Dark Yoga 6-style training devil figure

Dark Yoga 6-style training devil figure

Dark Yoga 6-style training devil figure

Dark yoga slowly makes wonderful changes to your body; use fitness tools to help you complete the evolution of angels to demons.

The moment they appeared in front of everyone, they all felt that today’s you are a little different.

  Smart Tips for Top Yoga Type 6 and Type 1 Outside Drawing Circles: When doing this exercise, the range of circle drawing should be avoided. The larger the movement, the larger the range of motion, which can help to strengthen the chest and help thin arms.

  Step 1: Flex your hands to a 90-degree spread, raise your elbows to balance with your chest, and extend your palms.

  Step 2: Make a circle backwards with your elbows and repeat 10 times.

  Smart Tips for Type 2 Elbow Chests: This set of moves can help lift the chest and make the pedal lines stronger.

Note that when pulling hands, you should try to touch the long shoulder position, this will be more effective.

  Step 1: The right elbow is bent. After inserting into the ear, the left hand is flexed on the shoulder and ankle.

Inhale, raise your right elbow as high as possible, and maintain the movement for 10 seconds.

  Step 2: Put your left elbow behind your ears and bend your right hand on your shoulders and ankles.

Inhale and try to raise your left elbow, repeating 10 times on each side.

  The third type of ten-up smart tips: This set of actions can improve the up and down expansion, and make the edges on both sides firmer.

Be careful to stay upright and not hump.

  Step 1: Inhale, stretch straight, bend your hands to 90 degrees, and press your elbows and palms as tightly as possible and press inward.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, both hands begin to rise up to the highest, maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, repeat 10 times.

  Smart Tips for Type 4 Inclined Chest: This set of actions can make it stronger. Pay attention to keep your hands straight and not bend.

  Step 1: Straighten your hands, make a fist, raise your elbows to your chest, make a 90-degree angle to your chest, and inhale.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, push your hands forward, try to use your chest as hard as possible, repeat the movement about 10 times.

  Type 5 Elbow Crossing Smart Tips: This set of movements can improve the expansion of the upper and lower limbs, making the tibia stronger and firmer.

  Step 1: Open your hands, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and inhale first.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, push the elbows of your hands to the middle firmly until the elbows of both hands are completely fit, relax after staying for about 10 seconds, and repeat the action 10 times.

  Type 6 Radial Overlap Intelligent Tip: This set of actions can lift the top upwards and prevent sagging of the chest.

Note that your hands must be placed on your chest when performing actions. Too high or too low will affect the effect.

  Step 1: Inhale first, flex your hands and elbows, and place them on your chest.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, extend your hands to the left and right, maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

  Another method of breast enhancement is to recommend the use of the instrument article, chest strength, elastic bands, a set of objects like bows and arrows. It is based on the combination of “arrows” with different strengths (red is strong, white is medium, and blue is weak).Tighten both sides, or sit down with your feet and pull towards the chest. Doing 15 minutes a day continuously can help increase chest tension and achieve breast expansion and breast enhancement.

  Breast Enhancer Ring This brightly colored pull ring passes through a simple pull and slamming action. It can expand the chest and tighten the arm muscles 5-8 minutes a day.