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How to apply sunscreen to do more with less

How to apply sunscreen to do more with less

In general, for Asians, choose an SPF of 15?
The sunscreen of 30 is enough to protect the skin. Even in the weather with particularly strong ultraviolet radiation, the product marked SPF30 can be used without worries.

But sometimes we still encounter the following disturbances, even using the highest coefficient sunscreen products will still sunburn the skin.

  It turns out that the sunscreen effect is not only related to the coefficient of sunscreen products, but also has a close relationship with the actual amount of sunscreen products.

Experts point out that in order to achieve the sun protection effect achieved in the measurement, the prescribed application amount is 2 mg / cm2.

The survey shows that the actual consumption of ordinary consumers is only 0.

5mg / cm2.

  Scientific experiments prove that when the absorption of sunscreen products is halved, the sunscreen effect also decreases by 50%?
60%, it can be seen that the sun protection effect of the same SPF value will follow its actual absorption.

In addition, the effectiveness of sunscreen is also directly related to the frequency of sunscreen supplements.

Indoor workers will need to reapply once at noon, while construction workers will need to reapply once every two hours.

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Four ways to help you escape from occupational exhaustion

Four ways to help you escape from occupational exhaustion

There are two ways for office workers to recover from a state of occupational exhaustion: one is to find a new job, and the other is to change themselves and re-qualify for the original position.

Although the former has changed jobs, if you can’t solve the problem psychologically, you may not be able to get around the state of occupational exhaustion, so changing yourself is the most important and most important method.

So, how to avoid the sense of exhaustion and rediscover the joy of work?

Seek social support When you are threatened by stress, you may wish to discuss the current stress situation with your relatives, friends or colleagues, and talk about the crux of your heart.

At this time, caring relatives and friends will give you a sincere suggestion, and with their help to switch to more realistic goals, and at the same time re-examine the situation of stress.

In addition, if some actual help is really needed, it doesn’t prevent you from turning to the unit’s leaders and colleagues.


Think of crisis as a wealth career counselor advice. When you’re exhausted from your job, it’s time to rethink yourself.

At this time, you should take a moment to calm down and think about what you want?

Good at this field?

What type of work does your personality estimate?

Can this job excel?

Is it hard enough, or is it misplaced?

What expectations do you have for work?

What do you want from your work?

In fact, can the work itself provide the things that it needs?

Use the right method to cope with stress. Some people are safe and sound, while others suffer from failure because they use different methods to deal with stress.

For example, when the safe and sound person feels that the workload is too large, he or she manages time and reasonably allocates things to be done at each time.

Those who are physically deficient either negatively deny the existence of stress or work harder to cover up the problem. This self-deceiving practice will instead form a vicious circle and make the body more affected.


People who enjoy family and loneliness are in the quagmire of depletion, and they have been those who devote almost all of their waking time to work.

When this group of people is threatened by stress, they can go to the family to listen to music, watch a movie, or play sports such as swimming and swimming, so that they can enjoy their family fun.

In addition to enjoying family time, it is also important to take time to enjoy personal time.

Therefore, after work, spend a little time introspection, contemplation, daze, and even daydreaming, you can enhance your role by relaxing, replacing and then.

Autumn Health Champion

Autumn Health Champion

As soon as autumn arrives, a variety of attractive colors and delicious fruits begin to appear.

They can not only moisturize Qiuzao, but also have their own advantages in nutrition.

Grape-King of Antioxidant Resveratrol contained in grapes is a strong antioxidant that can fight aging and remove free radicals from the body. It has a positive prevention and treatment effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Need to be reminded that grape cold, spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Hawthorn-King of Pectin Pectin is a polysaccharide that helps control blood sugar and blood lipids.

In addition, hawthorn also contains a large amount of flavonoids and organic acids, which has the effects of preventing cancer, anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Consumption by the general population, especially suitable for indigestion, cardiovascular disease and enteritis patients, but pregnant women, children, those with excessive gastric acid secretion, post-ill-health and dental disease patients are not suitable for consumption.

King of Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1 plays an important role in the signaling of the nervous system.

In addition, the content of carotenoids in citrus is much higher than that of other autumn fruits. This nutrient can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which has a protective effect for eyes.

Citrus also contains anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant ingredients, and can prevent blood clotting and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease, stroke and hypertension.

Pomegranate-the king of fiber intake Pomegranate supplementary dietary fiber is not broken down by enzymes in the human digestive tract, which can prevent constipation and relieve diarrhea.

In addition, pomegranate seeds are rich in vitamin C and polyphenols, which have the effect of delaying aging.

Therefore, chew seeds when eating pomegranate.

Need to be reminded that pomegranate has astringent effect, and people with constipation should eat less.

The ratio of fresh jujube-Almighty King to other autumn fruits. Fresh jujube has the highest nutrient content, such as vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and so on.

Vitamin C softens blood vessels, prevents hypertension, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, potassium is good for controlling blood pressure, and magnesium resists stress.

It should be reminded that jujube is hot, sputum, constipation, and patients with gastric disease and diabetes should not eat more.

9 cheats for babies to keep warm in winter

9 cheats for babies to keep warm in winter

Cheats 1: Be sure to put on your baby’s soft cotton underwear that can absorb sweat and keep the air around the skin, so you can avoid losing body heat and make your baby cold and sick.

  Secret 2: Wear the right amount of clothes, don’t wear too much. If you wear too much, your baby will sweat more than once when you move. Your clothes will be soaked with sweat and can catch cold.

Babies under 6 months should still dress more when going out on a cold day.

To determine whether the baby is wearing properly, you can often touch his little hands and feet, as long as they are not cold, it means that their bodies are warm.

  Tip # 3: Give your baby a thin and light cotton jacket that is both windproof and warm. It’s better than wearing a few thick clothes to keep out the cold, and it is smart and convenient.

The thick coat has no more room to absorb and absorb warm air, and the wind is still okay, but the warmth is much worse than the cotton jacket.

  Cheats 4: Do not wear fleece trousers close to you. Fleece trousers are usually made of fleece knitted fabrics, but they are soft, fluffy, and very warm. If you wear them on the other side, these fleece will soon be caused by sweat and sebumIt becomes sticky and hard. If you rub it vigorously during washing, this situation will be aggravated and the warming effect will be weakened.

  Cheats 5: Baby’s sweaters should be selected for children’s woolen sweaters, to a large extent, the first factor to consider.

Moms also need to be careful not to choose mohair-containing yarns, because they are easy to lose hair and will be sucked into the trachea and lungs by the baby.

  Tip 6: Keep your baby’s socks cool under the proper conditions, which will cause the respiratory resistance to decrease and be susceptible to colds.

The baby should wear socks all the time he is born. In winter, he should replace the thickness of pure wool or cotton, and replace the socks that have skin care effect on the feet.

  Cheats 7: The fabric of the shoes should be warm, the size should be appropriate, the shoes are slightly looser, and the thickness is cotton.

It is very soft to wear, so that there will be one piece of still air in the shoes, which has good warmth.

  Tip # 8: Wear a hat on your baby’s head. The thickness of the hat should increase as the temperature decreases, but do not replace the baby’s hat with a burr because it can irritate the baby’s skin.

In addition, babies who avoid eczema should not wear plush hats, as they may cause dermatitis. They should wear hats made of soft cloth.

  Cheats 9: Do not wear babies often with a mask or a scarf to protect the mouth. Frequent wearing a mask will reduce the baby’s upper airway adaptability to cold air, and lack of resistance to colds, bronchitis and other diseases.

Moreover, because the scarf is mostly wool or other fiber products, if it is used to protect the mouth, one is to shorten the germs and dust in the gap between the scarf to enter the baby’s upper respiratory tract, and the other is to twist the fibers such as wool to absorb the body, which can sense allergies.Chronic disease occurs, and because of the thick scarf, blocking the baby’s nose and nose will affect normal lung ventilation.

  Experts remind: · Do not wear chemical fiber clothes to your baby, because the skin is continuous in the cold, most of the blood is stored in the muscle tissue deep in the skin, sweat gland secretion is reduced, and the skin is dry.

And chemical fiber clothing is prone to static electricity, which will increase the dryness and discomfort of the skin.

  Do not wear a turtleneck sweater or fleece for your baby. Although it can resist wind and cold, it can easily cause headaches, itching and hives.

  · Do not wear a down jacket for babies with skin allergies, as it can cause skin rash and bronchial obstruction in the whole body.

Five Principles of Flexible Dating

Five Principles of Flexible Dating

In reality, many people are “inadequate in flexibility” when dealing with colleagues. They believe that one principle should be maintained in dealing with people and things, such as: those who don’t look at the eye and those who do n’t communicate with each other;Unpleasant people break off relations.

  Of course, each of us has our own principles for doing things, and this attitude and principle of communication is beyond reproach, but when one walks in society, he still has a little flexibility in doing things.

We should interact with each other as appropriate, and remain flexible while adhering to certain principles.

The following communication principles are generally accepted as references: There are no incommunicable colleagues in the world-if you don’t look good to someone, or don’t speculate with him, but the individual is not necessarily a “little man”, they may also be helpful to youGentleman, if you refuse all of them, it will be a pity in the future.

Maybe you can say that a person is not speculative, and it is not pleasing to the eye, and he has to pretend to be “cope”, so that people are too hard to do things.

Yes, this is a bit that you make you feel a bit awkward, but one should have a little bit of this effort, and no one feels that you are “coping” them.

The only way to do this is to open your mind and take the initiative to accept others.

  It ‘s a smile when everything meets-if someone offends you for something, or if you have offended someone, the two sides are really a little unhappy, but there is absolutely no need to avenge yourself; if you think it is necessary, you should actively resolve the deadlock.

As the saying goes, do n’t know each other. With this encounter, maybe you will become good friends, or the relationship will not be so rigid, at least you have one potential enemy.

Many people just have difficulty doing this because they just can’t pull their faces!

In fact, as long as you put down your own shelf and take an active attitude, your demeanor will win the respect of the other party, because you gave him face first.

If he still pretended to be high, it was his fault!

However, to find a suitable occasion and timing to resolve the rigid situation, there must be an excuse!

  Either an opponent or a friend-Some people follow the principle that “not a friend is an opponent”. If this is the case, the enemy will always increase, the friend will decrease, and finally you will become isolated; you should change one principle, “either the enemy or the friend”, So that there will be more and more friends and fewer and fewer enemies!

  Without an eternal enemy, it is difficult to have an eternal friend. Everything in the world is in a state of change. The enemy will become a friend, and a friend will become an enemy. This is a social reality.

When a friend becomes your enemy for some reason, you don’t have to worry too much and sigh, because one day he may become your friend again!

With this mentality, you can make friends with a normal heart!

  Put down your value-value is a big obstacle to communication and a reason to make enemies. You should never think that you are a Ph.D., and you will not increase the number of handymen with each passing day. In the “flexibility of making friends”, this kind ofSelf-proclaimed value tends to make no real friends!

  If you implement the above rules of flexible dating, you don’t have to worry about making friends, and you don’t have to worry about your road going wrong.

However, this law of elasticity is not something that can be done at first glance, but must be developed through gradual tempering.

How to Solve Difficulties in Choice

How to Solve Difficulties in Choice

Some people often suffer from dyslexia. People with dyslexia are very unconfident. They are afraid of failure and suffer the consequences of their choices, so they often choose to escape.

It is extremely difficult and acute to face a choice, and it can cause panic and even sweat.

In fact, the choice is not terrible. Everyone has to face the choice every day. For example: whether to eat eggs or bread for breakfast, whether the hair is scattered or tied up, whether to continue to stay in the city or go back home .With all the choices, how can we make a decision as soon as possible?

  First, the more options you have to reduce complexity to one thing, the more you feel like you have no choice.

Please live a simple life. If you do n’t wear clothes, throw them away. Do n’t keep things you do n’t use. Do n’t buy things you do n’t use.

This makes it easier to choose.

  Second, let others decide for you. When you can’t make a decision for yourself, you can let others make a decision for you.

For example, if you want to choose between sleepiness and exercise, it must be very tangled. You can immediately get a fitness card or buy a set of sports equipment to force yourself to choose exercise.

  Third, the requirements are not too high. Some people are too striving for perfection, if they are too demanding on themselves, they will easily suffer.

In fact, no matter which option you choose, don’t regret it as long as you decide it yourself.

And remember that there is no best in this world, only better.

  Fourth, a word that women often say by intuition is called “intuition”. In fact, in terms of choice, you can also make full use of it.

When shopping, you will find that you go around in a pile of decisions, and finally you will choose the one you saw first.

So wasting so much time is just doing useless work, not as comfortable as intuition.

  Fifth, people who know that they have a choice disorder are often people who are not confident in their decision, because they don’t know enough about themselves.

When making any decision, be sure to confirm your own needs, and distinguish between primary and secondary, that thing is most needed now, that is unnecessary.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help friends with choice difficulties and make more choices in life.

Choosing food for mental workers

Choosing food for mental workers

(1) Carbohydrate foods: such as rice, flour, millet, corn, red dates, longan, honey, etc.

 (2) high-quality protein foods: such as eggs, milk, fish, poultry, lean meat and soybeans.

 (3) Foods with unsaturated fatty acids: such as vegetable oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, watermelon seeds, walnuts, fish, shrimp, etc.

 (4) Foods with brain phospholipids: such as pig brain, sheep brain, chicken brain, etc. Foods causing lecithin are mainly found in egg yolk, duck egg yolk, quail egg yolk, soybeans and their products.

 (5) Vitamin A foods: such as animal liver, milk, eggs and carrots, chives, kelp and fungus.

 (6) foods for B vitamins: cereals, beans, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, milk, lean pork, viscera, yeast, catfish, etc.

 (7) Vitamin C foods: fresh dates, kiwi, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, cauliflower, green leafy vegetables, peppers, tomatoes and so on.

Pregnant woman’s back pain can cause miscarriage

Pregnant woman’s back pain can cause miscarriage

Pregnant women are prone to low back pain, and some pregnant women try to relieve fatigue through massage.

However, obstetrics and gynecology experts caution that pregnant women should be careful to avoid discomfort during massage.

  Experts point out that the distribution of acupuncture points on humans is more complex, and the current practitioners in the massage industry are different, and the massage methods are different. If the massage is not careful, it may damage the health of pregnant women and even cause serious consequences such as miscarriage.

  In addition, experts remind that the closer to the due date, the easier it is for the pregnant woman’s center of gravity to withstand the weight of her belly.

To prevent and alleviate low back pain, it is necessary to reduce the weight and avoid maintaining a posture; avoid the waist to be cold and keep warm; it is best to sleep on a hard mattress and wear lightweight low-heeled soft shoes.

If low back pain persists, it is best to see a doctor.

Every man has 4 defects

Every man has 4 “defects”

The more you hide, the more irritating you are. Men are prone to being teased by nude photos and striptease.
This is because women are “tactile” and men are “visual.”
The strength of this sexual consciousness that men like to see women’s nudes is determined by the relationship between the inherent eroticism of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the object.
That is, the more concealed the part of a woman, the more irritating this kind of psychology for men.
  We must rely on the touch to reflect the psychological characteristics of intimate men, which determines that men like to touch women’s sexual psychology. Men have a strong “contact heterosexuality” innately.
This is in line with a zoological principle: “Sexual behavior is only possible if the male exerts his enthusiasm.
“Men and women in love, men especially want to be able to touch women. This is because he wants to express the intimacy of the two sides in concrete, and hopes to be confirmed in his heart.
  Such a phenomenon exists naturally in the eyes of the opposite sex. On the street, two groups of men and women came over from the opposite direction, passing by, passing a glance at each other.
At this time, the glimpse of women is cast to the same sex, while the projection of men is to the opposite sex.
Women’s glances are subconscious confrontation, competition, and comparison psychology, while men’s glances are unintentional “multi-vision.”
  Men who like to listen to a woman’s past, who is in the love stage, always go straight to the local area, or pretend to ask the woman’s past casually.
Why is this happening?
Because men have a strong desire for exclusivity.
Men have such a mentality. When he falls in love with a woman and wants to marry her, he hopes to monopolize her from now to later, and he also monopolizes her past.

How to do excellent and fine-teach you how to build bodybuilding muscles

What to do if the strength is very small?

Teach you how to build bodybuilding muscles

I do n’t know if my friends have paid attention to it, too many characters in the posters, especially the men, they used to paint very stout.


Because of the stout orientation, it can give people a feeling of being strong and powerful.

Friends who want to gain weight ignore the developed muscles.

  Although the muscles in other parts of the body will also be attached to exercise the muscles, but the specific exercise of the neck muscles is what every beginner should know.

When exercising, your mind should focus on the intervention muscles.

  The functions of the retinal muscle group are: tightening the skin; turning the left and right sides or bending forward and backward; raising the thorax to help inhale, assist swallowing and best.

It may seem difficult to practice rough, but strengthening muscle exercises may improve.

  The weight-bearing neck flexion and extension wears a special training cap with heavy objects hanging on it, with both feet standing with shoulder width, the upper body leaning forward, and the back cannot be humped, and both hands press the knees.

Flex your head forward, then use the strength of the neck muscles to lift your head up and back, until you can no longer lift it, stop slightly, then use the neck muscles to control the weight, the head slowly returns to the forward flexion position, and the neck muscles relax.
Then redo.

  When doing the action, the upper body should remain motionless, only by proper flexion and extension.

Inhale when you lift your head and exhale when you bend forward.

The supine neck flexes and stretches supine on top, the head is vertical to the end of the stool, the neck muscles are relaxed, and the head sags as much as possible.

Then use the muscle’s contraction force to lift the head, chin close to the front chest, stop a little, the head slowly back down, relax the muscles.

  Then redo.
When doing the action, step on the knee above the bench and completely close the contractile force of the muscles to complete the lifting and sagging of the head. The action should be slow and stable.

Inhale when your head is raised and exhale when you sag.

  If you want to improve the exercise effect, you can hold the weight (small barbell or sandbag) with your forehead to do another method: sit with your back against the wall, and head back against the wall with your headrest, your head and body are not moving, justThe muscles are contracted tightly, and the isometric contraction of the stretched muscles is commonly known as “stretching force”; or the hands are placed on the headrest, with both hands struggling forward and the headrest forceping backwards, opposing each other.Don’t move.

  During exercise, the muscles in the neck continue to be strained for 3-5 seconds. Relaxing and resting for 3-5 seconds is a cycle, that is, once.

In this way, exercise 100-200 times a day, divided into 3-5 groups to complete.

  You can also lie on your back, remove the pillow, push your head back to the bed with force, lift your shoulders back for 3-5 seconds, then relax your muscles, put your shoulders down and rest for 3-5 seconds as a cycle to achieve exercisePurpose of hip muscles.

  At the same time, it can effectively exercise the muscles of the lower back, and also have fractures for patients with chronic low back pain.

Can exercise 100-200 times a day, divided into 3-5 groups to complete.

You can also lie down on the bed, remove the pillow, lift your head and lift your head, make your head, neck and chest leave the bed (commonly known as “Yan Fei” or “Xiao Yan Fei”, last for 3-5 seconds, then relax your muscles, put your head and neck and rest 3-5Second is a cycle, exercise 50-100 times a day, complete in 3-5 groups.

  This exercise method is more laborious than the previous two methods, and it is difficult for some excessive patients to complete.

Patients can choose the method that suits them according to their actual situation.

  The number and intensity of muscle exercises are based on the comfort and no soreness after exercise, and note that if you have exacerbated soreness, stiffness, and discomfort, do not practice; if you cause anxiety, soreness, discomfort, stiffness, etc. after exercise, you should appropriately reduceIntensity and frequency of exercise, or stop exercising to avoid worsening symptoms.

This can strengthen the neck muscles, enhance the stability of the cervical spine, and achieve the purpose of preventing and slowing cervical degeneration.