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Research finds low-pitched people have strong appeal and leadership

Research finds low-pitched people have strong appeal and leadership

Core tip: The voting motivations proposed by the test subjects are different, but the bass version beats the treble version with a clear advantage and becomes more likely to be trusted by “voters”. Men with low voices usually have more offspring than men with higher voices.

  Researchers from the Department of Psychology at McMaster University in Canada recruited 125 volunteers to play archived recordings of nine US presidents, and processed each president’s voice into two versions: treble and bass.

  Subjects scored each voice for attractiveness, leadership, sincerity, intelligence, and dominance as required, and finally selected the voice who was willing to vote for him in peace or war.

The results show that the correct motive for voting is different for the test subjects, but the bass version beats the treble version with a clear advantage, making it easier to win the trust of “voters”.

  In the second experiment, researchers brought in another 40 people and listened to them as ordinary men.

As a result, subjects also voted for people with low voices.

Another survey of the results of the US presidential election from 1960 to 2000 also showed that in eight elections, the candidates who entered the White House last year were those with relatively low voices.

  The research report was published on the 14th by the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

“Research shows that voters vote for (candidate’s) voice factors when they vote,” said Carla Teague, a PhD student in the department of psychology at McMaster University.

“Previous research has shown that a low voice is a reflection of higher levels of retinal pill hormones.

Teague said that a low voice is seen as a combination of attraction and dominance, so when choosing a leader, people can’t help but choose the low voice.

“In evolutionary history, human ancestors chose various hints for leaders, especially related leadership, because that reflects a person’s ability to point out the tribe’s ability to survive and reproduce.”

  ”Even in modern times, this is still the case,” she said. Taking the former British Prime Minister, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady”, for example, she was trained to make her voice less sharp, which attracted her.More voters.

  The study also showed the value of attractiveness and perception of candidate dominance over the voting decisions made by voters.

  Professor David Feinberger directed the research.

“People think they want to vote for someone with a low voice because that person is attractive.

But that’s actually because the elect felt his dominant power subconsciously.

“The wonder of the voice doesn’t stop there.

A study by Gillian O’Connor, a PhD student in the School of Psychology, Neurology, and Behavior at McMaster University, shows that low-pitched men and high-pitched women are attractive.

In women’s eyes, men with low voices trick their partners slightly more; in men’s eyes, women with high voices have less loyalty to their partners.

  A 2007 Fanberg survey of Haza people with hypertension shows that men with a low voice usually have more offspring than men with a high voice.

It’s not better to thicken Chinese medicine

It’s not better to thicken Chinese medicine

In daily life, most people think that the stronger the Chinese medicine is, the better the effect will be.

In fact, such understanding is biased.

  Fried Chinese medicine is a process of continuously releasing and dissolving the active ingredients in Chinese medicine.

If the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients have been evenly dissolved and released into the medicinal solution and then continuously fried, the active ingredients in the medicine will not continue to be precipitated and dissolved, but the active ingredients in the medicinal solution will be continuously evaporated and reduced, or even the active ingredientsIt is destroyed in the long-term high temperature, resulting in a decrease in the efficacy.

  Generally speaking, the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine should be maintained at 400?
Between 500 ml.

Hidden health killer under yoga fashion_2

Hidden health killer under yoga fashion

Guide: Right now, “Yoga Fever” is sweeping across major cities.

However, urban men and women who are or are “commissioning” their bodies to coaches may not know that: in some fitness institutions or yoga venues, helping the public to create beautiful teachers and coaches, there are actually “self-directed teachers”.Some started working after a short week of training.

Experts point out that improper (guided) practice of yoga will damage muscles and ligaments, and even affect cardiopulmonary function . Recently at noon, in a fitness and fitness city in Nanping District, Nan’an District, Chongqing, in a spacious fitness place, dozens of rhythmic music, dozensA woman is practicing yoga under the guidance of a female coach.

This bodybuilding city has many fitness programs, yoga is one of them.

Miss Li at the front desk told reporters that practicing yoga here can be done monthly or annual card, 110 yuan monthly card, 750 yuan annual card, practice 5 times a week, arranged at noon or evening.

  The coach was a fashionable woman, and she said she had obtained a certificate after training in a yoga studio.

She said, in fact, it does n’t matter if you have a coaching license. Generally speaking, when you apply for a yoga instructor, once the scholars approve, the boss can look at the job.

She used to teach other fitness programs. Later, when she saw the popularity of yoga, she went to a professional yoga studio in Yuzhong District to train for a week.

But she wouldn’t say where the yoga studio for the week of training is.

  The survey found that most yoga venues that train coaches have a training period of about two months, four months in length, training in theory and training, other standards, and some also employ Indian coaches.

But there are also some “quick courses”.

A well-known yoga venue in Central District of Chongqing has one week of training and charges 1500 yuan.

The staff said that a certificate can be issued within a week of training. This certificate is equivalent to a coaching certificate. If you are a coach of other programs in the fitness institution, you can add (teach) yoga programs after you have this certificate.

  A fitness institution in Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, not only trains professional yoga instructors, but also amateur yoga instructors.

Professional training is issued in two months, coaching license, amateur training for eight weeks, twice a week, completion certificate, can not be a coach.

  A senior yoga instructor found that the number of yoga instructors currently on the market has decreased.

Some are full-fledged, some have been yoga enthusiasts, have been books in some yoga venues, they are optimistic about the career of yoga instructors, so they buy a few yoga textbooks and dishes, and after self-study at home, they apply to some fitness institutions.

The boss asks him or her to take a class or two, and if the book is approved, he can take up the post.

  According to reports, practicing yoga can help the body gain strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, improve and improve cardiopulmonary function, detoxify and beauty, reduce fat and shape, reduce stress, relax the body and mind, and calm the body and mind.

However, if yoga practitioners do not practice properly, they will experience dizziness, dizziness, nausea, etc., which may cause muscle and ligament strain.

The person in charge of the Industry Department of the Municipal Sports Bureau said that if there is no scientific guidance for practicing yoga, it may also cause damage to the body and seriously affect the heart and cardiopulmonary function.

In short, scientific practice should be conducted under the correct guidance of the coach.

Flu plaster moxibustion

Flu plaster moxibustion

In the frequent seasons of flu, and the repeated use of various cold medicines for us, we do not interfere with the day moxibustion method, which may help you get rid of the cold.
  [Drugs]Mizusawa orchid leaves, yellow peel leaves, Houttuynia cordata each 15 g, ginger, garlic, onion white 10 g each.

  [Manufacturing method]The medicines are used fresh, and they are smashed like mud.

  [Usage]Apply to Yongquan, Acupoint and Dazhui of Zuxin, respectively, cover with gauze and fix it with adhesive tape. After applying the medicine, it will become locally hot, red, and sweat.

After applying the medicine, the patient should drink 1 small bowl of ginger syrup to help the medicine sweat and make it more effective.

Used for influenza.

  [Source]”Traditional Chinese Medicine Moxibustion Therapy”.

  [Note]If the skin is blistered, it can be treated as usual.

Roles have a huge impact on individual behavior and psychology

Roles have a huge impact on individual behavior and psychology

In social psychology, “role” refers to a person’s special position in a particular society and group and the behavior pattern prescribed by the society and group.

Simply put, a role is a person’s social status and identity.

For example, the role of the father in the family means that he owns a part of the head of the family. Therefore, there is a set of behaviors that the father should be governed by habits and systems. He must work, raise and educate children, and plan the family.In life, his words and actions should be like a father.

Another example is the role of a salesperson. He sells goods in a store. He has a patient, thoughtful, and enthusiastic attitude, and masters a set of skilled skills and rich business knowledge, so that he can meet the requirements of a salesperson.

  Psychologist experiments have shown that people’s behavior and psychological effects are observed.

  In 1973, Stanford University psychologist Zimbardo performed a classic simulation experiment.

The close relationship between people and characters is noticed vividly and deeply.

In this experiment, Zimbardo first admitted volunteers, all of whom were college students and willing to take on some role for two weeks.

He then randomly divided the volunteers into a “prisoner” group and a “caretaker” (police) group.

  Then start the formal experiment.

Everything mimics the situation in a normal prison.

The “guard” put hands on the “prisoners” and replaced them with “police stations”.

The autograph was signed, and the prisoners were blindfolded behind them and taken to a basement “prison”.

Here, the “inmates” will experience the things that real inmates will encounter one by one, such as placing their hands on their feet, spraying the whole body with disinfectant, removing their usual clothes and putting on a uniform “bag bag”, “inmates”There is no longer any name but just a number. Each” prisoner “is locked in a single cell with only one bed and a doorway.

The “guards” are also equipped exactly as they are: dressed in police uniforms, holding batons in their hands, and taking turns on duty.

There are three “guards” in the “jail” monitoring the actions of the “prisoners”.

  As a result, in just a few days, the performances of the “guards” and “prisoners” became more and more “professional”: the “guards” gradually learned to have fun from insults, intimidation, and inhuman treatment of those “prisoners”, from time to timeOrdered them to do push-ups, rejected their requests to go to the toilet, and various sadistic behaviors; the “prisoners” initially resisted, but soon became passive, depressed, and fell into powerlessness and extreme deteriorationTo the extent that their tempers became like a gunpowder barrel, they touched.

The experiment was originally planned for two weeks, but six days later, half of the “prisoners” asked to be released because their relationship was almost on the verge of collapse.

As a result, Zimbardo was forced to stop experiments that had been running for six days.

  Learn to stand in the social role of others to understand their behavior and adjust their role transitions in a timely manner.

  The behavior was normal before the experiment, and college students who were well-adapted had turned into “devil” or had symptoms of depression during the experiment. Such experiments are of course forbidden today because they destroy human bodies and violate humane and physiological judgments.according to.

The biggest inspiration of this experiment is that changes in the level of human social roles (such as the role of “guard” and “prisoner” in the above experiments) will have a huge impact on human psychology and behavior.

Instead, a person’s social role affects his psychology and behavior.

May wish to nourish liver in spring_1

Try liver nourishing porridge in spring

Spring is the season for the recovery of all things.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is similar to the grass and trees, and the grass germinates and grows in the spring; the liver is also more active in the spring.

Therefore, nourishing the liver in the spring is the first to nourish the liver.

Here are some of the liver nourishing porridge, you may wish to try.

  Celery porridge 150 grams, previously 100 grams of rice, washed with celery roots, boiled with water, take juice and take porridge with rice.

In the spring, liver yang is easy to move, which often makes people have headaches and dizziness. People with this disease and middle-aged and elderly people often eat celery porridge, which has certain benefits in regulating kidneys, lowering blood pressure and reducing irritability.

  Spinach porridge 250 grams of spinach, 250 grams of previous rice, salt, MSG each amount.

Wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water and cut into sections. Before putting the rice in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the rice is cooked.Serve.

Spinach porridge has better adjuvant treatment for hypertension, headache, dizziness, anemia, and diabetes caused by insufficient liver and yin.

  Chrysanthemum porridge 15 grams of chrysanthemum, previously 100 grams of rice.

The chrysanthemum was washed, and the rice was washed before.

Chrysanthemum, put the rice in the pot before, add an appropriate amount of water, cover, boil on high heat, and simmer until the porridge is ready.

The porridge disperses wind and heat, clears the liver, and lowers blood pressure.

It is suitable for dizziness, headache, red eyes, scabies, swelling and poison, and essential hypertension.

  The plum porridge is 5 grams of white plum, 80 grams of previous rice. Boil the previous rice into porridge, add white plum, and boil for two or three minutes. You can eat one bowl at each meal for three to five days.

Plum blossoms are flat, can relieve liver and qi, and stimulate appetite.

People who have anorexia eat better, and those who are healthy eat more calories.

  Mulberry porridge 30g (60g for fresh mulberry), 60g sticky rice, moderate sugar.

Wash the mulberries, cook with glutinous rice, and add rock sugar after cooking.

The porridge can nourish the liver and yin and nourish the eyesight.

Applicable to dizziness caused by liver and kidney deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, tinnitus, backache, early whitening, etc.

  Cassia seed porridge 10 grams, 60 grams of rice, a small amount of rock sugar.

First add cassia seeds to water and cook for the right amount.

Then use its juice and rice to cook together, add porridge after adding porridge.

The porridge has clear liver, eyesight, and laxative.

It is suitable for redness and swelling of eyes, photophobia and tears, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, habitual constipation, etc.

Massage for female apathy

Massage for female apathy

1. Waist massage: take the upright position, separate your feet and shoulder width, press the thumbs of both hands tightly on the same side of the kidney acupoint, quickly rotate the waist slightly, and bend to the left and right, while moving the palms of your hands from top to bottom, rubbing,For 2-3 minutes, take the deep self-sensation as a degree of heat, 2-3 times a day.

  Second, the shrine massage: supine position, legs separated with shoulder width, press the palms of the hands on the shrine points, rotate 200 times left and right, with deep self-sensation as the degree of heat, 2-3 times a day.

  Third, sexually sensitive parts massage: Sexually sensitive parts refer to the body strap or acupuncture points that can arouse sexual desire and sexual excitement.

It includes sexually sensitive zones and sensitive points.

Women’s sexual desire sensitive belts such as ears, ears, upper parts, thighs, armpits, chests, nipples and other parts are the most sensitive. The sensitive points include “perineum”, “huiyang”, and “jingmen”.

When massaging sensitive bands, the man should gently rub gently to make it feel soothing; when massaging sensitive points, he can touch with the palms of his fingers to soften the gangue to achieve the effect of arousing the woman’s sexual desire.

In short, it is the principle that the woman experiences a sense of happiness and comfort.

Massage once a day.

  Fourth, guided gymnastics: sit straight with your legs straight, let go naturally, put your hands behind your back to support the body, open your toes outwards, and bend your upper body when you inhale, that is, your torso, your head back; then your feetTwist the tip into it and bend forward in exhalation, but keep your hands off the ground.

This bends forward and 3-4 times.

Is morning fitness most efficient

Is morning fitness most efficient

Core tip: Successful fitness is based on the three elements of stability, concentration, and intensity, and these aspects may vary from person to person: Some people have no motivation to exercise in the morning, while others may feel that they are not physically active in the afternoon.

Therefore, you should choose the time that suits you.

  This research may lead to this goal, and that research said that to discover that goal, every day, different scientists claim to have discovered a new, more efficient diet or fitness philosophy, but they are not always correct.

Men’s Fitness’s fitness instructor Jay Cardiello pointed out several misunderstandings about fitness diet.


Is morning fitness the most efficient?

  ”U.S. fitness indicators recommend that people exercise between 4 and 6 pm, because asking questions is the highest at this time, which can make the fitness effect worthwhile.

But that is not the rule.

Cardiero pointed out.

  Successful fitness is based on the three elements of stability, concentration, and intensity, and these aspects may vary from person to person: “Some people simply have no motivation to exercise in the morning, while others may feel that they are not physically active in the afternoon.

Therefore, you should choose the time that suits you.

Sports drinks are better than water?

  In order to promote their products, sports drink companies often challenge the nature of water, and at the same time sports drinks can improve athletic performance.

However, “Research has found that clear water is the best tool for weight loss and can suppress appetite.

When we think of age, we may just be thirsty.

Cardiero said, “Drinking enough water can also lower your blood pressure.

What sports drinks can do this?

“If you are weak, it may be because of dehydration:” Dehydration can reduce your fitness level, even if you are only slightly dehydrated because you lack water and lose 1% to 2% of your weight.


Can protein build muscle?

  ”Protein does play a big role in bodybuilding and muscle retention, however, too much protein can only be converted into a small amount of storage.

Cardiero said.

It must be remembered that any nutrient that contains calories can be converted into misfortune.

  Therefore, only the amount of protein the body needs is sufficient.

“If you want to know how much protein is needed to reach your weight goal, just multiply your weight (mm) by 0.


How many men and women will change their minds after having an affair?

How many men and women will change their minds after having an affair?

Whenever the word “affair” is heard, almost everyone thinks of men first. If they are husbands and wives, they naturally mean husbands.
  It is generally believed that men have affair in many cases.
Among the literary and artistic people or athletes, the decisive factor for some couples or lovers to part ways is that the man has an affair.
In contrast, the case of breaking up because of the woman’s red apricot is rare.
As is well known, the ratio of male to female affair is 3 to 1, or 5 to 1.
  So why do men have an affair?
In particular, it is easier for a man who is a husband to mess with flowers?
Watanabe Junichi launched an analysis.
Women are completely different. If a woman currently falls in love with A man, she will only have A man in her eyes, and then because of some kind of opportunity, and then fall in love with B man, then all the previous things about A will be affected.Forgetting it all, all her thoughts will focus on B again.
  In other words, women’s love is concentrated.
Compared with the “all or nothing” approach of women, men are animals that can fall in love with multiple women at the same time.
  Therefore, even if a man says “you are my favorite” to a woman in love, what he says is only the first favorite, and others may have the second favorite and the third favorite.Not too much.
  It can be seen that if the love of women is called concentrated, then the love of men can be called relatively.
  In short, men don’t focus on one point, they constantly look around, and they are always interested in new things, so men can be said to be an animal that can’t be careless and prone to affair.
  Of course, it is also a man who does not go to seduce flowers and does not have an interest in the surrounding women. On the contrary, among women, there are also women who constantly turn their attention to other male water-borne poppies.
But these can only be said to be some exceptions and minorities.
It is an indisputable fact that most men and women have an affair with a pluralistic tendency to love.
  And most of the women who come out of the wall are also because there is no one who really likes them, so they can’t keep floating in the air. If there are men they really like, many women are unexpectedly down-to-earth.
  In short, the plural tendency of men in love, coupled with the waning of sexual pleasure with the increase in the number of sexes, are the two major characteristics of men. We can be sure that this is also easier for men and women.Causes of affair.
  Men are more likely to “return”. The above analysis of the husband’s affair from both physical and mental perspectives. Many women read this and may have a heartfelt disappointment with their husband or man.
But even so, wives don’t have to worry too much.
Because the reasons why men are prone to having an affair as described here can also be the reason why men are easy to wake up from an affair. To be more specific about this, it is precisely because of prone to having an affair that the foundation of an affair is very shallow, andThere is room for husbands to correct mistakes.
  Let ‘s continue to analyze along this line of thought. At the beginning, I wrote like this. Men ‘s sexual desire is difficult to restrain when it is high, and it is extremely fast-acting. At the same time, once the sexual desire is satisfied, it will immediately take shape.
  And as mentioned earlier, men ‘s sex is a simple, venting sex, and sexual pleasure does not deepen with the increase in the number of sex, on the contrary, the characteristics of men who are easily tired of sex, even if men have an affairIt won’t last long.
Generally speaking, after a period of time, husbands’ affair is quite likely to end.
Coupled with the ambiguous and indecisive nature of a man’s character, even if a man wants to spare no effort to love each other from the bottom of his heart during an affair, he does not have the energy.
  In other words, the husband is an animal that is prone to having an affair and cannot be careless. However, because men are easy to see things differently, men’s affair always occurs constantly, in a fluid state, and the objects of an affair will not always be concentrated.On a woman.
  To put it simply, the husband’s affair is not as serious as it appears on the surface, and after a proper period of time, it will almost become calm.
  In this respect, the affair of the husband is different from that of the wife.
When a wife is having an affair, there are great differences in spirit and body from her husband. Therefore, although a wife is not as prone to having an affair as a husband, once an affair has occurred, many people cannot easily get rid of it.
Of course, this aspect also varies from person to person, which is not to say that all wives are the same, but in general there is indeed such a tendency.
  In short, the husband’s affair is not as serious as it seems, and it is not a serious illness. The reason is that the husband’s affair is mostly single women. If men are too entangled, it is also a burden on single women. Many women willLeaving away.
Even if this is not the case, many single women are unexpectedly sober when dealing with family men, and some women are still looking for suitable opportunities for breakups.
  You can be sure that your husband’s affair will usually not get out of hand.
Especially with children, the vast majority of husbands’ affair will become calm after a period of time.
In this regard, the husband’s miss of his children and his love for the family are unexpectedly persistent.
Through these phenomena, we can also see the gender commonality of men, namely weak personality, fear of loneliness.
  In short, although the number of husbands having affair may be large, it is easy to return to the original shell after all. Even if they leave home and live with other women, the proportion of returning to the family is still high.  The wife’s affair is just the opposite, once you run away from home, it is difficult to turn back again.

Proportion to husband, in fact, after the wife has an affair, the proportion of returning to the family is very low.

  Therefore, there are novels such as “Father Is Back”, but no such novels as “Mother Is Back”. In this regard, we can see that husbands and wives are completely different in their affair.

Let the employees do it Let the employees have fun first

Let the employees do it Let the employees have fun first

Every unit and every position has discipline and job requirements. No one can restore personal emotions to affect the completion of work tasks.

But this is only one aspect of the problem. In fact, it is impossible for people to be objectively unaffected by emotions.

When a person’s mood is in a state of “joy”, he can fully mobilize his subjective initiative, accept tasks in a positive attitude, and work with full enthusiasm.

A Harvard survey confirms that for every three individuals who increase employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction can increase by five individuals.

  Letting subordinates and employees “play” the embodiment of the people-oriented thinking in management is an inevitable requirement for implementing scientific management and building a harmonious unit.

Therefore, it is necessary to fully respect the physical and creative spirit of employees, to truly protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, to provide fair benefits for employees ‘development and progress, and to provide a harmonious environment for employees’ work and life.

  Zun Zele.

Contradiction is not respected for oneness and value.

The well-known Hawthorne experiment in modern management proves that compared with measures such as improving the working environment, implementing piece rate, strict rewards and penalties, etc., it often conducts interviews and communications with employees to give employees a sense of belonging as “owner”
dignity and shared profit and lossCan more broadly and lastingly promote the improvement of enterprise production efficiency.

Knowledge of psychology also tells us: the deepest psychological motivation in human nature is the desire to be respected, affirmed and appreciated.

If this motivation is ignored and this desire is ignored, there is no strong psychological support for improving the enthusiasm of employees.

If you are used to tame with rebuke, the result can only be oppression.

  Gong Zele.

The resentment is caused by the unfairness of the leader and the psychological imbalance of employees.

The overwhelming majority of employees are not afraid of suffering, not tired, and most fear that leaders do not speak of principles. They start from personal interests, personal likes and dislikes, treat others apart and evacuate, and have a good handle, promotion, use, reward injustice, and non-disclosure, thus making employees unfairOpportunities for competition.

This is exactly why some managers are “incorrect, although they are disobedient.”

Only leaders who are fair and honest, and honest and honest, can employees be convinced orally, without complaints and regrets, with peace of mind and good work.

  He Zele.

Dissatisfaction arises from ruthless management and lack of harmony and harmony.

The ancients said: “To seek victory or defeat, seek peace first.

“Humanhe” has two meanings: one is to create a unity of intimacy, harmony and beauty.

The Ming Dynasty’s anti-crime master Qi Jiguang demanded that he must “give a regular inspector a full life, work and rest, strength and weakness, courage, skill, and feelings of movement, making him like his parents.”

Sun Tzu’s mole is even more straightforward: “Seeing a death is like a baby, so you can go to Shenxi with it; seeing a death is like a child, so you can die with it.

“The so-called” death of those who know themselves “.

The second is to create a vivid situation of inclusive personality and harmonious development.

Mencius said that “there are differences in things, so do the feelings of things.”

We cannot have the individuality of employees because of the strict management of experts, nor can we ignore the legitimate rights and interests of employees because of their collective interests.

We should regard respect for individuality, safeguard rights and interests, and promote the all-round development of employees as a new concept of leadership and a new pursuit of educating people.

In this way, the creative wisdom of employees will rush forward, and the vitality of the unit will be fully demonstrated.

  ”Let’s play” is the emotional basis and necessary condition for “getting started”. All leading cadres who are interested in producing results and achievements, please keep in mind and practice this sentence: Let employees “joy” first.