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[How to make single-sided fried egg vinegar ramen]_Homemade method of single-sided fried egg vinegar ramen_How to make single-sided fried egg vinegar ramen

[How to make single-sided fried egg vinegar ramen]_Homemade method of single-sided fried egg vinegar ramen_How to make single-sided fried egg vinegar ramen

For animals, eating is a verb.

For us humans, this can be done in two ways.

There are many aspects to eating, both delicious and good for the body.

And if you can do it yourself, both will be satisfied.

Now, let me introduce you to the method of single-sided omelette vinegar ramen.


Preparation materials: a small handful of ramen, an egg, a small piece of cucumber, a ham sausage, and an appropriate amount of parsley.


Eggs are opened, cucumber is sliced, parsley is cut into sections, fire sausage is cut into small pieces.


Boil the water after boiling.


Cook until 8 when mature.


Fry the eggs in a hot pan for 1 minute.


Stir fry cucumber slices for half a minute.


Pour freshly cooked noodles (with soup).


Add ham slices and parsley segments when boiling.


Add in the right amount of vinegar.


Add chicken powder and salt; decorate with seaweed and peanuts.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, have you drooled?

This one-sided fried egg vinegar ramen has a variety of colors and flavors. If you want to eat it, try it yourself, and you will be successful.

[How to soften white sugar]_How to soften_How to soften

The world’s real world is very difficult, and it’s very difficult to get back to the nickname. “It’s very difficult, and it’s very difficult.” “The world’s real estate is very difficult.”繘鍏ヤ簡涓€浜涙按鍒嗭紝灏ゅ叾鍦ㄥ澶╁ぉ姘旀瘮杈冩疆婀匡紝甯稿父浼氬紩璧风櫧绯栧彉纭紝鍑虹幇杩欑鎯呭喌鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍙互閫氳繃涓€瀹氱殑鏂规硶浣跨櫧绯栧彉杞紝鏂规硶姣旇緝澶氾紝鍙互閫夋嫨涓€涓悎閫傜殑鏂规硶鏉ヤ績杩涚櫧绯栧彉杞紝鎴戜滑鏉ョ湅涓€涓嬭繖鏂归潰鐨勫唴瀹广€?鐧界硸鍙樼‖鎬庢牱鍙樿蒋 鏂规硶涓€鏉愭枡锛氳嫻鏋溿€佸瘑灏佺綈銆佺櫧绯栥€?锛屾嬁涓€涓共鍑€鐨勫瘑灏佺綈锛屽紑姘寸儷杩囦箣鍚庡皢鐧界硸鏀惧湪閲岄潰銆?What are the rules and regulations?锛岀劧鍚庡彇涓ょ墖鑻规灉鏀惧湪缃愬瓙涓€?Adze?2  璬 頞 Dou 撣 咖 楣 槣 楧 撮 湮 涮 涶 涶 涶 涧 抙 銙 銆?鏂规硶浜屾潗鏂欙細绾卞竷銆佹按銆佺櫧绯栥€?灏嗗共鍑€鐨勭罕甯冩蹈婀垮悗鎷у共銆?灏嗙罕甯冩斁鍦ㄧ櫧绯栫綈鐨勭摱鍙d笂锛岀劧鍚庡皢绯栫綈鐨勭洊瀛愮洊涓娿€?12涓皬鏃跺悗鐧界硸浼氬彉寰楁澗鏁c€傛柟娉曚笁鏉愭枡锛氬井娉㈢倝銆佺硸缃愩€?锛屽皢缁撳潡鐨勭櫧绯栨斁杩涘共鍑€鐨勭硸缃愪腑銆?锛屾墦寮€寰尝鐐夛紝灏嗙櫧绯栨斁杩涘幓銆?? 皢 隢 華 Try to mix and match with В 鍐 画.Are you arrogant?闒 嗛 抓 銆?Adze?鍒嗛挓鍚庣粨鍧楃殑鐧界硸灏变細鍙樺緱鍗佸垎鐨勬澗鏁d簡銆傛柟娉曞洓鏉愭枡锛氬啺绠便€佺櫧绯栥€?锛屽皢缁撳潡鐨勭櫧绯栧拰绯栫綈涓€璧锋斁杩涘啺绠辩殑鍐峰喕灞傘€?锛屼袱涓皬鏃朵箣鍚庡皢鍏跺彇鍑恒€?What are you talking about? ?What are you talking about? What are you talking about?This is the best way to get the most out of it. It ‘s a real thing. It ‘s a real thing. It ‘s a real thing. It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s so effective.紝浠庤€屼娇绯栫矘缁撴垚鍧氱‖鐨勫潡鐘躲€傜粨鍧楃殑绯栨槗涓哄井鐢熺墿鎵€鎰熸煋锛屼娇钄楃硸杞寲锛屽彂閰靛彉閰革紝鍥犳锛岀硸鍦ㄥ偍瀛樹腑锛屼竴鑸笉瀹滈€氶锛屼娇绌烘皵涓殑婀垮害涓庣硸鐨勬按鍒呜 鍒 鍒 排 渒 笠 訊 亊 纴 麴 塸 咸 咅 倧 炲 傲 姞 姘 團 圾 尽 卆 鍙 huai 鎶 ゅ 叾 璐 ㄩ 噺 咅 咉 劆 哆 劉劉 哆 劉劉 哆 劉劉 哆 劆 咽 咙 则 姞 姞 姞 姘 圧 姾 咧 哙 刲 姲 姞 姞 姙 叙叙 僙 则 则 则 Huai 鎶 ゅ 叾 璐 ㄩ 噺 閅 劉劉 劆 劉劉 劉劉 劉 哆 劆?

[Farm house stewed fish _ farm house stewed fish Daquan]

[Farm house stewed fish _ farm house stewed fish Daquan]

Fish is one of the more common foods in our lives. Fish is rich in nutrition. Eating fish often can help a lot in your health.

There are also many fish practices. Nowadays, the farm iron pot stew fish is more popular. When several people are sitting around the iron pot, watching the fish is made in the iron pot a little, and the fish does not need to be cooked out.Catch the fish in the iron pan to eat, and the thick scent of fish is also surrounding.

Ingredients: fish, tofu Production steps: 1.

Treat the fish well and drain the water for later use.

Other accessories can be added at will, such as: hazel mushroom, soybean rot, fungus, lettuce, enoki mushroom, lasagna, potato, eggplant, etc. can be added according to their own taste.

Put soy oil (more) in the iron pan and burn until it smokes. Pour oil on the fish with a spoon until the fish is firm.


Turn to low heat and fry in a pan until both sides turn yellow.

Mix the sugar, white vinegar, white wine, raw soy sauce, and old soy sauce at a ratio of 2: 3: 3: 1: 3, set aside!

Put pork belly in the pan and stir-fry the onion ginger garlic, then pour the appropriate amount of farm sauce, and fry the sauce.

Then add the spare fish, add the previously prepared sauce, add cold water and boil.


Add tofu, hazel mushroom, enoki mushroom, and other ingredients that are not afraid of stewing. It can take longer. The more stewed the fish, the better!

About 40 minutes.

Add wide flour, lettuce, etc.

Let simmer for ten minutes, and then the sauce is taken out of the fire!

Tips: 1.

Water must be added when stewing fish.


In the end, the soup must taste almost the same.

The nutritional value of fish1.

The protein content of fish is double that of pork, and it belongs to high-quality protein. The human body has a high absorption rate, and about 87-98% will be absorbed by the human body.

Fish is rich in thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

Although the trace content in fish meat is low, the fatty acids in it have been proven to have hypoglycemic, heart-protecting and anti-cancer effects.

Vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus in fish can effectively prevent osteoporosis.


In addition, fish oil is also rich in vitamins A and D, especially the liver of fish.

Fish also contains vitamins B6, B12, nicotinic acid and biotin.

Fishes also contain minerals. The most worth mentioning are cloves or sardines. If eaten with bones, they are a good source of calcium. Marine fish are rich in iodine. Others such as phosphorus, copper, and magnesium,Potassium, iron, etc. are also available when eating fish.

DHA is a key element for brain power.

Aerospace Electric (002025): Performance in line with expectations High military and civilian + 5G pulling commitment to maintain rapid growth

Aerospace Electric (002025): Performance in line with expectations High military and civilian + 5G pulling commitment to maintain rapid growth
Event: The company recently released its semi-annual report for 2019, and 北京夜生活网 the company achieved operating income in the first half of 201916.1.9 billion, an annual increase of 38.56%; net profit attributable to mothers1.870,000 yuan, an increase of 19 in ten years.17%. The core point of view is that revenue has grown rapidly, and the increase in the proportion of civilian products has led to lower profit growth than revenue growth.The company achieved revenue of 16 in the first half of 2019.1.9 billion (+38.56%), the second quarter of the single quarter achieved revenue 9.4.8 billion (+37.95%); the growth of the company’s revenue mainly comes from: (1) full military orders to achieve rapid growth (2) civilian products driven by 5G + overseas market rankings a new high (3) the new Guangdong Huaying joint venture company, 3?In June, consolidated revenue increased nearly 80 million yuan.The profit growth of 2019H1 is not as fast as the revenue, which is mainly due to (1) an increase in the proportion of civilian products replaced by gross profit, and (2) Guangdong Huajing consolidated, and a new company has replaced it in the previous period. Affected by the proportion of military and civilian products, the gross profit margin increased slightly, the expense ratio decreased significantly during the period, and the substantial increase in inventory indicated that the order continued to improve.2019H1, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 34.77%, a decline of 5 per year.The 8 units were mainly due to (1) changes in the proportion of military and civilian products, (2) consolidation of Huahua, Guangdong, and (3) price increases of raw materials such as gold.In 2019H1, the company’s ability to control expenses has significantly improved: in the context of a significant increase in revenue, in addition to research and development expenses (+24.63%), the average sales, management and financial expenses fell, the period expense ratio was 17.75% is the lowest level in the past ten years.In the first half of the year, the book value of the company’s inventory was 5.00 ppm, an increase of 35 from the beginning of the period.31%, mainly due to increased orders for companies with full orders. High military prosperity + 5G pulling and domestic substitution, the company will continue to maintain rapid growth.Military products: During the two years after the 13th Five-Year Plan, the military industry continued to enjoy a high level of prosperity.As a leader in military connectors, the company covers the entire sub-field, has a high market share in the aerospace and missile field, and fully benefits from the background of informatization construction and practical exercises.Civilian products: Driven by 5G, the growth of domestic and foreign communications business is fast.The use of 5G construction connectors has surged + imported substitutes for high-end and high-end products, the company’s new product usage is large, and the added value is high, further expanding the revenue and profit volume of civilian products.In addition, the company continued to strengthen cost and expense control and improved profitability. Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions Due to changes in the proportion of military and civilian products, we fine-tune the company’s EPS forecast for 19-20 to 1.01, 1.27 (last time was 1.07, 1.32 yuan), and added 21-year forecast1.54 yuan.With reference to a comparable company’s P / E ratio of 32 times in 19 years, the target price is 32.19 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risks remind that the progress of military orders and revenue recognition is less than expected;

BYD (002594) 2019 Interim Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations R & D Investment Continues to Increase

BYD (002594) 2019 Interim Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations R & D Investment Continues to Increase

Matters: The company released its 19 half-year results: the company’s main business income in the first half of 621.

800 million, an increase of 14 in ten years.

84%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

54 ppm, an increase of 203 in ten years.

6%, net profit after deduction of 7.


Comment: 1H19 performance is in line with expectations, 19Q3 guidance profit is 1?
In the first half of 300 million US dollars, the company’s main business income was 621.

800 million, an increase of 14 in ten years.

84%, net profit attributable to mother 14.

5.4 billion, 杭州桑拿 an annual increase of 203.

6%, net profit after deduction of 7.


In terms of quarters, in the second quarter of 19, the main income was 31.8 billion U.S. dollars a year, which was attributed to the mother’s net profit every year.

The company’s performance forecast for the first three quarters of 2019 net profit attributable to the mother is 15.


55, corresponding to 3Q19 return to the net profit of the mother is 1?
30,000 yuan . In terms of sections, (1) the sales of automobiles in the first half of the year22.

810,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 1.


Car revenue was 339.

800 million, +16 per year.

3%, mainly due to the substantial increase in new energy.

Revenue from new energy vehicles in the first half of the year was 25.4 billion yuan, 38 in two years.


Automobiles contributed 24 trillion pre-tax profits. (2) Mobile phone income was 233 trillion, and then +14.

3%, contributed 6 trillion in pre-tax profits, 7 trillion in excess.

(3) Secondary battery revenue 44.

$ 5.3 billion, an average of one each year.

7%, photovoltaic is slightly expected.

Contribution to profit before tax of 2 ppm.

The proportion of new energy vehicles increased, and the gross profit margin decreased. The company’s overall gross profit margin in 2Q19 was 15.

34%, an increase of 0 every year.

43 units.

Car gross profit margin 23.

2%, +4 per year.

47 units.
The increase in gross profit margin was mainly due to the increase in the proportion of new energy sources, but due to the decline in compensation, the gross profit margin decreased.

Phone gross margin 8.

6%, the ten-year average of 3.
Nine levels, due to intensified market competition, the proportion of assembly business with low gross profit margins increased, driving down the overall gross profit.

Expenses were stable during the period, and R & D continued to increase 1H19 expenses13.

3%, down by 1 every year.

0 single ones, of which 2Q19 financial expenses were 3 trillion, a significant decrease from 1Q19 was due to the factoring business of some of the company’s receivables in the first quarter.

In the second quarter of 19, the company’s cash flow from operating activities was US $ 2 billion, mainly due to an increase in revenue accounts of US $ 5.5 billion.

After passing the national supplement in place in the second half of the year, the company’s cash flow situation improved.

The company’s capital expenditure continued to increase.

In 1H19, the company ‘s capital expenditure was 10.9 billion, which is mainly used for battery capacity expansion and automotive project development.

The expansion of online channels boosted sales, compensated for the diminishing impact of declines on earnings, deducted tax rebates, and the slump in the auto market, which led to the company’s sales growth reaching 2Q19 and the company’s sales of cars11.

0 million vehicles, a decrease of 2% during a year, of which new energy passenger car sales7.

20,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 60%, sales of new energy increased quarter-on-quarter.

In the second half of the year, the e-mesh channel was rolled out, and e1 and s2 gradually began to be introduced to the market, gradually boosting the company’s overall sales.

The impact of the supplementary decline on the company’s earnings diminished.

According to our calculations, the impact of the decline in compensation in the 2Q19 transition period on the company’s single quarter is about 12 trillion.
80,000 vehicles were recovered, and the impact of the compensation decline on the single profit quarter was about 400 million yuan.

Profit forecast: The reduction of commercial vehicle procurement and financial expenses in the second half of the year can replace some of the impact of the decline.

Tuning 2019?
Net profit in 2021 is 28.

4, 34.

5, 47.

400 million (previous average 31.

400 million, 32.

800 million, 46.

600 million), corresponding PE is 50X, 41 X, 30X.

Maintain 合肥夜网 the “Recommended” level.

Risk reminder: The market continues to be depressed and new energy vehicle sales exceed expectations.

Koboda (603786): The new pearl of automotive electronics sees the company’s growth in three dimensions

Koboda (603786): The new pearl of automotive electronics sees the company’s growth in three dimensions
This report reads: As an automotive electronics leader with lighting control systems as its core business, the company ‘s internal customer penetration rate has increased rapidly, new customers are gradually mass-produced, and new products are rapidly ramping up, with performance maintaining rapid growth. Investment highlights: target price of 45.53 yuan, the first coverage given a “cautious increase” rating.As a leader in automotive electronics with lighting control systems as its core business, the company is rapidly increasing its internal customer penetration rate, new customers are gradually mass-producing, and new products are rapidly ramping up. We predict the company’s 2019?The EPS in 2021 is 1.24/1.57/1.88 yuan, with a reference price of 29 times PE in 2020, with a 杭州夜生活网 target price of 45 yuan.53 yuan. The scale of automotive electronics continues to expand, and domestic substitution in the lamp industry has accelerated.With the continuous expansion of the boundaries of automotive electronics, its scale has maintained steady growth. It is expected that the scale of China’s automotive electronics will exceed US $ 970 billion in 2022.As the penetration rate of higher-value LED lights continues to increase, the scale of the automotive light industry will maintain rapid growth; at the same time, the profit pressure of entering OEMs will increase, and domestic substitution and replacement in the field of automotive lights will accelerate.Industry chain enterprises will usher in rapid development potential. Controlling the lighting system is the company’s core business, entering the global vehicle supporting system and a high degree of customer concentration.From the perspective of products, lighting control system revenue accounted for more than 50%, of which LED products continued to increase, motor control systems, automotive electronics and other rapid growth; from the perspective of customers, the company has entered the global well-known vehicle and parts enterprise supporting system, includingHeadlights such as Haila, Valeo and Huayu Vision, etc., the leading vehicle leaders FAW Group, Volkswagen Group (Audi, Mercedes-Benz, etc.), SAIC Volkswagen, etc. The company’s growth is driven by increasing customer penetration, new customer expansion, and new product expansion. Increasing end-customer penetration: Lighting control systems have room for further improvement among customers such as Volkswagen Group.New customer expansion: LED taillight controllers have been nominated by BMW, LED main light source controllers have been nominated by Renault; some products of motor control systems have been nominated or agreed by Geely.New product expansion: the company gradually lights controllers, electronic throttle (IAT) new products gradually increased volume. Risk reminder: The industry recovery is lower than expected, and the risk of intensified competition will reduce the company’s profitability

Four myths of summer leisure sports

Four myths of summer leisure sports

The summer is hot, and health experts remind that there are four misunderstandings that you should beware of when going out for leisure sports or tourism in the summer: Misunderstanding 1: The darker the color of the glasses, the better the eye protection.

  In fact, the color of the lens is too dark, which will affect the vision of the eye, and the eye is therefore vulnerable.

The lenses of summer sunglasses should be able to penetrate 30% of the visible light, preferably gray or green, because these colors not only resist ultraviolet radiation, but also have the best viewing.

  Misunderstanding 2: The less clothes you wear, the cooler you go.

  In fact, bare skin can only increase the transmission and heat dissipation of the skin when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature; when the skin temperature is close to or exceeds the skin temperature, the skin not only cannot dissipate heat, but will absorb and absorb from the external environment.

  Misunderstanding 3: Drinking beer while traveling can relieve the heat.

  In fact, the human body sweats less during summer sports, and it is easy to get tired. If you continue to drink beer, the “hotness” caused by alcohol will increase thirst and sweating, which will reduce people’s thinking ability.

Therefore, it is best to drink more active vitamin drinks to quench thirst and relieve heat.

  Myth 4: Drinking water instead of plain water is good for health.

  Soda, juice, cola and other beverages contain a lot of saccharin and electrolytes.

These substances are toxic to the stomach and produce adverse irritation, affecting digestion and appetite, such as a large amount of metabolism, will increase the burden of kidney filtration and affect renal function.

Therefore, it is not advisable to drink more drinks during summer sports. It is better to drink plain water, especially children and the elderly. It is better to drink less water and drink more water. It is best to drink a little salt water or light tea.

4 principles for paying attention to cold medicine for young children

4 principles for paying attention to cold medicine for young children

[Guide]Although cold is one of the most common diseases in children, influenza that is more prevalent in autumn and winter is more invasive and harmful to children than ordinary colds. Therefore, the characteristics of nursing and prevention of colds in children are not available.Treat with adult medication and care.

Treatment: Pediatric Cold Medicine 4 Principles When a child has a cold, whether it is nursing or medication, it is very important, and these are the necessary medical knowledge that parents must master.

Pediatric cold medicine also has its own characteristics, because the treatment of pediatric cold medicine also has its own characteristics, but if used incorrectly, it will be more effective.

Principle 1 Don’t rush to get cold and fever is a defensive reaction of the body. It is not only conducive to destroying invading bacteria, but also to the normal growth and development of children.

However, in the case of high fever (above 39 ° C), fever should be reduced under the guidance of a doctor.

The best way to reduce fever is to cool down physically, such as cold compresses, alcohol rubbing baths, and so on.

If the physical method can not make the temperature drop, antipyretics can be used together.

Commonly used antipyretics are: An Naijin nasal drops, chlorpheniramine tablets, pediatric antipyretics.

Do not use APC (Compound Aspirin).

Principle 2 Do not use antibiotics casually. Most colds are viral infections. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

Commonly used antiviral drugs are: triazolid, isatis granules, dithidamone (pansentine).

Drugs can be replaced as appropriate, the effect is more reliable, the substitution is small.

Only when these conditions occur can we consider the combined use of antibiotics: to prevent secondary bacterial infections in infants under 6 months of age: a significant increase in white blood cells on blood tests: frequent tonsillitis: bronchitis or pneumonia.

Principle 3 Note 5 items of western medicine (1) The dosage should not be too large, taking too long to replace it.

(2) Drink plenty of water during the medication to facilitate the absorption and excretion of the drug and reduce the toxicity of the drug to the child’s body.

(3) Do not take orally or inject paracetamol in children with liver and kidneys under 3 years of age.

(4) Do not use antipyretics if other family members have a history of allergy to antipyretics.

(5) Do not take antipyretics with alkaline medicines at the same time, such as baking soda, aminophylline, etc., otherwise the effect of antipyretics will be reduced.

Principle 4 Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine require dialectical treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that colds are caused by the feeling of wind evil. It is divided into two categories: cold cold and wind-heat cold.

Hygiene: Keep away from germs to prevent and prevent diseases ● Infants who are over 6 months old and have poor resistance can get the flu vaccine before the peak of the influenza epidemic.

● Family should wash their hands immediately after returning home and insert the bacteria to take home.

● During the flu epidemic, schools and homes should pay attention to environmental hygiene. If young children are infected with the flu, it is best to wear a mask.

● Reduce access to public places, especially children with poor resistance.

● Sufficient sleep, normal diet, and more exercise can strengthen your own resistance.

Roles have a huge impact on individual behavior and psychology

Roles have a huge impact on individual behavior and psychology

In social psychology, “role” refers to a person’s special position in a particular society and group and the behavior pattern prescribed by the society and group.

Simply put, a role is a person’s social status and identity.

For example, the role of the father in the family means that he owns a part of the head of the family. Therefore, there is a set of behaviors that the father should be governed by habits and systems. He must work, raise and educate children, and plan the family.In life, his words and actions should be like a father.

Another example is the role of a salesperson. He sells goods in a store. He has a patient, thoughtful, and enthusiastic attitude, and masters a set of skilled skills and rich business knowledge, so that he can meet the requirements of a salesperson.

  Psychologist experiments have shown that people’s behavior and psychological effects are observed.

  In 1973, Stanford University psychologist Zimbardo performed a classic simulation experiment.

The close relationship between people and characters is noticed vividly and deeply.

In this experiment, Zimbardo first admitted volunteers, all of whom were college students and willing to take on some role for two weeks.

He then randomly divided the volunteers into a “prisoner” group and a “caretaker” (police) group.

  Then start the formal experiment.

Everything mimics the situation in a normal prison.

The “guard” put hands on the “prisoners” and replaced them with “police stations”.

The autograph was signed, and the prisoners were blindfolded behind them and taken to a basement “prison”.

Here, the “inmates” will experience the things that real inmates will encounter one by one, such as placing their hands on their feet, spraying the whole body with disinfectant, removing their usual clothes and putting on a uniform “bag bag”, “inmates”There is no longer any name but just a number. Each” prisoner “is locked in a single cell with only one bed and a doorway.

The “guards” are also equipped exactly as they are: dressed in police uniforms, holding batons in their hands, and taking turns on duty.

There are three “guards” in the “jail” monitoring the actions of the “prisoners”.

  As a result, in just a few days, the performances of the “guards” and “prisoners” became more and more “professional”: the “guards” gradually learned to have fun from insults, intimidation, and inhuman treatment of those “prisoners”, from time to timeOrdered them to do push-ups, rejected their requests to go to the toilet, and various sadistic behaviors; the “prisoners” initially resisted, but soon became passive, depressed, and fell into powerlessness and extreme deteriorationTo the extent that their tempers became like a gunpowder barrel, they touched.

The experiment was originally planned for two weeks, but six days later, half of the “prisoners” asked to be released because their relationship was almost on the verge of collapse.

As a result, Zimbardo was forced to stop experiments that had been running for six days.

  Learn to stand in the social role of others to understand their behavior and adjust their role transitions in a timely manner.

  The behavior was normal before the experiment, and college students who were well-adapted had turned into “devil” or had symptoms of depression during the experiment. Such experiments are of course forbidden today because they destroy human bodies and violate humane and physiological judgments.according to.

The biggest inspiration of this experiment is that changes in the level of human social roles (such as the role of “guard” and “prisoner” in the above experiments) will have a huge impact on human psychology and behavior.

Instead, a person’s social role affects his psychology and behavior.

Let the employees do it Let the employees have fun first

Let the employees do it Let the employees have fun first

Every unit and every position has discipline and job requirements. No one can restore personal emotions to affect the completion of work tasks.

But this is only one aspect of the problem. In fact, it is impossible for people to be objectively unaffected by emotions.

When a person’s mood is in a state of “joy”, he can fully mobilize his subjective initiative, accept tasks in a positive attitude, and work with full enthusiasm.

A Harvard survey confirms that for every three individuals who increase employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction can increase by five individuals.

  Letting subordinates and employees “play” the embodiment of the people-oriented thinking in management is an inevitable requirement for implementing scientific management and building a harmonious unit.

Therefore, it is necessary to fully respect the physical and creative spirit of employees, to truly protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, to provide fair benefits for employees ‘development and progress, and to provide a harmonious environment for employees’ work and life.

  Zun Zele.

Contradiction is not respected for oneness and value.

The well-known Hawthorne experiment in modern management proves that compared with measures such as improving the working environment, implementing piece rate, strict rewards and penalties, etc., it often conducts interviews and communications with employees to give employees a sense of belonging as “owner”
dignity and shared profit and lossCan more broadly and lastingly promote the improvement of enterprise production efficiency.

Knowledge of psychology also tells us: the deepest psychological motivation in human nature is the desire to be respected, affirmed and appreciated.

If this motivation is ignored and this desire is ignored, there is no strong psychological support for improving the enthusiasm of employees.

If you are used to tame with rebuke, the result can only be oppression.

  Gong Zele.

The resentment is caused by the unfairness of the leader and the psychological imbalance of employees.

The overwhelming majority of employees are not afraid of suffering, not tired, and most fear that leaders do not speak of principles. They start from personal interests, personal likes and dislikes, treat others apart and evacuate, and have a good handle, promotion, use, reward injustice, and non-disclosure, thus making employees unfairOpportunities for competition.

This is exactly why some managers are “incorrect, although they are disobedient.”

Only leaders who are fair and honest, and honest and honest, can employees be convinced orally, without complaints and regrets, with peace of mind and good work.

  He Zele.

Dissatisfaction arises from ruthless management and lack of harmony and harmony.

The ancients said: “To seek victory or defeat, seek peace first.

“Humanhe” has two meanings: one is to create a unity of intimacy, harmony and beauty.

The Ming Dynasty’s anti-crime master Qi Jiguang demanded that he must “give a regular inspector a full life, work and rest, strength and weakness, courage, skill, and feelings of movement, making him like his parents.”

Sun Tzu’s mole is even more straightforward: “Seeing a death is like a baby, so you can go to Shenxi with it; seeing a death is like a child, so you can die with it.

“The so-called” death of those who know themselves “.

The second is to create a vivid situation of inclusive personality and harmonious development.

Mencius said that “there are differences in things, so do the feelings of things.”

We cannot have the individuality of employees because of the strict management of experts, nor can we ignore the legitimate rights and interests of employees because of their collective interests.

We should regard respect for individuality, safeguard rights and interests, and promote the all-round development of employees as a new concept of leadership and a new pursuit of educating people.

In this way, the creative wisdom of employees will rush forward, and the vitality of the unit will be fully demonstrated.

  ”Let’s play” is the emotional basis and necessary condition for “getting started”. All leading cadres who are interested in producing results and achievements, please keep in mind and practice this sentence: Let employees “joy” first.