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[How to save the whipped cream?】 _How to save_Saving method

“Don’t wander around, you’ll see it, you’ll see it” ╁ ザ 娌, Guizhou, Jiu, Jiu, Jiu, Ju, Ju, Xu, Xu, Gui Xun, Xun, Cun, Jiu, Guo, Xun, Xun, Xun, Xuan槸涓嶅惈绯栫殑锛屽湪鐢熸椿涓紝杩欑鍔ㄧ墿濂舵补鐢ㄩ€斿緢骞挎硾锛屾瘮濡傚彲浠ョ敤鏉ュ埗浣滃啺娣囨穻锛屾垨鑰呭埗浣滄厱鏂泲绯曚互鍙婃彁鎷夌背鑻忕瓑绛夛紝閭d箞濡傛灉涓€娆℃€т拱浜嗗緢澶氭贰濂舵补鍥炴潵娈垫椂闂寸敤涓嶅畬鐨勮瘽锛屽簲璇ュ浣曚繚瀛樻墠姝g‘鍛紵娣″ザ娌圭敤涓嶅畬鎬庝箞淇濆瓨锛熸贰濂舵补鐢ㄤ笉瀹岋紝鍑哄彛鎿﹀噣锛屾帓姘斿皝鍙e喎钘忎繚瀛橈紝鐞嗚涓婂彲浠ヤ繚瀛樹竴鍛紝鏈夋椂涓€涓湀涔熸槸鍙互鐨勶紝鍙栧嚭鏉ョ湅鐪嬮鑹叉皵鍛冲効鏈夋病鏈夊彉鍖栥€備絾瑕佹敞鎰忥紝鏈€閫傚疁Qi 漆 瓨 迪 “ザ 娌 宑 鍐 鍐 壐 娓娓 ╁ 害 鏄?湴 ﹀Lack of planning, madness, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow搴︼紝涓€鑸潬闂ㄨ竟鍎跨殑浣嶇疆娓╁害閮介珮浜?搴︺€傛柟娉曚竴锛氭贰濂舵补+鐧藉阀鍏嬪姏锛屾斁涓€璧风叜娌革紝鐒跺悗绛夊喎鍗村悗鏀惧啺绠卞喎鍐汇€傜瓑鐢ㄧ殑鏃跺€欐嬁鍑烘潵锛屽皻鏈畬鍏ㄥ寲鏃讹紙鏈夐儴鍒嗗啺娓o級鏃舵墦鍙戙€傚阀鍏嬪姏鐨勭敤閲忓ぇ姒15 “za OilPainting Gui Qing read Zuixin * 15% of Mali Ge Qi Fen Hong Juan Ao Award Yu Ao Yi Yi scorch Ren Cen Xi  Tuan  Ji Bang Bang sclerophylla Chen х Qing guillotine Zenguu adze Shen stagnant water Ngok Fei Jie Di Jou€傝€屼笖鍦ㄥ澶╀篃寰堝ソ鎵撳彂銆傛柟娉曚簩锛氬厛鍑嗗濂芥潗鏂欙細鍖荤敤閰掔簿銆佹鑺辩悆銆侀敗绾搞€佸す瀛愩€佸皬鍒€鎴栧壀鍒€銆佸瘑瀹炶涓€涓€傛柟娉曪細娓呮磥鍙屾墜锛屾贰濂舵补鐨勫紑鍙e銆佸皬鍒€銆佸す瀛愰兘瑕佸厛鐢ㄩ厭绮炬秷姣掞紱鍊掑墿鐨勫ザ娌硅鎸ゆ墎锛屽敖閲忔尋鍑哄浣欑殑绌烘皵銆傚啀鐢ㄦ蹈鏈夐厭绮剧殑妫夎姳鍖呬綇寮€鍙e锛岄厭绮鹃噺浠ヤ笉鏄撴尋鍑轰负鍑嗐€傚啀鐢ㄤ竴灞傞敗绾稿皝鍙eす绱у鍥撅細鏈€鍚庯紝鏀惧埌瀵嗗疄琚嬩腑锛屽啀鍔犲嚑涓蹈鏈夐厭绮剧殑妫夌悆锛屽皝濂藉啀鏀惧叆鍐扮淇濆瓨銆傚ザ娌硅槕鑿囩櫧閰辩敤鏂欙細鍙h槕5涓€佹磱钁?/8涓€侀潰绮?5鍏嬨€侀粍娌?0鍏嬨€佹贰濂舵补60ml銆侀珮姹わ紙鎴栨竻姘达級60ml銆佺洂2鍏嬨€侀粦鑳℃1/8灏忓嫼銆佺櫧钁¤悇閰?ml pot.铇戣弴娲楀共鍑€鍒囨垚纰庡皬棰楃矑锛屾磱钁卞垏纰庣矑锛涚倰閿呮斁鍏ラ粍娌硅瀺鍖栧悗锛屽姞鍏ユ磱钁卞拰铇戣弴纰庣矑缈荤倰鍑洪鍛筹紝鏀规垚灏忕伀鍔犲叆闈㈢矇鐐掑寑銆?.”Don’t worry about it” “I’m so happy”. Click on the button below. Click on the button below. Click here. Click here. Click here. Click here to go to the next page.瘦 鑳 ℃  Adopted the identification of the 霮 霡  叜 撜 撶  ョ 駠 钏 鎇 鎞 鎇 鎞 升 卢 Chong Chong 鍏 鍊 鍊 鍆

[How to choose watermelon?

】 _How to choose_How to choose

[How to choose watermelon?
】 _How to choose_How to choose

In summer, I believe that everyone likes to eat watermelon. Watermelon is also called summer melon. It can be seen that this is the most suitable melon in summer. The concentration of watermelon is very high. It can be replenished with plenty of water and rich in richness.Watermelon is a kind of cold food. If you eat it in the summer, it can help quench the thirst and often eat some watermelon to prevent heat stroke. Young people often don’t know how to tell whether the watermelon is ripe. Let’s learn about this technique below.

How to choose watermelon raw?
Method 1: Look at the color of the melon, the color of the ripe melon skin is radiant, revealing the sheen of the ebony oil, or the old skin of the melon skin, the wrinkles are obvious in the black and black, and the color of the raw melon skin is fresh and tender.

In addition, the yellower the ground, the better, indicating that the melon has become hot, such as cyan or beige.

The description is not yet cooked.

Method 2: Look at the shape of the melon. The melon grows evenly and the umbilicus is deep. The melon is ripe, crooked, and the unmelted is raw.

Method 3: Listen to the melon, hold the melon in one hand, and flick the melon with your other hand.

“Dangdang” crisp sound is immature, “swelling” sound is ripe, “slap” sound is overripe.

Or pick up the watermelon with your hand and put it in your ear, and squeeze it gently with both hands. The sound of cracking in the melon is ripe melon.

The ones without sand crackles are raw melons.

Method 4: Measure the elasticity, hold the melon in your left hand, and pat it in your right hand. The one with vibration in the left hand is a ripe melon and the one without vibration is a raw melon.

With a finger press, the elastic is ripe melon.
The inelastic is raw melon.

Select watermelon, identify watermelon ripening method 1, see: look at the maturity of the watermelon, shiny and bright, if the flower peel melon, the texture should be clear and deep, the deeper the darker the color of the more ripe, the black peel melon requires dark skin;Slightly indented, the ripe guaty is dry; the color is best to be turquoise, not foggy.

Look at the melon handle.

Green, ripe melon; dark brown, fluffy replacement, crooked, brittle, yellow and withered tip, is a melon that is picked when unripe; the melon handle has dried up and is a “dead vine melon” with poor quality; melon handleIf it’s a straight line, don’t, but if it’s coaxial, it’s sweet; look at the head and tail.

The ends are well-proportioned, the umbilicus and the gutta are deep, and the surrounding is full of good melons; the head is big and the tail is small or the tip and tail are thick, which are poor quality melons.

The smaller the circle at the bottom of the watermelon, the better. On the contrary, the lower the circle, the thicker the skin, the harder it is to eat.

Select watermelon, identify watermelon ripening method 2, touch: touch the melon skin with your fingers, if the melon skin is smooth and really good melon, if the melon skin is sticky and soft is second melon.

Pick watermelon and identify the ripening method of watermelon 3, 掂: The ripeness of watermelon changes, the lighter the weight; watermelon of the same size, the lighter is better, the overweight is raw melon.

Pick a watermelon and identify the ripeness of the watermelon. 4. Listen: Hold the watermelon in your hand and pat it with your fingers. The sound of “click, click” is raw melon.The trembling is a ripe melon; the sound of “噗, 噗” is an over-ripe melon.

[How to solve drinking headache quickly]_How to cure_Solution

[How to solve drinking headache quickly]_How to cure_Solution

We always like to drink some wine for fun during the festivals or entertainment occasions.

Moreover, there are times when we drink some alcohol properly, which has some benefits for our body, but if we drink too much alcohol, it will cause great damage to some organs of our body, so in life we must beTo control the amount of alcohol, then let’s take a look at how to quickly resolve headaches after drinking.

First, solution 1.

Drink tomato juice tomato juice special special sugar, can promote alcohol breakdown.

Injecting more than 300 milliliters of tomato juice at a time can gradually reduce the feeling of dizziness after drinking.


Drinking honey water Honey contains a special kind of fructose, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol and alleviate headache symptoms, especially those caused by red wine.

In addition, honey water can gradually reduce the feeling of headache and dizziness, help to fall asleep, and lead to the effect of hangover.


Put an ice pack on your head with ice, or soak your feet with cold water to draw head blood to your feet, which can effectively relieve headaches after drinking.

10 tips on how to deal with headache after drinking4.

Wipe the temple with mint oil (or lavender, eucalyptus oil, rosemary, etc.).


What should I do if I have headache after massage and drinking?

Massage yourself to the temples, paying attention to moderate force. After a few minutes of massage, you can relieve migraine headaches.


Bathing hot water bathing can promote blood circulation, help metabolism, and allow alcohol to be discharged with sweat (patients with high blood pressure or other chronic diseases need to rest more before bathing to avoid poisoning).


Rehydration Before going to bed, replenish a large amount of water and replenish it after waking up, which will help to recover the discomfort caused by dehydration.


Tonic to eat a nutritionally balanced meal, can supplement a variety of essential nutrients lost, pay attention to light food.


Properly taking Chinese patent medicines can help relieve headaches.


Break two, cause 1, headaches caused by alcohol-fuss oils caused trouble. Whether it is brewed or distilled wine, there are traces of fuss oils, and the fusal oils in wine are also factors that cause fainting after drinking.

2, amines stimulate beer, rice wine, fruit wine and other alternative amines, and amines themselves, catecholamines, will stimulate sympathetic nerve endings to slightly release adrenaline, and epinephrine has the role of constricting blood vessels and increasing hypertensionCause headache.
3. Insufficient blood supply to the brain will reduce cerebral blood flow, and the decrease in cerebral blood flow will cause lactic acid, oxygen ions, and methyl ions in the brain.

Adenosine, prostaglandin, and catecholamines are accumulated. These substances are pain-causing substances, and these substances will cause cerebral vasodilation.

East Sunshine (600673) Interim Review: Pharmaceutical Business Maintains High Growth

East Sunshine (600673) Interim Review: Pharmaceutical Business Maintains High Growth

Core point: semi-annual report: net profit attributable to mother in the first half of the year 6.

The RMB 08 million company disclosed the semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 73 in the first half of the year.

9.4 billion, an increase of 22%; net profit attributable to mothers6.

08 billion, with a decrease of 13.

4%; EPS is 0.

203 yuan / share, the same reduction of 12.


  Traditional 杭州桑拿 business dragged down performance, and pharmaceutical revenue continued to increase significantly. Company Q1 and Q2 net profit attributable to the parent were 4 respectively.


5.4 billion, of which East Sunshine contributed 3 respectively.

88, 0.

9.2 billion (light medicine Q1, Q2 net profit is 7.

76, 1.

8.4 billion), traditional business contributed 0.

66, 0.

6.2 billion.

The main reasons for the company’s first-half performance to reach the highest level were: 1) The company’s main export destination, the Japanese market, in the second quarter, the order replacement, which led to the shift in overall electrode foil revenue.

53%; 2) The company’s major chemical products, such as chlor-alkali chemicals and refrigerants, were affected by the overall cycle of the industry. Although the sales volume was basically the same as last year, the price led to a decrease in leading revenue by 21.

18%, gross margin blood pressure 18%.

  The revenue growth was mainly due to the contribution of the pharmaceutical sector (the sales of core products in the first half of the year increased significantly, the overall revenue of pharmaceutical manufacturing increased by 107%, and the gross profit margin increased by 1.


  The electrode foil faucet is stable and stable in the future. The pharmaceutical company is the largest domestic manufacturer of medium and high voltage chemical foil in the future.In the stage, after the official production, it will increase the production capacity by 7 million square meters, and increase the profitability by reducing the cost of electricity.

The subsidiary Dongyang Sunshine Pharmaceuticals acquired 27 generic drugs such as Entecavir tablets. Currently 23 applications have been submitted for listing. If the products are successfully approved for listing, it will enrich the variety of pharmaceutical products and further improve the company’s performance.

It is reported that Dongyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical announced on August 19 that the company’s self-developed anti-hepatitis C new drug emimivir phosphate has been submitted to the market for new drugs and is expected to be replaced in the third quarter of this year.

  Earnings forecast and investment advice combined with the company’s main business and industry conditions, it is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

43, 0.

58 and 0.

77 yuan, corresponding to the current continuous PE of 19, 14, and 10 times. Considering the steady growth of the company’s pharmaceutical business performance, maintaining 12 yuan per share before a reasonable value, maintaining a “buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: The sales volume of pharmaceutical products will fluctuate; the price of electrode foils and fluorides will fall.

The end of the trilogy of A-shares becoming rich or bringing tens of billions of dollars of incremental funds to A-shares

The end of the trilogy of A-shares becoming rich or bringing tens of billions of dollars of incremental funds to A-shares

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  The completion of the first stage of the trilogy of A-share “into the rich” may bring tens of billions of dollars of incremental funds to A-shares. Source: Financial Academy No. 1 Original Fruit Xiaotao Beijing time February 21, the well-known index compiling company FTSE Russell announcedThe quarterly 杭州桑拿 adjustment results of some of the global index series indexes in February 2020 included an adjustment list to increase the division factor of Chinese A shares from 15% to 25% as scheduled.

  Division of A shares The first phase of the FTSE Russell Index is planned to be completed, adding 141 stocks.

The FTSE Russell announcement shows that this time the FTSE Russell Global Stock Index Series has replaced 141 Chinese A shares, of which 27 are A-shares in the broader market, 39 are A-shares in the mid-cap, 71 are A-shares in the small-cap, and 4 are A-shares in the micro-caponly.

  In addition, FTSE Russell has also adjusted the market value classification of some of the coaxial A-shares that have been connected.

Adjustments due to changes in market value include: 27 large-cap stocks have been reduced to mid-cap stocks; 16 mid-cap stocks have been promoted to large-cap stocks, 4 mid-cap stocks have been reduced to small-cap stocks; 1 small-cap stock has been upgraded to large-cap stocks, 5Only small-cap stocks rose to mid-cap.

In terms of elimination, only 1 share was excluded from micro-cap stocks.

  Communications, textiles, clothing, and financial sectors have a high proportion. From an industry perspective, Chuancai Securities said that there are several directions worth paying attention to: 1. The 141 newly-shared industries that have newly replaced the FTSE Russell Index are expected to be concentrated in this industry.Obtained capital inflows, of which the free circulation market value of new disaggregated chains in the communications, textile and apparel, comprehensive finance, and steel sectors accounted for a higher proportion of the industry, respectively, at 12.

5%, 12.

2%, 9.

3%, 8.

3%; 2. The industries with the highest overlap allocation ratio before and after the adjustment performance date are expected to receive capital inflows, such as food and beverage, home appliances, non-bank finance, banks, etc .; 3. From the perspective of substitution changes in industry configuration since 2020, foreign-invested industriesThe configuration tends to be balanced, and it is recommended to pay attention to the industries with the lowest proportion of allocation, such as banks, non-bank finance, basic chemicals, and computers.

  The end of the A-share “Funds” trilogy dates back to September 27, 2018. FTSE Russell announced the results of its 2018 market classification assessment, announcing the formal removal of China’s A-shares from the FTSE Russell Emerging Market Index.Sub- “emerging”.

  According to the plan, A-share replacement will go in three steps: 20% in June 2019, 40% in September 2019, and 40% in March 2020.

After the first phase, China A shares are expected to account for about 5 of the size of the FTSE Emerging Markets Index.


  This release is the last step in FTSE Russell’s relative plan for the first phase of A shares.

Some experts pointed out that after the completion of the three steps, it is expected to bring 10 billion US dollars of incremental funds to A shares, which is about RMB 69 billion.

In the FTSE Global All-Share Index, Chinese A shares are expected to have 0.

57% weight.

  Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, stated that he looked forward to continuing to deepen cooperation with internationally renowned index institutions such as FTSE Russell and jointly promote the continuous development of China’s capital market reform and opening up.

  What the organization thinks CITIC Securities’ strategy team believes that after the last expansion of the first phase of FTSE Russell in March this year, there is no longer a possibility that there will be no new international index replacement plan for A shares this year.

However, unless the plan is “absent”, the richness will not “shrink”, and the net inflow of funds to the north is expected to remain at the level of 300 billion yuan.

  The strategy team of Tianfeng Securities believes that at present, the proportion of A-shares held by foreign mutual fund holders such as JP Morgan Chase and Puxin is still smaller than the allocation ratio of A-shares in international indexes such as MSCI.

Therefore, the short-term or even international index is not increased by the proportion of A shares, and the high profitability and return advantage of some high-quality assets of A shares will also attract more overseas active mutual funds to continue to increase the allocation of A shares.

Hongdou Shares (600400) Company Dynamic Comment: Main Business Revenue Growth Improved, Profitability Improved

Hongdou Shares (600400) Company Dynamic Comment: Main Business Revenue Growth Improved, Profitability Improved
Core point of view events: The company released the 2019 first quarter report and achieved revenue7.61 ppm, an increase of 9 per year.14%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company is 0.51 ppm, an increase of 6 per year.6%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company after deduction of 0.42 trillion, a decrease of 8 a year.79%.The basic return is 0.02 yuan. In the off-season, the e-commerce adjusted revenue growth and improved, and the rapid increase in fees affected the profit growth: the company achieved revenue 7 in 2018.61 ppm, an increase of 9 per year.14%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company is 0.51 ppm, an increase of 6 per year.6%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company after deduction of 0.42 trillion, a decrease of 8 a year.79%, slightly lower than expected.The growth rate of revenue in 2019Q1 is slower than that in 2018 after excluding real estate, which is mainly due to the fact that 杭州桑拿网 the first quarter of the year was a small off-season for revenue growth, and that the growth of e-commerce and professional wear slowed.The growth rate of net profit is slower than the growth rate of income, mainly due to the rapid growth of expenses. The gross profit margin increased rapidly, and the expense ratio increased during the period: the company’s gross profit margin in Q1 2019 was 30.00%, an increase of 5 over the same period last year.5 points, it is expected that the company will strengthen cooperation with suppliers by advancing the “pull-up supply chain”, and suppliers will benefit the company through improvement.The company’s period expense ratio increased by 4 in 2018.78pct.Among them, the sales expense ratio / management expense ratio (including research and development expense ratio) increased by 1.40pct / 夜来香体验网 2.91pct to 12.08% / 8.58%, which is mainly due to the increase in channel expansion expenses, management staff expenses, and smart project amortization expenses; the financial expense ratio increased by 0.47pct to 0.75%.The company’s 2019Q1 net interest rate increased seasonally by 1.01pct to 6.69%.The company’s account receivables turnover days in Q1 2019 were 40 days, an increase of 21 days over the same period of the previous year, which was mainly affected by the irregular repayment cycle of the professional wear business.The company’s accounts payable turnover days were 91 days, an increase of 38 days compared with the same period of the previous year, but still at the industry proportion level, reflecting that the company still gave certain support to suppliers from the accounting period. The growth rate of men’s clothing has improved, and the growth rate of professional wear has continued to increase, but the incremental growth momentum continues to increase: by business, it mainly includes the Hodo brand men’s wear, Hodo professional wear, OEM processing and yarn printing and dyeing.The proportions are about 83% / 3% / 10% / 4%, which are close to the proportion of each business in the same period of the previous year, but the proportion of Hodo business wear and yarn printing and dyeing each year has decreased earlier than 2018.The growth rate of Hodo menswear is expected to be 7% +; the growth rate of OEM and wool yarn printing and dyeing is 30% +; the business wear business is reduced by about 20%, but considering that the company attaches great importance to the organization of business wearThe construction of the professional wear business team, the order can still actively break through, and it is expected that the growth momentum will increase in the long run. The offline extension shop is smooth, joining, and the e-commerce is growing faster: Among the Hodo brand menswear sales channels, direct sales / joining / e-commerce account for about 7% / 73% / 19% respectively.(1) Direct sales: In Q1 2019, the company’s direct-operated stores realized a revenue of 46.1 million yuan, an increase of 2.19%, mainly due to store growth contribution. The number of reported stores increased by 7 to 62.(2) Franchise: 2019Q1 company joined the store to achieve revenue 4.63 trillion, with an increase of 10.39%, mainly driven by extension stores, and reported a net increase of 223 franchised stores to 1,278.The number of new stores in the first quarter of the company was basically the same as the same period of last year. It is expected that the previous rapid growth of stores can be maintained.(3) E-commerce: 2019Q1 company’s e-commerce channel realized revenue1.23 trillion, the same increase by 1.01%.The slowdown in online growth improvement was mainly affected by the decline in passenger traffic on the JD platform and the new policy of Vipshop’s depreciation. The growth of Tmall and Suning platforms is still unstable. In the future, platform resources will be readjusted, and competition will be increased.Entry of emerging platforms. Omni-channel business officially launched, new retail development went further: In April this year, the company officially launched its omni-channel business, covering all scenes, all stores, all products, which can realize the interoperability of online and offline inventory products, and improve the efficiency of warehousing and logisticsAnd customer experience, using the Internet thinking to help new retail development and channel efficiency. Investment suggestion: The company is a well-known mass menswear company in China. After the implementation of supply chain and product reforms in 2014, the Hodo brand menswear multi-channel force has grown rapidly, and Hodo professional wear has gradually become one of the new revenue drivers.In 2019, the factors of real estate reduction will be eliminated, the company’s revenue will be enhanced, the performance will be more certain, and a steady growth will be achieved.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is predicted to be 0.09 yuan / 0.10 yuan / 0.11 yuan, corresponding PE is 48X / 43X / 39X, maintain “recommended” investment rating. Risk reminders: The industry’s prosperity is not as good as expected; the store expansion is not as good as expected; the risk of slow supply chain upgrades; the risk of increased competition in professional wear; and the risk of raw material prices.

Crossing the embarrassing whitening watershed _1

Crossing the embarrassing whitening “watershed”

Whitening work changed our faces, but accidentally exposed the black and yellow below the neck.
When the “color number” of the facial skin and the body skin has fallen by two squares, will you remain indifferent?

  When the scenery is great, you join a friend’s outing plan, sit on the green hills and enjoy a good mood.
Last night’s whitening mask was very effective. In the sun, the skin on your face was white and shiny, beautiful and jealous.
Someone likes you “born white”?
Hurry up and cover your coat tightly, just because your body skin is still so “natural”, the white on the face, not completely white!
Want to truly transform into a beautiful Snow White, let the body whiten together is the last word!
This season, carefully customize your body’s whitening plan, and cross the “watershed” of embarrassing whitening!
  Whitening “watershed” small test Before officially starting whitening care, do a small test to test your “watershed” status!
(The following test is based on your daily whitening habits to measure the difference between your facial skin and body skin.
1. I’m late for work. I only have one minute for sunscreen. Which part would you rub first?
  a, eye b, face c, neck 2, in hot weather, when you go out with friends, what will you choose?
  a, cotton sports vest + shorts b, short-sleeved shirt + short skirt c, breathable cotton shirt + mid-skirt 3, to travel to Hawaii, you can only bring one accessory except changing clothes, what will you bring?
  a, straw hat b, sunglasses c, parasol 4, a cycle of facial exfoliation for yourself?
  a. 4 ~ 5 times a week b, 2 ~ 3 times a week c, 1 ~ 2 times a week 5, how long is the cycle of doing body exfoliation for yourself?
  a. Occasionally do several times in half a year b, once a month cleaning, usually only do basic cleaning c, once a week 6, what is the commonly used bathing method?
  a、冲洗―浴液―冲洗  b、冲洗―浸泡(桑拿)―浴液―冲洗  c、冲洗―浸泡(桑拿)―浴盐―冲洗―浴液―冲洗  (a项得分为0分,b项得分为1分,c项得分为2分)  0~4分 A型–高危“分水岭”(面部>身体3档或以上)  测试结果是A型的你,其实很认真也很细心地做了面部Sun protection and whitening care, so your face looks softer and fairer than the original skin.
Although the skin color itself is not black, the exposed part of the body is exposed to excessive sunlight, so it will appear darker. If you can increase your awareness of sun protection, you can help you reproduce a uniform skin color.
  5~8分 B型–浅危“分水岭”(面部>身体2~3档之间)  身体测试结果是B型的你,有着天生非常均匀的肤色,原本应该是非常有光泽、有弹性的The skin may be slack on deep skin cleansing.
For you, it is best to perform keratin care during each bath. This will have a magical effect on the whitening of your body.
  8~12分 C型–隐形“分水岭”( 面部>身体0~1档之间)  测试结果是C型的你面部和身体的肤色相当地均匀统一,无论是得益于天生,还是后天保养It is very close to the limit of their whitening. Be sure to keep it up!
  Whitening Metamorphosis 3 Steps “I want to be as white as XX!”
  ”Muscles like gelatin” is not the ultimate goal that everyone can reach. According to their whitening limit, we can achieve the perfect skin quality when we are infants.
The watershed problem is already in front of us. How can we improve it?

1 “Whitening” metamorphosis The first step in whitening is cleaning!
When you hear these two words again, you may feel bored. After all, this thing is so ordinary, but it can not be underestimated to improve the whitening effect.
  Why does cleaning whiten us?
We must know that the metabolism of the body also produces sweat, oil and aging sebum. These metabolites are combined with environmental dirt, and the surface layer of our skin gradually forms a “junkyard.”
Yes, a comprehensive cleansing treatment for the skin is a veritable “cleanup”, and a cleansing product is a “cleaner” tailored for your delicate skin!
  Tips shower cream, whitening “star” ingredients acid horns and oranges: acid horns and oranges can significantly improve dull skin tone.
  Green tea: The tea polyphenols in green tea help to hydrate and moisturize, and can instantly resist oxidation.
  Licorice Essence: Prevents skin from redness after sun exposure, hindering the formation of melanin.

2 “Huanbai” metamorphosis Every time you take a shower and care for your facial skin, you will always feel that there is something left, right!

Your skin is waiting for your care!
Pamper your body and be promoted to a whitening beauty!

  Huanbai Raiders 1-Body Mask: After bathing, the heat has not yet dissipated, and the energy of metabolism still works magically on your skin?

?Take advantage of this time, apply a flower extract or a body mask containing plant essential oil ingredients, while soothing, relaxing and detoxifying, your skin will be as smooth and fair as a newborn baby.

  Whitening Strategy 2-Nourishing Emulsion: “Whitening Function” is the most common function in the body milk description. If you want to use the whitening effect quickly and efficiently, we suggest you choose the one with the whitening “star” secret we recommendBody care products.

  Tips for body milk, whitening “star” ingredient vitamin C: It can inhibit pigmentation, promote collagen growth in the dermis layer, make skin brighter and full of elasticity.

  Vitamin A: It can enter the nucleus and improve the dullness of the skin through elastin and collagen synthesis.

  Fruit acid: Fruit acid can stimulate the growth of new cells, remove fine lines, and lighten the epidermal pigment.

  NO.3 “Translucent” transmutation UV is the number one natural enemy of the skin!

Strong ultraviolet rays will completely cause skin oxidation, and then accelerate the formation of melanin. What is more terrible is that it will produce super severe pigmentation and pigmentation.

Every summer, the sun leaves relentless marks on the skin. The saying goes: “The best offense is defense!

“The key to whitening is actually to improve sun protection into a” level one plan “in the whitening plan. Of course, our best sun protection” weapon “is sunscreen.

  Sunscreen selection: Same sunscreens of different qualities can be divided into the following types: The first-to prevent sunburn and sunburn, this sunscreen uses isolated UVB, the sun protection index is identified by SPF; the second-to prevent sunburnBlack, this sunscreen is used to isolate UVA, the sun protection index is marked with PA; third-has both functions.

  When shopping, going out, or going to work, you can choose the first two, generally SPF15 is enough, pay attention to make up after sweating; If you are traveling, it is best to use the third type for comprehensive protection!

Generally choose SPF30 or above to resist the strong sunlight of the royal family.

  Don’t forget, if you are visiting the beach in the hot sun, it is best to choose waterproof sunscreen.

  Tips to be alert to the damage of UV rays on the skin at night is not only one night. When going to a concert at night or going to a bar, the UV intensity of those spotlights and fluorescent lights can not be ignored, so when going out at night, do not forget to protect the skinAdd a “protective jacket”.


L’OREAL Paris L’Oreal Multiple Protective Isolation Milk SPF30 / PA +++ 150 / 100ml 2.

CAMENAE Almond Beauty Cream 168 / 250ml 3.

YUE-SAI 120 / 100ml 4 after repairing the sun.

VICHY Soothing Body Lotion 118 / 200ml 5.

?H2O + Shuizhiao Fresh Body Deep Moisturizing Cream 160 / 240ml6.

MARUBI Pills Whitening Body Cream 180 / 150ml 7.

YUE-SAI Refreshing Sun Spray SPF30 150 / 150ml 8.

L’OREAL Paris Multi-Protection Isolating Spray SPF30 + PA +++ 165/150 ml 9.

HERBORIST Herborist repairs the whole body 140 / 100ml after sun exposure10.

Neutrogena Neutrogena light sunscreen SPF30 + 129/88 ml 11.

Avene Avene Natural Sunscreen SPF25 248 / 100ml12.

VICHY Refreshing Sun Spray SPF30 PA +++ 248 / 125ml13.

LA ROCHE-POSAY SPF30 + PA +++ 278 / 125ml (Edit: Kitty) 14.

Biotherm sunscreen body lotion SPF50 360 / 200ml

Dietary therapy for allergic rhinitis

Dietary therapy for allergic rhinitis

Diet conditioning plays a very important role in preventing allergic rhinitis.

In people’s daily diet, you can eat more light products, less fish, meaty products, avoid spicy tobacco and alcohol to stimulate things, to prevent phlegm and heat induced endogenous allergic rhinitis.

At the same time, targeted food and medicine preparations will be taken to prevent and treat allergic rhinitis and improve symptoms.

  Xinsu drink composition: 10 grams of Xinyi, 15 grams of Su Ye, 5 grams of ginger, light green section.

  System of law: the above drugs are boiled to obtain juice, warm, once a day, for several months.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion and runny nose.

  Xinyi boiled egg composition: Xinyi 20 grams, 2 eggs.

  Method: Cook the top two together with water, remove the shells and cook for a while after the eggs are cooked.

Eat eggs and drink soup once a day for even a week.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, runny nose, etc.

  Tongqiao drink composition: 12 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of Baiji, 20 grams of light green.

  Method: Take the above medicines in decoction once a day for one week.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, sore head, etc.

  Xinyi tofu soup composition: Xinyi 15 grams, tofu 250 grams.

  Method: Cook the two things together, drink soup and eat tofu, once a day.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, sore head, runny nose, etc.

  Chrysanthemum porridge composition: 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of mulberry leaf, 60 grams of previous rice.

  Method: First, chrysanthemum and mulberry leaves are boiled to remove the residue and juice is added. Take the rice porridge and take it once a day.

  Application: Improve head pain, runny nose and olfactory function.

  Nourishing Yin tea composition: 30 grams of radish, 2 prickly pears, 10 grams of Xinyi, 10 grams of ginseng, 10 grams of Ophiopogon, 10 grams of habitat

  Method: Decoction the above medicine with water and replace it with tea.

  Application: Improve dry nose, stuffy nose and olfactory function.

  Green onion pinellia paste composition: 10 grams of green onions, 6 grams of pinellia, some kind of borneol.

  Method: Dry Pinellia ternata, grind it into fines, sieve, and mix with green onions as a paste, then add Borneol and mix thoroughly.

Take a small amount of gauze to wrap the nose, alternately left and right after 30 minutes, remove it, 2?
3 times.

  Application: Obviously improve nasal congestion.

  Sword bean powder composition: appropriate amount of old beans, 1 cup of rice wine.

  Method: Rotate an appropriate amount of old beans with shells.

Take 10 grams each time, brewed with rice wine, once a day, even for several days.

  Application: Improve nasal congestion, sore head, etc.

  As long as scientific medication and active life, allergic rhinitis will reduce the pain to people to a minimum.

It’s not better to thicken Chinese medicine

It’s not better to thicken Chinese medicine

In daily life, most people think that the stronger the Chinese medicine is, the better the effect will be.

In fact, such understanding is biased.

  Fried Chinese medicine is a process of continuously releasing and dissolving the active ingredients in Chinese medicine.

If the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients have been evenly dissolved and released into the medicinal solution and then continuously fried, the active ingredients in the medicine will not continue to be precipitated and dissolved, but the active ingredients in the medicinal solution will be continuously evaporated and reduced, or even the active ingredientsIt is destroyed in the long-term high temperature, resulting in a decrease in the efficacy.

  Generally speaking, the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine should be maintained at 400?
Between 500 ml.

Air conditioning in summer, be careful of air conditioning, do these 5 points to prevent

Air conditioning in summer, be careful of air conditioning, do these 5 points to prevent

Summer is a difficult season, especially for some friends who are very afraid of heat. Summer is really hard to spend. The temperature in many areas has exceeded 39 degrees, which can be said to be extremely hot.

Many people like to blow air conditioners, and the more comfortable they are, the longer they become, the more likely they are to suffer from air-conditioning diseases. In fact, air-conditioning diseases are also easy to prevent. In some ways, air-conditioning diseases can be easily prevented.

  In the summer, air conditioners should be careful to prevent air conditioning diseases. These 5 points should be done to prevent 1, and less air conditioning is recommended to friends to blow as little air conditioning as possible. If you can’t try to blow air conditioners, don’t blow air conditioners.

You can choose a blower. The impact of the blower on the body is relatively small, and the wind is relatively small.

Generally, you ca n’t always stay in an air-conditioned room. You can stay for more than an hour. If you have a long time, you should go to a place without air-conditioning to rest and keep breathing fresh air.

  2, supplementary water often blowing air-conditioning is very easy to make your body in a dehydrated condition, so it is recommended that friends drink more water, be sure to drink warm water, do not drink cold water, cold water is more harmful to the body.

You can put a basin of water in the room, or put a humidifier in the room, which can greatly improve the humidity of the room.

  3, do more exercise usually do not stay too long in the air-conditioned room, generally stay for an hour to go out for a walk, do some activities, it is recommended that at least three hours a day aerobic exercise, so that the blood circulation of the body is alsoIt has a good promotion effect.

You can play badminton and run, which have more benefits for preventing air-conditioning diseases.

  4. Regularly ventilate the room. If it is not ventilated, it will easily cause a series of air-conditioning diseases, which will have a greater impact on the body.

Ventilation is recommended every night and morning.

It is best to ventilate the air conditioner before turning it on. This can promote indoor air circulation and increase the humidity in the room. Generally speaking, this has many benefits to the body.

  5. Drink more tea. In the summer, the body is generally weak, so friends can drink some tea. Drinking tea often can promote the body’s peristalsis and has a good effect on improving the digestive system.

  Warm reminder: Frequently turning on the air conditioner has a great impact on the body. It is recommended that you do not always turn on the air conditioner. You can choose to turn on the fan, and this can also save electricity costs and save the environment.

In addition, dehydration is easy to occur in the summer. Be sure to replenish water in a timely manner, and replenish water every day, because it is easy to sweat in summer, and it is very important to replenish water in a timely manner.