 times to achieve the effect of uniform thawing.

For small pieces of meat, such as chicken wings, thin pieces of meat, etc., they must be laid flat on a dish to thawed evenly and quickly.

For skinned food, when cutting the food with skin, take fish as an example to cut two or three knives on the fish to prevent the fish body from bursting due to the large amount of water vapor during the steaming process; and tomatoes, potatoes, apples,Sausages should be punctured with small holes to allow water vapor to evaporate.

Even if there is food in the shell, such as eggs, do not put the whole shell into the oven for casting, otherwise it may burst.

Wrap with cling wrap to keep moisture. When cooking, the most common problem is that foods tend to harden and dry. If you want food to retain moisture, you need to wrap it with microwave wrap or cover it with a lid.