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How to protect the liver in middle age?

How to protect the liver in middle age?

Men have passed the middle age, and after working in the middle-aged ranks, their work and life are stressful and mentally depressed, which can easily cause symptoms such as liver depression, irritability, irritability, worry, and loss of appetite.

Coupled with a lot of entertainment, the craving for tobacco and gluttonous cups, hepatitis virus, etc., often cause damage to the liver, unfortunate liver, alcohol and liver all come to the door.

  So, how do men care for their livers in middle age?

  How does a man in his thirties care for the liver?

  1. Diet and liver protection Diet is an important measure to protect the liver. There are two main points in diet and liver protection: first, to optimize food to provide sufficient nutrients to meet the specific physiological needs of the liver;

Nutritionists tell us that the body needs five types of nutrients: protein, trace amounts, glucose, vitamins, and minerals, which are also necessary for the liver.

However, the liver needs too much protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, and traces of excess may cause traces of liver, which must be appropriately restricted.

  2. According to experts on sleep and liver protection, the human body is in a supine position during sleep, the liver can enjoy more blood irrigation, and the body is in a resting state, the burden on the liver is the lightest.

Conversely, poor sleep quality, especially sleep disorders, can easily affect liver function.

Medical experts have noticed that a sleep disorder called sleep apnea syndrome can cause liver damage.

  To improve sleep quality, the fundamental rule is to actively treat sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea syndrome.

In fact, don’t force your wife to work at night and don’t stay up late at night. Some people have bad liver and often stay up late and sleep late.

  3. Experts in controlling anger and protecting the liver said that regulating emotions and dissolving bad emotions in the heart, so that they always have a good mood, which is good for liver health.

If the mood fluctuates, it will help reduce the balance of hormone secretion in the body, lead to blood circulation disorders, affect the blood supply to the liver, and cause liver cells to die from plasma.

The core of anger and liver protection is to learn to control anger, even if you are angry, do not exceed 3 minutes.

The anger came up, the red-faced ears and the bare legs were soft, and we should be alert to find the root cause of anger and anger, and carefully review the changes in mentality.

Anger is usually caused by a vicious interaction with the outside world. After finding your fault, you feel ashamed, so that the liver fire goes out, the liver qi develops normally, and your health is smooth and long-lasting.

  4, active rest experts said that middle-aged men take the initiative to find time to rest every day, is the greatest fondness for the liver.

Rest can reduce physical exertion, reduce glycogen, protein breakdown and lactic acid production, thereby reducing the burden on the liver.

Don’t wait for the tiredness to strike before you think of leaving your job. This is called passive rest. At this time, the metabolic wastes in the body-lactic acid, carbon dioxide, etc. have accumulated and have caused damage to the liver.

And active rest, that is, rest before the appearance of fatigue, the waste accumulated in the body is still small, can be completely removed after a short rest, the best effect on liver protection.

  5. Sports and liver protection Actively engaging in physical exercise is another effective method of liver protection, because exercise can reduce excess weight, prevent overcoming, eliminate the harm to kidneys caused by too many minors, and promote gas exchange and speed up blood circulation.Ensure that hypertension can get more oxygen and nutrients.

  From the point of view of liver protection, it is better to choose a sports field, with a wide field, a wide field of vision, and fresh air. It is better to choose a good exercise program, and a whole body low-intensity dynamic exercise with physical and endurance goals, Such as jogging, fast walking (about 110? Per minute)
120 steps), riding a bicycle, going up and down stairs, climbing hills, playing badminton, shuttlecock, racketing a ball, dancing, skipping, swimming, playing Tai Chi, etc.

Once a day for 20?
30 minutes to 10?
It should disappear within 20 minutes.

Birthplace of 7 major germs in life

“Birthplace” of 7 major germs in life

Guide: In the high season of influenza, in addition to washing your hands frequently in daily life, paying attention to the cleanliness of food is also an important part; as the so-called “illness comes in from the mouth”, the following seven foods you often eat are also hotbeds for bacteriaAfter reading the following, you must be surprised!
May wish to isolate the various germs from the outside by referring to the healthy diet provided by the editor!
Oyster facts: Oysters contain Norovirus (a pathogen found in the oceans), Campylobacter, and Vibrio, which are the source of diarrhea.
  Countermeasure: If you must eat oysters, you should carefully select a reputable supplier and understand the origin of oysters.
In fact, as long as it is fresh food, the taste must be delicious, so it is recommended that everyone cook more with the method of white burning, and cook the oysters until they are cooked thoroughly before eating.
Egg sting facts: Although the pasteurization method has reduced the amount of salmonella in eggs to very low levels, eggs are still a breeding ground for many parasites. Careless eating may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  Countermeasure: When buying eggs, you should check for cracks in the shell of the eggs, because bacteria can easily penetrate through the cracks.
Immediately after returning home, we should put the eggs in the refrigerator to prevent them from being exposed to the air.
Onion facts: Onion contains the parasites Cryptosporidium, S. spp. And Salmonella, and is the most inconspicuous source of bacteria in food.
  Countermeasure: Try to buy onions placed in the supermarket refrigerator, because room temperature can easily breed bacteria.
Before cooking, we should peel off the skin of the shallots and then wash them thoroughly with water.
Cantaloupe facts: Research has found that 3.
5% of cantaloupe contains Salmonella and Agaricus, and Agaricus can be transmitted from person to person.
As we generally eat cantaloupe raw, bacteria can enter your intestines directly.
  Countermeasure: It is recommended to buy the whole cantaloupe because the cut fruits are easily contaminated by bacteria.
In addition, before eating cantaloupe, the fruit and vegetable brushes can be specially cleaned to clean the fruit surface, thereby reducing the chance of causing cross infection.
Peach Fact: In order to make the surface of the peach look smooth and clean, farmers will spray the peach with pesticides a few weeks before the peach is harvested.
The research report pointed out that when peaches reached consumers, its surface was already covered with 9 layers of pesticides, which was a bit creepy.
  Countermeasure: Many products will have a layer of wax on it to keep the effect of pesticides, so use sponge or brush to wash away this layer of wax before eating; of course, the most cost-effective method is to buy organic peaches.
冷藏三文治  事实:不要以为已被冷藏的食物一定安全,不讲不知,冷藏三文治很容易引起李氏杆菌,因为李氏杆菌容易在寒冷的环境中滋生,偶不小心的话,我们也会没防犯地Falling into a bacterial trap.
  Countermeasures: When eating refrigerated sandwiches, it must be coated with mustard, because mustard can kill 90% of Listeria, Escherichia coli and Salmonella within 2 hours.
Ground beef facts: After investigation, it was found that the beef in the burger steak contained 53% of Clostridium perfringens, 30% of Staphylococcus, and 12% of Listeria.
  Countermeasures: When cooking at home, you can try adding fresh oreganooil to ground beef. Oregano oil can prevent the growth of E. coli. As early as the ancient Greek era, people have learned to use oregano oil to treat variousViral infection.

Five Chinese Traditional Summer Therapies for Relieving Heat and Relieving Heat

Five Chinese Traditional Summer Therapies for Relieving Heat and Relieving Heat

On hot summer days, the summer heat is stuffy, and many people often feel unwell and lose their appetite.

Several kinds of heat-relief and heat-reducing porridge are introduced for reference.

Pear porridge: Wash and chop 3 pears, add water to cook for half an hour, remove the pear residue, add rice, and cook it into porridge. Eat hot food to cure infantile fever, lung heat, cough, loss of appetite, headFaintness.

Winter melon porridge peeled and peeled 500 grams of winter melon, cut into small pieces, and washed 100 grams of rice before.

Cut some cooked ham into crushed rice.

Heat the pot and add sesame oil to heat. Add the scallion and shabu-shabu, add winter melon, ham, water, and rice. After boiling on high heat, cook over low heat until it becomes porridge and season with salt.

This porridge clears heat, nourishes the stomach, and diureses.

It is suitable for the treatment of hot summer boring, thirst, edema and gonorrhea.

Loofah porridge was washed and peeled 250 grams of tender loofah into small pieces, previously 100 grams of rice was washed and set aside.

Take the pot and add water. Before the rice is cooked, when it is half-cooked, add loofah, refined salt, and continue cooking until the porridge is ready.

This porridge except heat and intestines, cooling blood detoxification.

Suitable for body heat and thirst, hemorrhoids and blood in stools.

Watermelon Peel Porridge Peel hard peels and residual melon from 250 grams of watermelon peel, rinse, cut into fine dices, and marinate with salt.

Add water, watermelon rind, and wash 100 grams of rice. Boil it on a high fire, and then cook on a low fire for about 15 minutes. Season with salt and eat.

This porridge relieves heat and relieves heat, refreshes and quenches thirst, diuretic swelling.

It is suitable for quenching heat and thirst, dizziness due to heat stroke, short urination, edema of nephritis, diabetes, etc.

The kernel porridge was washed with 50 grams of barley kernels, soaked for 5 hours, and removed. The previous rice was washed with 100 grams for future use.

Take the pot and add water, barley kernels and previous rice, and boil over high heat, then use low heat to simmer until congee.

This porridge dispels wind and dampness, and relieves swelling.

Suitable for rheumatoid arthritis, beriberi, edema, etc.

On-line examination of massage diagnosis

On-line examination of massage diagnosis

Wangdi has an important part in diagnosis, that is, “the god who knows what is known”.

The main content of the inspection is to observe the appearance, shape, shape and state of the human body, and to consider changes in the body.

The long-term practice of the motherland medicine has proved that the external body and the internal organs are closely related, especially the face, tongue and internal organs.

Therefore, by observing the outside, you can understand the importance of the whole, as stated in “Lingshu · Ben Zang Pian”: “If you look at the outside, if you know what is inside, then you know what is wrong.

The whole body examination first looks at the mental complexion of the face, tongue coating and tongue quality, and then looks at the various forms that appear after the whole body and local injuries.

  The spirit looks calm and natural, the person with a moist complexion is less injured; the spirit is atrophied, his face is distressed, his expression is painful, his complexion is uncomfortable, and the injury is severe.

The main diseases of injury to the five colors are: white main blood loss, deficiency syndrome; cyan main cracked blood gas obstruction, obstruction of qi and blood operation; red main injury fever; yellow main spleen deficiency and dampness, damp heat block; black main kidney deficiency, or meridian loss from warming.
  : Looking at the body, “Lingshu · Cold-Fever”, said: “I have a lot of blood and a lot of strokes, and if I have a cold, if I fall, my limbs will be lazy, and my body will be unstable.

“It was pointed out that limb injury and wind cold caused unfavorable limb movement, which was called limb instability.

Observing body posture can provide an important basis for diagnosis.

Injuries to bones and tendons and veins, or paralysis and trembling caused by feeling cold, can lead to loss of physical activity and various protective postures.

For example, the subluxation of the radial head of the child shows forearm pronation and elbow half-flexion; lumbar disc herniation is transformed into compensatory scoliosis of the spine.

Looking posture is an undeniable part of the diagnosis of orthopedics and should be recognized.

Local inspections and prospects are mainly based on skin color and appearance changes.

For newly injured bleeding, the race is bruised and the swelling range is relatively concentrated; for old injuries, bleeding time is prolonged, the skin turns yellow, and the swelling range is wide; after the injury, the bruising continuously deepens and enlarges, which is a phenomenon of continuous internal bleeding.Take measures.

The bruises and reds should prevent secondary infections, and those who have lost their ruddy skin and turn white will have blood deficiency or obstruction of blood circulation; purple and black wound sites should prevent tissue necrosis.

  Look for deformities of severe fractures, dislocations, and other injuries. Various deformities of the limb or trunk can appear.

Such as shoulder dislocation of square shoulder deformity; hip dislocation of lower limb abduction or adduction deformity; rheumatoid spondylitis posterior process ankylosing deformity; lumbar disc herniation scoliosis deformity.

  (3) Wang Swelling “Yi Zong Jin Jian · Surgical Mind Tips · Songs of the Kidney General Song” said: “The blood of a person, the flow is constant, and there is a slight stagnation, that is, swelling.

Swelling of the meridian stagnation occurred after the injury.

Swelling is severe, and bruising can be clearly seen, and fractures or tendons may be present; mild swelling, mild bruising or no bruising are mostly minor injuries.

Bad emotions make it harder for babies

Bad emotions make it harder for babies

When your baby becomes stubborn, sticky, and always likes to cry, has difficulty falling asleep or sleeps well, and even has no organic reason for headaches, abdominal pain, or other “illnesses” for no reason, are you a mother?Have you thought that the real culprit may have nothing to do with other factors, but closely related to your bad mood?

  Xinxin’s annoying “problem” behavior Xinxin is a 2-year-old boy who has always been very good at bringing about this, because Xinxin’s mother did not exaggerate in front of her friends.

  However, recently, the little guy suddenly appeared a lot of “problematic” behaviors. Sometimes, during the day, the mother was not allowed to go to work; when the mother came home, she was entangled and could not leave at one step; she had difficulty falling asleep at night and often woke up several times at night for no reason.And crying every time I wake up.

Waking up at night is not worth making a fuss. Prior to this, Xinxin also occasionally woke up at night, usually because of peeing, or hungry.

As long as his needs are met, put him on the bed and pat it a few times, the little guy will soon fall asleep again.

But recently it’s not working, the little guy suddenly seems to be difficult.

Every time he woke up, even if someone was clapping and coaxing, he kept crying. He had to keep his mother in his arms and change someone else.

Even so, he also wanted his mother to have him constantly walking around the room.

Only then will he slowly settle down.

  Xin Xin’s mother is under a lot of pressure at work, coupled with Xin Xin’s trouble, and her sleep quality is not high, she is even more tired.

Once, Xinxin’s mother listened to a friend’s suggestion, and when Xinxin cried for no reason at night, she decided to ignore him severely.

Unexpectedly, the little guy actually cried for more than an hour, until his mother compromised, he only swallowed, and in extreme sleepiness, fell asleep in his mother’s arms.

The increasingly tired Xin Xin mother is even more upset, and sometimes it is inevitable that she loses patience with Xin Xin, so it is common to lose her temper.

However, Xinxin does not appreciate his mother’s hard work. On the contrary, his behavior has not improved at all, and even worsened, giving his mother an unprecedented frustration.

  Why Xin Xin’s “problem” behavior came to her mother to consult a lot of people, in addition to ruling out all the issues that can be thought of, such as lack of nutrients, diseases, poor sleeping environment, etc., did not make Xin Xin be more clever.

Xin Xin’s mother became more and more worried, and Xin Xin’s “problem” behavior continued to escalate, even the problem of shouting “belly pain” from time to time appeared.

Xinxin’s mother took him to the doctor several times, and some of the doctors did not find any organic cause.

This made Mother Xinxin very distressed. She even wondered: Did a baby as young as 2 years old learn to lie?

In the end, Xinxin’s mother was exhausted and had no choice but to give up.

  To Xinxin’s mother, she was relieved that some days, a friend who came to the house to do psychological counseling completely resolved her troubles.

After a short talk with friends and parents, Xin Xin’s mother realized that Xin Xin did not have any problems. The problem was entirely with her.

It turned out that Ms. Xinxin encountered some troubles in her work during this time. She was “distributed” by her boss from a more important position to another less important department, and her original position was seen by a person who looked far worse than hers.Colleagues replaced.

Although the boss called it “easy for her to take better care of her children”, Xinxin’s mother always worked hard when she thought of her work. She is a very good employee in the company. Although she has a child now, it has not affected her work., She will inevitably feel unbalanced.

  Before returning home, Xin Xin’s mother would be very happy to accompany Xin Xin to play, but since having this unpleasant experience of changing jobs, Xin Xin’s mother can no longer accompany Xin Xin as whole as before.

Even when she was playing with Xinxin, she used to be deliberate, always thinking about how to do better, and using actual actions to reflect her true strength.

Of course, in order to prove that she can work hard as a child, Xinxin’s mother often takes the initiative to work overtime and work harder.

Because of overtime, she has been with Xinxin for a long time.

  Friends pointed out that although Xin Xin is still young, he can also pay close attention to his mother’s perfunctory attitude and worry. Therefore, it is recommended that Xin Xin mom adjust her mentality and leave work behind Xin Xin with her wholeheartedly to accompany himTo comprehensively improve the quality of getting along with Showtime.

Sure enough, after a few days, Xinxin suddenly became well-behaved, and her mother’s troubles naturally disappeared.

Grape sugarcane may improve iron deficiency anemia

Grape sugarcane may improve iron deficiency anemia

Women are more likely to develop iron-deficiency anemia, because women will lose blood regularly during the physiological period every month.

So on average, about 20% of women and 50% of pregnant women will have anemia.

A large number of fruits and vegetables are on the market, and in fact fruits and vegetables have a good effect on changing the symptoms of female anemia.

  Grape: Grape is flat, sweet and sour, non-toxic, and it has been regarded as a good product for nourishing blood by traditional Chinese medicine.

Grapes contain a large amount of glucose, which has a nutritive effect on the heart muscle. Due to the high relative content of calcium, phosphorus, and iron, and a lot of vitamins and amino acids, grapes are a tonic for the elderly, women and frail anemia.It has better curative effect on anemia and thrombocytopenia, and has a better nourishing effect on neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.


hzh {display: none; }  大枣:据科学分析,枣富含维生素、生命第二信使(CAMP)、果糖和各种氨基酸。Modern pharmacological research proves that red dates contain a large amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which can regulate the metabolism of the human body, make new cells quickly, dead cells are quickly eliminated, and can enhance the accumulation of hematopoietic function and the content of red blood cells in the blood.The skin will become smooth, delicate and elastic. Therefore, in medicine, cycloadenosine has the reputation of “the second messenger of life”.

  Sugarcane: Sugarcane is one of the favorite winter fruits, and its sugar content is very rich, ranging from 18% to 20%.

It is worth mentioning that the sugar content of sugar cane is composed of sucrose, fructose and glucose particles, which can be easily absorbed and used by the human body.

Sugar cane also contains a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and other essential trace elements in the human body. Among them, the iron content is particularly high, up to 9 mg per kilogram, ranking first among fruits. Therefore, sugar cane has the reputation of “tonicate blood”.

  Pumpkin: The nutritional value of pumpkin is mainly reflected in its rich vitamins, and also contains a certain amount of iron and phosphorus.

These substances play an important role in maintaining the physiological functions of the body.

Recently, it was found that there is also a “cobalt” component in pumpkin, which has a blood-reinforcing effect after consumption.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A, B, C and minerals, 8 amino acids essential for the human body and histidine essential for children, soluble fiber, lutein and phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and other trace elements.

A famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiuyuan said, “Pumpkin is a wonderful product for nourishing blood.

Master the laws of baby language development

Master the laws of baby language development

[Guide]Mothers in the community often discuss the development of the child: Will the baby be suitable?

How many words can I say?

Under comparison, some children have language development that is not as good as others.

Experts said that parents should not blindly compare and understand the laws of children’s language development.

  Parenting experts detail the normal language development rules of children: Before speaking, children can express their requirements and feelings in many ways, such as: 5?
Children at 6 weeks can make sounds other than crying. Most of them start with vowels and occasionally have a few consonants.


At 16 weeks, he will yell when he is happy. When the mother speaks to him, he will answer “Yeah”. At 16 weeks, he can send m, k, g, p, b.

  At 28 weeks, syllables such as ba, da, and ka can be issued.

  At 32 weeks, two consecutive sounds such as ba-ba and da-da can be made.

At 8 months, the best can be used to get people’s attention.

  At 10 months, I can understand “No”. Adults shake their hands when they say “Goodbye”. One-year-old children can say 2 to 3 words on average.

  In 15 months, you can say some words that others don’t understand. By the age of one and a half, you can say a few meaningful words.

  twenty one?
In 24 months, can you say 2?
Three-word sentences use pronouns such as “you” and “me”.

  2?At the age of three, the language function has been acquired. Children’s bite may not be clear, and sometimes they will have stuttering.

After the age of 5 (preschool), the child can understand and use various basic types of sentences (simple sentences and complex sentences) after the age of 3, and the amount of verbal information gradually increases.

Language was a period of highly active development during this period.

  After 6 years of age, he began to learn to read and write.

  After 12 years of age, spoken and written languages have become more developed.

  Experts say that as long as it conforms to the law of language development, even slight differences, such as slightly slower or faster, are normal.

However, parents should pay attention to the problem of the child’s language development retardation, and if they find abnormalities, they should consult a doctor in time.

There are many factors that affect children’s language development. The common ones are visual impairment and hearing impairment; communication impairments (autism, autism, etc.); mental retardation; inappropriate language environment;Incompleteness and brain damage.