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Garlic seedlings can reduce lipids and prevent cancer

Garlic seedlings can reduce lipids and prevent cancer

Guide: We all know that garlic is not only rich in nutritional value, but also bactericidal.

But the garlic taste is too irritating, and people with a weak stomach will not be able to bear it, and even have a “burning stomach” reaction.

In fact, if you are not used to garlic, you can get the same benefits from garlic seedlings.

Garlic sprouts, also known as green garlic, are green sprouts from the embryonic development of garlic to a certain period.

The spicy taste of garlic seedlings is lighter than that of garlic. In addition, the garlic aroma it has can add a small amount of flavor, so it is more easily accepted by others. It is often used as a vegetable cooking method and an indispensable side dish for Sichuan cuisine when making hot pot meat.

In some ways, the nutritional value of garlic seedlings exceeds that of garlic.

Its dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, carotene and other nutrients are higher than garlic.

At the same time, garlic seedlings also contain allicin, so it has similar health functions as garlic.

Garlic seedlings have strong bactericidal and bacteriostatic capabilities, can effectively prevent diseases caused by environmental pollution such as influenza, enteritis, and can also promote the absorption of vitamin B1, accelerate metabolism, and quickly restore physical strength.

Garlic seedlings also have a significant effect on lowering blood lipids and preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, which can prevent the formation of blood clots, and also protect the liver, which can prevent cancer.

Garlic seedlings should not be cooked too softly, so as not to damage the allicin.

When cooking the garlic sprouts, just fry in the wok over a high fire until the aroma of the vegetables escapes, and immediately serve it to enjoy the refreshing flavor.

Erotic philosophy of married men

Erotic philosophy of married men

As the saying goes, heroes have been sad about beauty since ancient times.

Since heroes can hardly resist the temptation of beauties, let alone ordinary men and women who are suffering.

So the man was lustful, and seemed to have done things right.

  In this case, men are irresistible. You can even go after which beautiful girl you like. You even go to see the younger sister in the bar. Even the actress who loves movies and magazines. Although it is out of reach, you alsoYou can hang her big picture in front of the dining table on the bed. At present, the beautiful color can at least help you fall asleep, as long as you like it, as long as you do n’t own others and violate the law and morals, everything is not a problem.

However, if you are unfortunate and you become a married man, you have to converge. If you don’t pay attention to harm others, you will lose more than you pay.

Because you were n’t lucky to be born in ancient times, you can justify your three wives and concubines; you ‘re not an emperor who can want to be beautiful; you ‘re not the most popular male star.Some people ‘s jokes after a meal . Then it ‘s wonderful to keep that “lechery”
on a certain scale.

  However, at present, there is a man who can sit in confusion, whether I am married or unmarried. Besides, Liu Xiahui’s story is not convincing to some extent, at least it makes men less convinced. There is no third person at all.At the scene, who knows whether it ‘s really chaotic or distracted after a night of sitting or not . It ‘s unclear if it can be verified, or even true, then in the eyes of modern people, Mr. Liu Xiahui is not a born stupid idiotIs personality incompetence.

  No, recently, a survey was conducted by psychologists in the United States to make men all over the world rejoicing: from the degree of replacement of married men who derailed, it is determined that male lust is inherent in nature and is purely caused by genes in the body.A physiological phenomenon.

  It ‘s okay now, men are lascivious, and they are both heroic and historical. ”And there are also scientific conclusions. Many men frowned after seeing this news, and impersonated imitations. It ‘s not their fault to say that lascivious, it ‘s all caused by genes.disaster.

  What’s wrong with this modern man, he doesn’t even have the courage to recognize his lust and indulgence, so he has to find a “scientific” viewer to use as a cover for maintaining “self-esteem”.

The talented man Li Ao once admitted that engaging in politics and engaging in women is the worst thing in the world, and it is also the favorite thing of men.

So he worked tirelessly from a young age, to a sixties, and married a beautiful girl like a flower.

Jackie Chan commented on the Clinton sex scandal: “He just made the mistake that most men in the world would make.

“Yeah, since men in the world will make mistakes, why do n’t they allow Clinton to commit them? I mean Jackie Chan is also a man. Of course, there can be no exceptions. Let ‘s not talk about their behavior, at least the lust of others is obvious.Secretly, most of the hypocrites who find a thousand reasons for their lusts.

  In fact, beauty is not a sin, and there is nothing wrong with it, nor is it an unsightly thing. As long as you don’t have an inferiority, even if you love women everywhere

Even though the idiot Duan Yu is in the face of many beautiful colors, but only one woman truly loves the old fairy sister “Wang Yuyan, and sees her happiness as more important than his own life. What about such a man?How about it?

  Because the man’s lecherous topic has been corrected with a married male friend on the Internet, he believes that: men’s lecheries are beyond reproach, but normal men are not unscrupulous in the face of beauty, distracted, emotional, and emotionalin.

But the key is to have a sense of color, to achieve color without chaos, and it is easy to be romantic without being indecent.

Because people are not animals, they are responsible and sane people. They must be responsible for the marriage you have chosen and be able to love you desperately. * The woman willing to wash and cook at home for you.

In fact, a lot of times, men are lascivious, have nothing to do with love, love, love, appreciation and heart-warming.

calm at heart.

  Yes, everyone who looks pretty likes to look at it twice, and beauty is human nature.

The beautiful woman is picturesque and picturesque, like a flower like a moon, it is really pleasing to the eye, just like watching a picture, a pot of flowers, and a woman with bright eyes and meticulous manners occasionally walks on the street.Men and women will stop and watch.

Moreover, the high head rate of the road tour is a woman’s proud capital. No woman wants her beauty to be appreciated, and she is lonely in a orchid house like a flower. Even the sage Confucius has the words “food and sex.”

“Let’s compare color with food and distinguish it from sex. So what’s true of us earlier?

  However, from a woman’s point of view, especially a wife’s point of view, a man who is lascivious has a bit of embarrassment. He feels that a lascivious man is insecure as a husband, and he is always worried that he will be obsessed with beauty.

However, as long as you know your husband well, and he can know the man’s lascivious philosophy, as long as he is not indifferent, indifferent, not pornographic, or when he sees a woman who confessed to him, he will just mess up.Let him go.

  A gentleman loves money, and he has the right way. A gentleman should be lascivious, and he should have a “Tao”, especially the lustful philosophy of a married man. Contemporary disciples should really remember it.

That lust is bright, and he is definitely not derogatory.

  Men, passion is not wrong, passion is wrong.

However, one thing, especially married men, must not forget the lascivious philosophy of married men.

Dark Yoga 6-style training devil figure

Dark Yoga 6-style training devil figure

Dark yoga slowly makes wonderful changes to your body; use fitness tools to help you complete the evolution of angels to demons.

The moment they appeared in front of everyone, they all felt that today’s you are a little different.

  Smart Tips for Top Yoga Type 6 and Type 1 Outside Drawing Circles: When doing this exercise, the range of circle drawing should be avoided. The larger the movement, the larger the range of motion, which can help to strengthen the chest and help thin arms.

  Step 1: Flex your hands to a 90-degree spread, raise your elbows to balance with your chest, and extend your palms.

  Step 2: Make a circle backwards with your elbows and repeat 10 times.

  Smart Tips for Type 2 Elbow Chests: This set of moves can help lift the chest and make the pedal lines stronger.

Note that when pulling hands, you should try to touch the long shoulder position, this will be more effective.

  Step 1: The right elbow is bent. After inserting into the ear, the left hand is flexed on the shoulder and ankle.

Inhale, raise your right elbow as high as possible, and maintain the movement for 10 seconds.

  Step 2: Put your left elbow behind your ears and bend your right hand on your shoulders and ankles.

Inhale and try to raise your left elbow, repeating 10 times on each side.

  The third type of ten-up smart tips: This set of actions can improve the up and down expansion, and make the edges on both sides firmer.

Be careful to stay upright and not hump.

  Step 1: Inhale, stretch straight, bend your hands to 90 degrees, and press your elbows and palms as tightly as possible and press inward.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, both hands begin to rise up to the highest, maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, repeat 10 times.

  Smart Tips for Type 4 Inclined Chest: This set of actions can make it stronger. Pay attention to keep your hands straight and not bend.

  Step 1: Straighten your hands, make a fist, raise your elbows to your chest, make a 90-degree angle to your chest, and inhale.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, push your hands forward, try to use your chest as hard as possible, repeat the movement about 10 times.

  Type 5 Elbow Crossing Smart Tips: This set of movements can improve the expansion of the upper and lower limbs, making the tibia stronger and firmer.

  Step 1: Open your hands, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and inhale first.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, push the elbows of your hands to the middle firmly until the elbows of both hands are completely fit, relax after staying for about 10 seconds, and repeat the action 10 times.

  Type 6 Radial Overlap Intelligent Tip: This set of actions can lift the top upwards and prevent sagging of the chest.

Note that your hands must be placed on your chest when performing actions. Too high or too low will affect the effect.

  Step 1: Inhale first, flex your hands and elbows, and place them on your chest.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, extend your hands to the left and right, maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

  Another method of breast enhancement is to recommend the use of the instrument article, chest strength, elastic bands, a set of objects like bows and arrows. It is based on the combination of “arrows” with different strengths (red is strong, white is medium, and blue is weak).Tighten both sides, or sit down with your feet and pull towards the chest. Doing 15 minutes a day continuously can help increase chest tension and achieve breast expansion and breast enhancement.

  Breast Enhancer Ring This brightly colored pull ring passes through a simple pull and slamming action. It can expand the chest and tighten the arm muscles 5-8 minutes a day.

Four myths of summer leisure sports

Four myths of summer leisure sports

The summer is hot, and health experts remind that there are four misunderstandings that you should beware of when going out for leisure sports or tourism in the summer: Misunderstanding 1: The darker the color of the glasses, the better the eye protection.

  In fact, the color of the lens is too dark, which will affect the vision of the eye, and the eye is therefore vulnerable.

The lenses of summer sunglasses should be able to penetrate 30% of the visible light, preferably gray or green, because these colors not only resist ultraviolet radiation, but also have the best viewing.

  Misunderstanding 2: The less clothes you wear, the cooler you go.

  In fact, bare skin can only increase the transmission and heat dissipation of the skin when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature; when the skin temperature is close to or exceeds the skin temperature, the skin not only cannot dissipate heat, but will absorb and absorb from the external environment.

  Misunderstanding 3: Drinking beer while traveling can relieve the heat.

  In fact, the human body sweats less during summer sports, and it is easy to get tired. If you continue to drink beer, the “hotness” caused by alcohol will increase thirst and sweating, which will reduce people’s thinking ability.

Therefore, it is best to drink more active vitamin drinks to quench thirst and relieve heat.

  Myth 4: Drinking water instead of plain water is good for health.

  Soda, juice, cola and other beverages contain a lot of saccharin and electrolytes.

These substances are toxic to the stomach and produce adverse irritation, affecting digestion and appetite, such as a large amount of metabolism, will increase the burden of kidney filtration and affect renal function.

Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more drinks during summer sports. It is better to drink plain water, especially children and the elderly. It is better to drink less water and drink more water. It is best to drink a little salt water or light tea.

How to maintain attractiveness between husband and wife

How to maintain attractiveness between husband and wife

Couples who have been wandering in the love river for a long time always want to find a beach.

Home is the berth of love and a symbol of stability.

  However, marriage is like a painting, and in the years, it may become ordinary.

In order for this “berth” to make couples who have been married for decades, even in the races of this world, they think of it when they are exhausted or in pain, and also in the calm and ordinary days., Still lingering about it from time to time, because of it, lingering dreams, in addition to the need to promote noble moral sentiment and enhance the sense of responsibility to the family, the best way is to deepen the love between husband and wife, do everything possible to let marriageLater life is still immersed in the height of love, so that the other party will still have new expectations and new satisfaction every day; and, continuously improve themselves, develop themselves, attract each other with their new achievements, new style, and conquerThe other’s heart is already his own.

  For a like-minded couple, they need to use their hearts, wisdom, and hands to create a new love life as usual.

  (1) Create mutual affection in the common pursuit of the cause.

  As a social year, Aiqian is destined to be affected by socio-political, economic, and cultural factors, and cannot be isolated from the world.

Love is the driving force of career, and career is the sublimation of love.

There are not necessarily many people who hope that their lover must become a strong person, but anyone who has a sense of responsibility to the society wants his lover to pay attention to the society, have an alternative career ambition, and have a constant pursuit of the cause.

Therefore, after the marriage, the husband and wife all day and night, they closed themselves in a small circle of personal family, the temperature of love is difficult to last.

With new goals in the career, husbands and wives can continue to deepen their understanding and overcome difficulties together in the common worth and pursuit, which will bring opportunities for new emotional integration.

  (2) Add new content and find new fun.

  In addition to work, study and housework, we should strive to add some new content to family life and create a good environment for emotional development; for example, weekend activities, you can choose and cultivate a hobby shared by couples.

This helps to reduce the tedious feeling.

  (3) Always pay attention to the emotional communication of husband and wife.

  Praise each other, affirm or remind each other, the eyes of a participant, a smile of comfort, and a kind of praise will bring revelation to each other.

Returning home, or giving a small gift on the other party ‘s birthday, ripples of love in the heart of the lover; the wife washes clothes, the husband helped out in the past; the husband writes an article at the desk, and the wife sends a cup of hot tea;Even before and after work, a gentle farewell and a cordial greeting will make the other party realize that he (she) is above his heart, creating a sense of satisfaction.

There are various ways to convey information and express feelings between husband and wife. It seems trivial matters. As long as they can often appear in family life, they can add a tenderness between husbands and wives.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that after having a child, the wife must not “hang” the husband.

  (4) Leave some space for your lover.

  The union of the two sexes is the union of feelings and life, not the personality, and the dissolution of personality. The two sides are not the shadow of each other, so don’t be inseparable.

Otherwise, just like eating constantly will make people lose their appetite, old sticking together will also make people interested.

The relationship between men and women has only some common points. Both sides can have their own friends and hobbies, and they can have more topics.

There are moments when I miss each other.

Give each other a distance, a space to let them desire, to wait tenderly.

Therefore, appropriate small, increase the freshness between husband and wife.

As the saying goes, “Xiaobie wins the wedding”. Psychologically speaking, this is due to the artificially created distance, so that the image of each other in the minds of the other is evergreen.

A benign effect is formed. In a sense, there is no freedom without distance, and there is no attraction without distance. The space-time interval often increases the intensity of love.

  A few people find it difficult to accept the normal relationship between a lover and the opposite sex. They are always worried that they will be “squeezed out” one day, so they often do something stupid: the lover receives a phone call from the opposite sex or a friend from the opposite sex at home,Inquire about other people, or look at the guests left and right; others also control the other party ‘s activities by declaring “discipline”, including reconnaissance correspondence, interactive social interaction, and even tracking pursuits, so that the other party does not have a little free time and space, etc.; As a result, it is impossible to win the other’s attraction, but on the contrary, they often place themselves in a position of indifference.

Think about it this way. “Possession” is so strenuous, so tense, so tightly guarded, what love is there to speak of?

How much love is there in a caretaker marriage?

Love is first and foremost a conscious and voluntary affection, a strong attraction to the other party, a push that cannot be pushed away, and a constant desire to chop and chop.

Since you can succeed in getting love over everything before marriage, why do n’t you have such a style after marriage, and you can only extend everything you have through a marriage certificate or overcoming the spiritual life of the other person?

  (5) For the content, for the content.

  Beauty is human nature, both men and women.

Married couples should prevent the stereotyped, repetitive chores, and the dullness of getting along with the day and night, so that the emotions and ambitions before marriage are vanished.

Attention should be paid to the modification, especially after the woman is married, she must not dedicate and sacrifice to the family, consider her only life meaning and obligation, and ignore the richer pursuit of life.

She plunged into the kitchen and played the role of “mother-in-law”, becoming unwilling, or sloppy, old and rigid.Even in middle age, even after entering old age, due to the physiological reasons of men and women, men ‘s charm period is longer than women ‘s. At this time, subjective efforts are needed to seek common ground between both parties with deeper love and new understanding.Reinvent yourself.

No one can stay red, but “even though the innate beauty is lost, the artificial beauty is full compensation.” Decent light makeup and clothing, coupled with dignified elegance and deep, generous, still give people a glorious feeling.

Although temperament has a natural beauty, it is more about cultivated the day after tomorrow.

  (6) More sense of humor.

  Empathy is the only way to promote love.

Faced with the complicated social life, especially the trivial matters of family life, sometimes it really needs more courage to endure difficulties and the ability to control life.

Humor in the family can alleviate the psychological pressure, especially the humorous language in the life of husband and wife, which can often stir up emotional waves.

Because humor is a symbol of perseverance, calmness, wisdom, and ability, and a mediator of family conflicts.

Most people in the world have a natural instinct: they don’t want to hear others blame themselves.

Husbands and wives stay together forever, and they need mutual understanding and tolerance. There is no one in the world who is short of dollars.

Wurouzhigang is another kind of fragility. The subjective irritability and complaints of either side of the husband and wife will make the relationship tend to be flat and atrophy, which needs to be overcome.

Crossing the embarrassing whitening watershed _1

Crossing the embarrassing whitening “watershed”

Whitening work changed our faces, but accidentally exposed the black and yellow below the neck.
When the “color number” of the facial skin and the body skin has fallen by two squares, will you remain indifferent?

  When the scenery is great, you join a friend’s outing plan, sit on the green hills and enjoy a good mood.
Last night’s whitening mask was very effective. In the sun, the skin on your face was white and shiny, beautiful and jealous.
Someone likes you “born white”?
Hurry up and cover your coat tightly, just because your body skin is still so “natural”, the white on the face, not completely white!
Want to truly transform into a beautiful Snow White, let the body whiten together is the last word!
This season, carefully customize your body’s whitening plan, and cross the “watershed” of embarrassing whitening!
  Whitening “watershed” small test Before officially starting whitening care, do a small test to test your “watershed” status!
(The following test is based on your daily whitening habits to measure the difference between your facial skin and body skin.
1. I’m late for work. I only have one minute for sunscreen. Which part would you rub first?
  a, eye b, face c, neck 2, in hot weather, when you go out with friends, what will you choose?
  a, cotton sports vest + shorts b, short-sleeved shirt + short skirt c, breathable cotton shirt + mid-skirt 3, to travel to Hawaii, you can only bring one accessory except changing clothes, what will you bring?
  a, straw hat b, sunglasses c, parasol 4, a cycle of facial exfoliation for yourself?
  a. 4 ~ 5 times a week b, 2 ~ 3 times a week c, 1 ~ 2 times a week 5, how long is the cycle of doing body exfoliation for yourself?
  a. Occasionally do several times in half a year b, once a month cleaning, usually only do basic cleaning c, once a week 6, what is the commonly used bathing method?
  a、冲洗―浴液―冲洗  b、冲洗―浸泡(桑拿)―浴液―冲洗  c、冲洗―浸泡(桑拿)―浴盐―冲洗―浴液―冲洗  (a项得分为0分,b项得分为1分,c项得分为2分)  0~4分 A型–高危“分水岭”(面部>身体3档或以上)  测试结果是A型的你,其实很认真也很细心地做了面部Sun protection and whitening care, so your face looks softer and fairer than the original skin.
Although the skin color itself is not black, the exposed part of the body is exposed to excessive sunlight, so it will appear darker. If you can increase your awareness of sun protection, you can help you reproduce a uniform skin color.
  5~8分 B型–浅危“分水岭”(面部>身体2~3档之间)  身体测试结果是B型的你,有着天生非常均匀的肤色,原本应该是非常有光泽、有弹性的The skin may be slack on deep skin cleansing.
For you, it is best to perform keratin care during each bath. This will have a magical effect on the whitening of your body.
  8~12分 C型–隐形“分水岭”( 面部>身体0~1档之间)  测试结果是C型的你面部和身体的肤色相当地均匀统一,无论是得益于天生,还是后天保养It is very close to the limit of their whitening. Be sure to keep it up!
  Whitening Metamorphosis 3 Steps “I want to be as white as XX!”
  ”Muscles like gelatin” is not the ultimate goal that everyone can reach. According to their whitening limit, we can achieve the perfect skin quality when we are infants.
The watershed problem is already in front of us. How can we improve it?

1 “Whitening” metamorphosis The first step in whitening is cleaning!
When you hear these two words again, you may feel bored. After all, this thing is so ordinary, but it can not be underestimated to improve the whitening effect.
  Why does cleaning whiten us?
We must know that the metabolism of the body also produces sweat, oil and aging sebum. These metabolites are combined with environmental dirt, and the surface layer of our skin gradually forms a “junkyard.”
Yes, a comprehensive cleansing treatment for the skin is a veritable “cleanup”, and a cleansing product is a “cleaner” tailored for your delicate skin!
  Tips shower cream, whitening “star” ingredients acid horns and oranges: acid horns and oranges can significantly improve dull skin tone.
  Green tea: The tea polyphenols in green tea help to hydrate and moisturize, and can instantly resist oxidation.
  Licorice Essence: Prevents skin from redness after sun exposure, hindering the formation of melanin.

2 “Huanbai” metamorphosis Every time you take a shower and care for your facial skin, you will always feel that there is something left, right!

Your skin is waiting for your care!
Pamper your body and be promoted to a whitening beauty!

  Huanbai Raiders 1-Body Mask: After bathing, the heat has not yet dissipated, and the energy of metabolism still works magically on your skin?

?Take advantage of this time, apply a flower extract or a body mask containing plant essential oil ingredients, while soothing, relaxing and detoxifying, your skin will be as smooth and fair as a newborn baby.

  Whitening Strategy 2-Nourishing Emulsion: “Whitening Function” is the most common function in the body milk description. If you want to use the whitening effect quickly and efficiently, we suggest you choose the one with the whitening “star” secret we recommendBody care products.

  Tips for body milk, whitening “star” ingredient vitamin C: It can inhibit pigmentation, promote collagen growth in the dermis layer, make skin brighter and full of elasticity.

  Vitamin A: It can enter the nucleus and improve the dullness of the skin through elastin and collagen synthesis.

  Fruit acid: Fruit acid can stimulate the growth of new cells, remove fine lines, and lighten the epidermal pigment.

  NO.3 “Translucent” transmutation UV is the number one natural enemy of the skin!

Strong ultraviolet rays will completely cause skin oxidation, and then accelerate the formation of melanin. What is more terrible is that it will produce super severe pigmentation and pigmentation.

Every summer, the sun leaves relentless marks on the skin. The saying goes: “The best offense is defense!

“The key to whitening is actually to improve sun protection into a” level one plan “in the whitening plan. Of course, our best sun protection” weapon “is sunscreen.

  Sunscreen selection: Same sunscreens of different qualities can be divided into the following types: The first-to prevent sunburn and sunburn, this sunscreen uses isolated UVB, the sun protection index is identified by SPF; the second-to prevent sunburnBlack, this sunscreen is used to isolate UVA, the sun protection index is marked with PA; third-has both functions.

  When shopping, going out, or going to work, you can choose the first two, generally SPF15 is enough, pay attention to make up after sweating; If you are traveling, it is best to use the third type for comprehensive protection!

Generally choose SPF30 or above to resist the strong sunlight of the royal family.

  Don’t forget, if you are visiting the beach in the hot sun, it is best to choose waterproof sunscreen.

  Tips to be alert to the damage of UV rays on the skin at night is not only one night. When going to a concert at night or going to a bar, the UV intensity of those spotlights and fluorescent lights can not be ignored, so when going out at night, do not forget to protect the skinAdd a “protective jacket”.


L’OREAL Paris L’Oreal Multiple Protective Isolation Milk SPF30 / PA +++ 150 / 100ml 2.

CAMENAE Almond Beauty Cream 168 / 250ml 3.

YUE-SAI 120 / 100ml 4 after repairing the sun.

VICHY Soothing Body Lotion 118 / 200ml 5.

?H2O + Shuizhiao Fresh Body Deep Moisturizing Cream 160 / 240ml6.

MARUBI Pills Whitening Body Cream 180 / 150ml 7.

YUE-SAI Refreshing Sun Spray SPF30 150 / 150ml 8.

L’OREAL Paris Multi-Protection Isolating Spray SPF30 + PA +++ 165/150 ml 9.

HERBORIST Herborist repairs the whole body 140 / 100ml after sun exposure10.

Neutrogena Neutrogena light sunscreen SPF30 + 129/88 ml 11.

Avene Avene Natural Sunscreen SPF25 248 / 100ml12.

VICHY Refreshing Sun Spray SPF30 PA +++ 248 / 125ml13.

LA ROCHE-POSAY SPF30 + PA +++ 278 / 125ml (Edit: Kitty) 14.

Biotherm sunscreen body lotion SPF50 360 / 200ml

College students were out of business

College students were out of business

In order to leave a good impression on the recruiting company during the interview, some college graduates spend hundreds or even thousands of yuan to buy suits, shirts, ties, etc.

However, the reporter found in the investigation that because college students did not know enough about different corporate cultures, some people were rejected by the recruitment unit because they were too formal.

  I’m looking for a student who is looking for a job: Buying a formal dress is necessary to invest in a clothing wholesale market near Qinghe. The reporter encountered a senior student who replaced Beijing Information Engineering College.

They are buying suits.

It is understood that students’ homes are not affluent, and suits of two or three hundred yuan are considered luxury items for them.

“You also need to buy shirts, ties, socks, and leather shoes. That would cost four or five hundred yuan.

“But they said that suits are needed for interviews, and this part of the cost is necessary.

  When reporters visited several universities in Beijing, they found that students of different majors showed different attitudes on whether to buy suits.

Students in economic management majors said that formal attire is a must for interviews, and the acceptable price is around 600 yuan.

And many engineering students such as computer science think that for technical positions, the dress can be slightly casual during the interview.

“However, if you are applying for a job, you should still wear a suit or suit.

“An information engineering student told reporters.

  Business: To be in line with corporate culture. The reporter learned from Toyota that participating in Japanese-funded companies’ interviews is a common practice for boys to wear suits and girls to wear suits.

Whatever position you absolutely apply for, as long as you attend the interview, you must wear formal attire.

A staff member recruited by Zhilian told reporters that European and American companies are more relaxed about the dress requirements when applying.

  An advertising company’s personnel department told reporters that different companies and industries have different cultures, and the same thing may be bad.

He said that because the advertising company’s overall style is lighter, employees dress more casually.

One time, a female college student who came for an interview wore a professional suit.

“My colleagues and I were wearing T-shirts and slacks, and the girl looked like she was interviewing us.

The girl behaved very cautiously because she found that her dress was out of step with the company.

In the end, the female college student was not accepted.

In fact, she is a graduate of a prestigious university and is in good condition, but her dress has reduced her.

“Experts: You can’t go out of the world with all your clothes.” For this phenomenon, experts from the Beijing University Employment Guidance Center analyzed that the basic requirements for college students to participate in interviews are simple and elegant, and they must also consider the needs of different companies.

“For businesses like banks, it’s best to dress up.

However, state-owned enterprises’ requirements for employees are to do things in a down-to-earth manner, so dressing too formal or gorgeous will leave a bad impression on the company.

“The expert’s suggestion is that before the interview, you should visit the overall integration of the applicant company from the Internet or the field. You should not think that formal dress is the most secure, and you should wear it everywhere you apply.

“You shouldn’t let clothes cover up the vigor and vitality of college students.

Bedroom aerobics for office workers

Bedroom aerobics for office workers

After work every day, do you often feel back pain and just want to rest in bed?

  The strain on the back muscles and back muscles must be faced by every office worker.

In addition to paying attention to posture while working, and often get up a little bit often, your bedroom can also become a “gym”.

Don’t just lie down, exercise.

  First style: Lie on the bed, hold your right leg with both hands, move the upper right side to the sides, close your head to the upper right side, stop for 5 seconds, change to the other side, and repeat 10 times.

Lie on the bed, hold your legs with both hands, approach towards the top, head closer to the top, stop for 5 seconds, and repeat 5 times.

  The second type: sit cross-legged, lean forward, tilt your upper arm forward until you feel the muscles of your buttocks, and stop for 5 seconds. To return to the sitting position, you can put your elbows on top and slowly support your bodyRepeat 5 times.
  The third type: sitting position, with your legs bent over your chest, your chin bent toward your hips, and then lying back slowly, rolling back and forth, relaxing, and repeating 5 times.

  Fourth style: Knees on the floor or bed, tighten your chin to your hips, arch your back, stop for 5 seconds, relax, and repeat 10 times.

  Fifth style: lie flat on the bed with the back flat against the surface of the bed, close your legs, turn to the right, stop for 5 seconds, then turn to the tip, relax, and repeat 10 times.

  Sixth style: Lie on a flat bed, support the waist with both hands, slowly bring your legs over the head until you feel the waist, relax, and repeat 5 times.

Dietary therapy for allergic rhinitis

Dietary therapy for allergic rhinitis

Diet conditioning plays a very important role in preventing allergic rhinitis.

In people’s daily diet, you can eat more light products, less fish, meaty products, avoid spicy tobacco and alcohol to stimulate things, to prevent phlegm and heat induced endogenous allergic rhinitis.

At the same time, targeted food and medicine preparations will be taken to prevent and treat allergic rhinitis and improve symptoms.

  Xinsu drink composition: 10 grams of Xinyi, 15 grams of Su Ye, 5 grams of ginger, light green section.

  System of law: the above drugs are boiled to obtain juice, warm, once a day, for several months.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion and runny nose.

  Xinyi boiled egg composition: Xinyi 20 grams, 2 eggs.

  Method: Cook the top two together with water, remove the shells and cook for a while after the eggs are cooked.

Eat eggs and drink soup once a day for even a week.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, runny nose, etc.

  Tongqiao drink composition: 12 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of Baiji, 20 grams of light green.

  Method: Take the above medicines in decoction once a day for one week.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, sore head, etc.

  Xinyi tofu soup composition: Xinyi 15 grams, tofu 250 grams.

  Method: Cook the two things together, drink soup and eat tofu, once a day.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, sore head, runny nose, etc.

  Chrysanthemum porridge composition: 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of mulberry leaf, 60 grams of previous rice.

  Method: First, chrysanthemum and mulberry leaves are boiled to remove the residue and juice is added. Take the rice porridge and take it once a day.

  Application: Improve head pain, runny nose and olfactory function.

  Nourishing Yin tea composition: 30 grams of radish, 2 prickly pears, 10 grams of Xinyi, 10 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, 10 grams of habitat

  Method: Decoction the above medicine with water and replace it with tea.

  Application: Improve dry nose, stuffy nose and olfactory function.

  Green onion pinellia paste composition: 10 grams of green onions, 6 grams of pinellia, some kind of borneol.

  Method: Dry Pinellia ternata, grind it into fines, sieve, and mix with green onions as a paste, then add Borneol and mix thoroughly.

Take a small amount of gauze to wrap the nose, alternately left and right after 30 minutes, remove it, 2?
3 times.

  Application: Obviously improve nasal congestion.

  Sword bean powder composition: appropriate amount of old beans, 1 cup of rice wine.

  Method: Rotate an appropriate amount of old beans with shells.

Take 10 grams each time, brewed with rice wine, once a day, even for several days.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, sore head, etc.

  As long as scientific medication and active life, allergic rhinitis will reduce the pain to people to a minimum.

4 principles for paying attention to cold medicine for young children

4 principles for paying attention to cold medicine for young children

[Guide]Although cold is one of the most common diseases in children, influenza that is more prevalent in autumn and winter is more invasive and harmful to children than ordinary colds. Therefore, the characteristics of nursing and prevention of colds in children are not available.Treat with adult medication and care.

Treatment: Pediatric Cold Medicine 4 Principles When a child has a cold, whether it is nursing or medication, it is very important, and these are the necessary medical knowledge that parents must master.

Pediatric cold medicine also has its own characteristics, because the treatment of pediatric cold medicine also has its own characteristics, but if used incorrectly, it will be more effective.

Principle 1 Don’t rush to get cold and fever is a defensive reaction of the body. It is not only conducive to destroying invading bacteria, but also to the normal growth and development of children.

However, in the case of high fever (above 39 ° C), fever should be reduced under the guidance of a doctor.

The best way to reduce fever is to cool down physically, such as cold compresses, alcohol rubbing baths, and so on.

If the physical method can not make the temperature drop, antipyretics can be used together.

Commonly used antipyretics are: An Naijin nasal drops, chlorpheniramine tablets, pediatric antipyretics.

Do not use APC (Compound Aspirin).

Principle 2 Do not use antibiotics casually. Most colds are viral infections. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

Commonly used antiviral drugs are: triazolid, isatis granules, dithidamone (pansentine).

Drugs can be replaced as appropriate, the effect is more reliable, the substitution is small.

Only when these conditions occur can we consider the combined use of antibiotics: to prevent secondary bacterial infections in infants under 6 months of age: a significant increase in white blood cells on blood tests: frequent tonsillitis: bronchitis or pneumonia.

Principle 3 Note 5 items of western medicine (1) The dosage should not be too large, taking too long to replace it.

(2) Drink plenty of water during the medication to facilitate the absorption and excretion of the drug and reduce the toxicity of the drug to the child’s body.

(3) Do not take orally or inject paracetamol in children with liver and kidneys under 3 years of age.

(4) Do not use antipyretics if other family members have a history of allergy to antipyretics.

(5) Do not take antipyretics with alkaline medicines at the same time, such as baking soda, aminophylline, etc., otherwise the effect of antipyretics will be reduced.

Principle 4 Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine require dialectical treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that colds are caused by the feeling of wind evil. It is divided into two categories: cold cold and wind-heat cold.

Hygiene: Keep away from germs to prevent and prevent diseases ● Infants who are over 6 months old and have poor resistance can get the flu vaccine before the peak of the influenza epidemic.

● Family should wash their hands immediately after returning home and insert the bacteria to take home.

● During the flu epidemic, schools and homes should pay attention to environmental hygiene. If young children are infected with the flu, it is best to wear a mask.

● Reduce access to public places, especially children with poor resistance.

● Sufficient sleep, normal diet, and more exercise can strengthen your own resistance.