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[How to prevent urinary infection]

[How to prevent urinary infection]

Although urinary infections are not a serious disease, symptoms such as frequent urination, pain, and endless urination will seriously affect our lives, which is why the clinical journal of urology has become more and more popular in recent years.

In fact, if we do a good job of preventing urinary tract infections, we can prevent this kind of disease from harming us, so here we will take a detailed look at the methods to prevent urinary tract infections.

Genitourinary infections in men include prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, foreskinitis, balanitis, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, epididymitis, scrotal eczema, scrotal cysts, and other urinary system diseases.

Urinary reproductive infections often manifest as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, endless urination, white urine, frequent nocturnal urination, and urethral redness and swelling, which seriously disrupt the normal life of male patients.

The main characteristics of urinary tract infections are high incidence, long recovery period, wide age range of patients, and great harm to male reproductive system. It has become one of the main diseases that endanger men’s health.

If not treated in time, it is easy to relapse.

The main harms are: improper treatment of arthritis, resulting in cross-infection between husband and wife; at the same time, it can cause azoospermia, oligozoospermia, low sperm motility and high deformity rate in men, causing infertility; and causing male physiological dysfunction, Symptoms such as perineal and lumbosacral pain, and poor physiological function.

So how to prevent prostate urinary and reproductive infection in men?

Experts explain that some are caused by diseases related to the male reproductive system, and some are caused by the environment and bad living habits.

When the temperature rises, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow. Therefore, coupled with the increase in nutrient consumption in the body during the hot weather, the human immune system is relatively reduced, so summer has become a season of high incidence of urinary infections.

To prevent male urinary and reproductive infections, we must maintain the hygiene of the private parts, change the underwear frequently, and pay attention to hygiene before living, especially to remove the foreskin and coronary sulcus in time.

In addition, the foreskin is too long, and phimosis is one of the causes of repeated infections that cause various complications. If there is inflammation, it should be corrected in time after elimination to prevent the accumulation of foreskin dirt, which can effectively prevent and damage.

In fact, there are many ways to prevent urinary infections in the Journal of Clinical Urology.

In fact, the most important thing for patients with urinary urinary infection is to prevent its recurrence. Only by preventing its recurrence can it be completely cured of urinary urinary infection. This requires that patients first have good habits and pay attention to exerciseOnly then.

[Can sago be eaten by pregnant women]_Pregnancy_Effect

[Can sago be eaten by pregnant women]_Pregnancy_Effect

Women during pregnancy are happy and tormented. People feel happy that the baby even meets themselves. The tormenting side is that there are many taboos during pregnancy. Except for many things that cannot be done, the most important thing is that there are manyYou ca n’t eat anything you want. Everything is mainly baby, so try to eat healthy things during pregnancy. Can pregnant women drink sago?

Can pregnant women eat coconut sago? There is nothing wrong with pregnant women drinking coconut sago, but it is best to make it yourself.

If you buy it from the outside, you may add some unknown ingredients. It ‘s okay to eat a small amount of solution, but do n’t eat more.

It should also be noted that pregnant women are advised not to drink iced coconut sago, as this will irritate the stomach and uterus, and is not good for themselves and the fetus.

Just drink coconut sago in normal temperature.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat sago 1. It is suitable for cooking and eating. Put the water equivalent to 4-5 times of sago to the boiling point.

Then pour the sago into the boiling water. Stir the sago continuously. Cook for about 10-15 minutes until you find that the sago has become transparent or there are no milky white dots on the inner layer of the sago.Cooked.

If necessary, you can also add water during the cooking process, or stop cooking and cover for a few minutes before cooking.

Add sugar, coconut milk and mixed fruits, stir, and serve.

2, suitable for use after cooking, put in the equivalent of 4-5 times the sago, boil to the boiling point.

Then pour the sago into the boiling water and stir the sago for about 2 minutes.

Turn off the fire, pour off the boiling water, keep the uncooked sago, then add cold water or room temperature water, stir a little, and then pour the water (remember that this step is gradually removed from the stove).

I have already told you the answer for pregnant women who can eat coconut sago. I hope that our expectant mothers can pay attention to their diet and their daily behaviors when they are pregnant for themselves and their babies.Try it easily. Of course, it is best not to eat cold food when pregnant!

[Can a maternal drink lemonade?

]_ Postpartum _ can you drink

[Can a maternal drink lemonade?
]_ Postpartum _ can you drink

I believe that everyone likes to eat lemons, and eating some lemons is good for health, but remind everyone here that the acidity of lemons is relatively strong, so it is best not to eat lemons or drink lemonade on an empty stomach, and thosePeople with poor stomachs should be cautious when eating lemons. In addition, do not mix lemons with carrots and milk, so can women drink lemonade after giving birth?

Can a maternal drink lemonade?
Among all the fruits, one of women’s favorite fruits is lemon.

In normal life, you must soak a glass of lemonade to make up, not only can detoxify the body but also beauty.

Can the new mother eat lemons during confinement?

Can lemonade be drunk everyday?

If it is a new mother who is breastfeeding and wants to give your baby clean, healthy and nutritious breast milk, drinking lemonade will make it happen.

Breastfeeding mothers drinking lemonade can alleviate problems such as poor stools, bloating, and snoring.

Drinking lemonade is good for both mother and baby throughout breastfeeding.

Why is it beneficial to eat lemons during lactation?

Lemon is a citrus fruit that contains 5% citric acid. Some people like it and others don’t like it.

But if you do n’t like lemonade, you can add some lemons when cooking.

In addition to citric acid, lemon also contains vitamin c, nuclear sulfonic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, starch, protein and so on, so lemon consumption during breastfeeding is beneficial to both your baby and you.

Intrauterine nutritionist: Maternal women can eat lemons, which will help the postpartum recovery.

A glass of lemonade per day is fine, but not more than 1000 ml.

The detailed effects are as follows: 1. Weight loss.

A glass of lemonade every day can help to clean up the garbage in the body, and lemon is a series of extremely low fruits. A reasonable diet every day will naturally reduce your weight during the confinement.

2. Whiten skin.

After delivery, melanin precipitates, so mothers will look darker.

And lemon lemon a lot of vitamin B, can effectively whiten the skin.

3. Enhance physical fitness.

Postpartum mothers have relatively low immunity, so eating more fruits can effectively enhance their physique and promote rapid recovery.

4. Resist scurvy.

Contains a large amount of VC, is the best element against scurvy, so it can prevent scurvy.

[Does Hawthorn Get Fat?]_ Hawthorn_Long Fat_Obesity

[Does Hawthorn Get Fat?]_ Hawthorn_Long Fat_Obesity

A common fruit in autumn and winter is hawthorn, which has good health effects, can strengthen the spleen and appetite, help us better digestion, and can prevent many cardiovascular diseases. Hawthorn and Danshen can make tea and reduce weight.The effect of fat.

1. Hawthorn and Salvia miltiorrhizae weight-reducing material: take raw hawthorn 15?
30 grams, 30 grams of salvia, 15 grams of Gynostemma, 6 grams of licorice.

Practice: Daily decoction, substitute tea.

Efficacy: Hawthorn is a natural lipid-lowering drug. Modern research shows that it can significantly reduce serum glycerol and triglycerides.

Effective atherosclerosis, still has the effects of dilating blood vessels, improving microcirculation, lowering blood pressure, etc. Salvia miltiorrhiza is bitter, slightly cold, is a nourishing and activating blood medicine, has anti-plasma coagulation, improves blood supply to the heart and brain, lowers blood pressure and lowers lipids,Hypouric acid effect.

Gynostemma pentaphylla is sweet, bitter, and slightly cold, and has the effects of strengthening the stomach and improving digestion and absorption, and regulating fat and weight loss.

Second, hawthorn plus walnuts to drive back pain: 150 grams of walnut kernels, 50 grams of hawthorn, 200 grams of sugar.

Method: Walnut kernels are mixed with a small amount of water, beaten with a food processor, and then mixed with an appropriate amount of cold water to make a thin juice.

Hawthorn is pitted and sliced. Add 500 ml of water and cook for half an hour, filter out the head juice, and cook for the second juice. Combine the first and second juices and set on fire.

Add white sugar and stir. After melting, slowly pour walnut kernel pulp, stir well, and stir until slightly boiled.

Usage: Take 1 time each morning and evening, warm clothing is appropriate.

Efficacy: Hawthorn acid is slightly warm, which is good at digesting food, stagnating, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Walnut kernel is sweet and warm, and is a traditional kidney tonic.In the elderly, liver and kidney deficiency, waist and knees are sore and painful.

The two medicines are used together, so that the kidney qi is restored, the blood flow is smooth, and the pain stops.

3. Hawthorn with chrysanthemum to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure materials: take dried hawthorn 10g, dried chrysanthemum 2.

5 grams.

Method: Wash the chrysanthemum and hawthorn with water. Put the hawthorn in the pot after boiling the water. Turn to low heat after boiling for about 10 minutes. Then add the chrysanthemum to boil and turn off the fire.

Efficacy: Chrysanthemum has toxic antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and analgesic effects, and can also regulate the center of vascular movement and dilate blood vessels.

It has the effect of lowering blood pressure, long refreshing and refreshing, and relieves dizziness.

Hawthorn has a good detoxification effect, helps to eliminate stasis, eliminates greasiness, reduces slight accumulation in the body, and dilates blood vessels. It has a more sustained antihypertensive effect.

Guizhou Moutai (600519): Long-term steady growth in demand growth only begins

Guizhou Moutai (600519): Long-term steady growth in demand growth only begins
The event describes the company’s highest total revenue of 77.2 billion, +26 per year.4%, net profit attributable to mothers was 35.2 billion, more than + 30%; of which Q4 income was 222.300 million, previously +34.1%, net profit attributable to mother 104.700 million, previously +47.6%.The company plans to pay 145 for every 10 shares.39 yuan. Core view 1. The performance exceeded expectations, and the advance receipts increased significantly month-on-month. The statement reflected strong fundamentals: the company’s revenue and profits were higher than the beginning of the year’s performance forecast (forecast total revenue / attributable net profit was 75 billion / 34 billion respectively), and then exceeded market expectations, Of which Moutai / series wine income 654.9 billion / 80.800 million, an increase of 25% / 39.9%, the highest sales volume of Moutai reached 3.25 initially, at least +7.5%, according to the volume and price breakdown, it is estimated that the price of Maotai will increase by about 17.5%, which can basically correspond to the 18% price increase plan at the beginning of 2018;800 million, compared with 111 at the end of the third quarter.700 million increase by 23.900 million, the corresponding Q4 cash flow also increased significantly, of which sales received 266.500 million, previously +71.7%, operating cash flow 131.600 million (-17Q4 is -6.3 billion); According to our previous model and channel tracking of Moutai shipments, it is expected that the report confirms some advance receipts, and the advance receipts increase month-on-month and advance to the peak season. The company’s marketing policy adjustments require dealers to concentrateRegarding the payment, it is expected that the dealer has completed the payment from April to May. It is expected that the pre-receipt of quarterly reports will continue to remain at a high level. In terms of channels, the direct sales revenue in 18 years will decrease by about 30%.The increase in average price brought by the change is not yet obvious. After 2019, the company adjusted and adjusted the replacement method of channel replacement (the number of Moutai liquor dealers in 18 years decreased by 437) and transferred the direct sales and direct supply parts. In 19 years, the sales replacement was only 1.7 It is expected that there will be a significant pulling effect on the product structure and average product price. 2. Volume and price rose during the Spring Festival, demand was strong, and the price reflected the real supply and demand situation: After the autumn sugar last year, the market worried that the pressure on liquor demand would increase. After the third quarter report, Maotai reduced the limit and the panic spread. In fact, the company’s third quarter report exceeded expectations andCaused by unexpected demand issues.After the company released its 18-year performance forecast and 19-year business plan on January 2 (the revenue increased by about 14%, consistent with the annual report), market sentiment began to recover, and the approval price also 成都桑拿网 rose from around 1750 on New Year’s Day to 1830 before the Spring Festival.1850 yuan, continued to perform strongly after the holiday, so throughout the peak season of this year, Moutai once again experienced a trend of rising volume and price (channels reported that shipments from January to February had double-digit growth), and the channel inventory has so farIt has always been low, so price increases reflect real supply and demand.In general, due to the limited supply of Moutai, coupled with low channel inventory, and the expansion of high-end demand, we expect the price of Moutai to continue to strengthen in the future, and the direct sales and direct supply will have limited impact on prices. 3. The industry logic has not changed. The price upgrade supports high-end capacity expansion. Maotai is still determining the growth space: the industry’s recovery enters the fourth year, and the two core driving forces that support the industry’s growth ——- consumption upgrade and concentration increase have not changed. It is expected that the overall capacity of the high-end price (above 800 yuan) will maintain double-digit growth for a long time to come, and the situation during the Spring Festival has fully demonstrated that the high-end demand and economic correlation are weak (especially during the Spring Festival peak season).For Maotai, we believe that the core focus is still market demand. Through years of precipitation, the siphon effect of the Maotai brand is strengthening, and the high price has increased its appeal to core consumer groups.The contradiction between supply and demand is still intensifying, and Moutai will enter the scheduled market for a long time in the future, so there is no need to occupy short-term data such as high and low shipments, changes in batch prices, and periodic inventory.In addition, according to the calculation of base wine (18 years of production of Moutai base wine 4).97 expectation), it is expected that Moutai ‘s expected sales volume may reach about 4 in 2022. Under the extreme assumption of no price increase in the next three years, the company is also expected to maintain a compound sales growth rate of about 10%, due to the gradual increase in product structure and direct sales ratio.It is expected that revenue and profit growth will be even higher. 4. Earnings forecast and rating: EPS is expected to be 34 in 19-21.12/41.64/50.34 yuan, corresponding to PE24 / 19/16 times, maintaining the “strongly recommended” level. 5. Risk reminders: 1) the style influence brought by the market trend; 2) the change in macroeconomic changes leading to the growth of high-end demand; 3) the risk of food safety incidents.

Enhua Pharmaceutical (002262): Performance in line with expectations Profitability continues to increase

Enhua Pharmaceutical (002262): Performance in line with expectations Profitability continues to increase

Event: The company released the first quarter of 2019: Realized revenue10.

4.9 billion, an annual increase of 13.

31%; net profit attributable to mother is 1.

2.6 billion, an annual increase of 23.

64%; EPS is 0.

12 yuan.

The company expects that the 西安桑拿论坛 performance from January to June 2019 will increase by 15% -35% annually.

Investment Highlights: Income continues to grow steadily and gross profit margins further increase.

The company achieved revenue in the first quarter of 201910.

4.9 billion, an annual increase of 13.

At 31%, we expect the industry to maintain rapid growth. Dexmedetomidine, duloxetine, and aripiprazole all maintain rapid growth.

The combined gross profit margin for 2019 is 57.

29%, which has been increased by 3 compared with the previous month.

38 and 1.

In 14 years, the main decrease in gross profit margin may be related to the further decline in the proportion of business.

In terms of period expense ratio, sales expense ratio, management expense ratio and finance expense ratio were 33 respectively.

31%, 8.

25% and (-0.

33%), an increase of 1 per year.

02, 0.

88 and (-0.

26) Expenses, of which the increase in management expenses is mainly due to the provision of incentive costs; the increase in financial expenses is mainly related to the increase in expenses and expenses.

Consistency evaluation of major varieties continued to advance, and foreign cooperation further enhanced research and development capabilities.

In terms of consistency evaluation, the company also plans to report 9 main products in 2019, such as Forli, Liyuexi and other main products. We believe that the conversion of main products, especially dexmedetomidine, will attenuate the first batch of tapes.Adverse effects of procurement.

After most of the consistency evaluation of the main products is completed, the company will make every effort to increase the research and development of innovative medicines. In addition, the expanding foreign cooperation will further enhance the innovation strength.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

We maintain the previous forecast, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

63 yuan, 0.

77 yuan and 0.

96 yuan, taking into account the company’s growth certainty and the vast space in the central nervous system, maintain the “recommended” level.

Risk warnings: price reductions are greater than expected; R & D is not up to expectations; expense growth is faster than expected.

Hangfa Power (600893): Promote market-oriented debt-to-equity optimization, optimize asset structure, and speed up

Hangfa Power (600893): Promote market-oriented debt-to-equity optimization, optimize asset structure, and speed up
Event: The company issued the “Preliminary Plan for Issuing Shares to Purchase Assets and Related Transactions”. The company intends to issue to China Aviation Development, China Development Fund, National Military-civilian Integration Industry Investment Fund, Bank of Communications Investment, Xinmaisui Investment, China Eastern, Industrial Finance and InvestmentShares purchased by the company Dawn 31 it holds.23% equity, Liyang Power 29.14% equity, Southern Corporation 13.26% equity. Comments: 1. Promote market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps and further improve capital structure. There are two steps in this restructuring: 1. This time the reorganization of Hangfa Power Dating Guofa Fund, the National Military-civilian Fusion Industry Investment Fund, Bank of Communications Investment, Xinmaisui Investment, China Eastern, and Industrial Finance Gold InvestmentUnder its three 合肥夜网 wholly-owned subsidiaries, Liming, Liyang Power, and Nanfang have increased their capital by 65 billion yuan.At the same time, China Aviation Development Corporation will use internal state-owned funds to form a total of internal exclusive capital reserves19.8 billion capital increase to three target companies. 2. After the completion of the capital increase, Hangfa Power intends to acquire all the shares of Liming Company, Liyang Power, and Nanfang Company it holds from China Aviation Development and six investors. The issue price is determined to be 20.56 yuan / share. 2. The performance of the three target companies increased significantly, but the asset-liability ratio was higher than the market average. Among the three target companies that will increase their capital this time: they will increase capital to Liming by 35 billion, which is estimated to be 103.400 million; Capital increase of 2 billion to Liyang, estimated 72.600 million; increased capital of 10 billion to the South Company, estimated at 100.0 billion.At present, the profits of the three target companies have remained good for 18 years, but the asset-liability ratios of the three target companies are 66.19%, 48.92%, 46.The average price is 33%, which is higher than the median asset-liability ratio of 39% of the Shenwan National Defense Industry Index. The debt burden is heavy and the cash flow is poor. The completion of the debt-to-equity swap will further help the company’s development. 3. Optimize the structure of assets and liabilities, improve the operating efficiency of enterprises, and help the company’s supply-side reform. As the main domestic aero engine development and manufacturer, the company’s revenue scale has been expanding with the continuous increase in downstream military demand. However, due to the lag in the military product repayment cycle, the company’s short-term production and operating cash flow has continued to be tight.The target company that has implemented debt-for-equity conversion this time has a large range of aero engine products, including medium and small thrust turbines, turbojets, turboprops and other engines. It is the core R & D and production enterprise for aero engines.We believe that after the completion of this reorganization, the target company’s asset-liability ratio will be significantly reduced and interest expenses will be reduced, which will help reduce the operating pressure of the enterprise and enhance its operating vitality. It will implement technological transformation for the target company, upgrade and upgrade to save the foundation, and improve the solution to dawn.The development breakthrough of the company, Liyang Power, and Southern Company is an important breakthrough in the structural reform of the supply side of aviation power. 4. Profit forecast It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 12 respectively.25 billion, 15.69 billion, 19.2.4 billion, corresponding to an estimated 41/32/26 times, maintain the “strongly recommended” level! Risk reminder: The development progress of the new model is less than expected, and the reorganization needs to be reviewed and approved, which is uncertain.

Fangda Special Steel (600507): Steel production continues to decline in the second quarter

Fangda Special Steel (600507): Steel production continues to decline in the second quarter

The company announced its semi-annual report for 2019, which produced a total of 197 steel products in 2019H1.

71 Absolute.

The company produced a total of 163 iron, steel and materials in 2019H1.

05, 196.

22, 197.

71 Initially, at least 3 drops respectively.

03%, 5.

71%, 6.

25%, producing leaf spring 9.

71 at least, down 14 each year.


The company’s output has previously fallen, and we believe that it can be changed from a higher base last year to the company5.

29 accident effects.

The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in the first half of 201910.

55 ppm, a decrease of 19 per year.


The company’s operating income in 2019H1 was 82.

53 trillion, an increase of 0 in ten years.

18%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 10.

5.5 billion, down 19 each year.


Among them, the second quarter achieved net profit attributable to mothers.

8.5 billion, down 21 a year.

85%, but up 24.


In the second quarter, the company’s gross profit per ton of steel was 1,083 yuan / ton, and the net profit per ton of steel was 553 yuan / ton. We believe that the impact of rising raw material prices in the second quarter has compressed the company’s profit level, but the company’s profit level has continued to rise slightly from the previous quarter.

The company’s iron powder production continued to grow with a gross profit margin of 64.


The company produced 39 iron powder in the first half of the year.

Start with 52 and sell 42.

48 ounces, of which 20 in the second quarter of 2019.

23 cobalt, an increase of 4 from the previous month.


Benefiting from the high iron ore price in the second quarter, the company’s iron fines achieved revenue2.

8.5 billion, gross profit 1.

84ppm, gross margin 64.


The company produced 14 fine iron powders 佛山桑拿网 in 2018.31 Initially, considering that iron ore prices have risen significantly this year, the company’s business in this sector has improved significantly and profits have grown rapidly.

The company’s 2019Q2 management expense ratio declined, and its asset-liability ratio remained stable.

The proportion of the three expenses of the company in Q2 2019 decreased, mainly due to the decline in management expenses.

The company’s asset-liability ratio was 59 in the second quarter.

68%, down from the first quarter.

80 points.

The average value of current ratio and quick ratio is above 1, and the company’s ability to pay debts is replaced.

In the second quarter, the price of long products was stronger than that of front materials, but the price of iron ore strongly lowered the profit level.

The company’s main 重庆耍耍网 products are long products (threads, wires). The price of long products in the second quarter was divided into slender materials, which made the company’s profit better than other aligned products companies.

However, the increase in iron ore prices in the second quarter lowered the company’s profit level. We expect iron ore prices to return to rationality in the future, and the profit suppression of steel companies will be transformed.

Profit forecast and investment rating.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.


48, 1.

43 yuan, according to the closing price of 8 on August 16.

28 yuan calculation PE is 5 respectively.

39, 5.

59, 5.

81 times.

Under the private system, the company has a good incentive mechanism, sophisticated management, high production and operation efficiency, outstanding profitability, and a high dividend payout ratio, which gives it 8-10 times PE in 2019 and a reasonable value range12.


37 yuan, corresponding to 2019 PB3.


9x, maintain “previous market” rating.

Risk reminder: The growth rate of real estate investment is rapidly decreasing, and the demand for construction steel is falling; the production and sales of heavy trucks are falling, and the demand for flat springs and leaf springs is falling; the price of iron ore has fallen sharply.

Erotic philosophy of married men

Erotic philosophy of married men

As the saying goes, heroes have been sad about beauty since ancient times.

Since heroes can hardly resist the temptation of beauties, let alone ordinary men and women who are suffering.

So the man was lustful, and seemed to have done things right.

  In this case, men are irresistible. You can even go after which beautiful girl you like. You even go to see the younger sister in the bar. Even the actress who loves movies and magazines. Although it is out of reach, you alsoYou can hang her big picture in front of the dining table on the bed. At present, the beautiful color can at least help you fall asleep, as long as you like it, as long as you do n’t own others and violate the law and morals, everything is not a problem.

However, if you are unfortunate and you become a married man, you have to converge. If you don’t pay attention to harm others, you will lose more than you pay.

Because you were n’t lucky to be born in ancient times, you can justify your three wives and concubines; you ‘re not an emperor who can want to be beautiful; you ‘re not the most popular male star.Some people ‘s jokes after a meal . Then it ‘s wonderful to keep that “lechery”
on a certain scale.

  However, at present, there is a man who can sit in confusion, whether I am married or unmarried. Besides, Liu Xiahui’s story is not convincing to some extent, at least it makes men less convinced. There is no third person at all.At the scene, who knows whether it ‘s really chaotic or distracted after a night of sitting or not . It ‘s unclear if it can be verified, or even true, then in the eyes of modern people, Mr. Liu Xiahui is not a born stupid idiotIs personality incompetence.

  No, recently, a survey was conducted by psychologists in the United States to make men all over the world rejoicing: from the degree of replacement of married men who derailed, it is determined that male lust is inherent in nature and is purely caused by genes in the body.A physiological phenomenon.

  It ‘s okay now, men are lascivious, and they are both heroic and historical. ”And there are also scientific conclusions. Many men frowned after seeing this news, and impersonated imitations. It ‘s not their fault to say that lascivious, it ‘s all caused by genes.disaster.

  What’s wrong with this modern man, he doesn’t even have the courage to recognize his lust and indulgence, so he has to find a “scientific” viewer to use as a cover for maintaining “self-esteem”.

The talented man Li Ao once admitted that engaging in politics and engaging in women is the worst thing in the world, and it is also the favorite thing of men.

So he worked tirelessly from a young age, to a sixties, and married a beautiful girl like a flower.

Jackie Chan commented on the Clinton sex scandal: “He just made the mistake that most men in the world would make.

“Yeah, since men in the world will make mistakes, why do n’t they allow Clinton to commit them? I mean Jackie Chan is also a man. Of course, there can be no exceptions. Let ‘s not talk about their behavior, at least the lust of others is obvious.Secretly, most of the hypocrites who find a thousand reasons for their lusts.

  In fact, beauty is not a sin, and there is nothing wrong with it, nor is it an unsightly thing. As long as you don’t have an inferiority, even if you love women everywhere

Even though the idiot Duan Yu is in the face of many beautiful colors, but only one woman truly loves the old fairy sister “Wang Yuyan, and sees her happiness as more important than his own life. What about such a man?How about it?

  Because the man’s lecherous topic has been corrected with a married male friend on the Internet, he believes that: men’s lecheries are beyond reproach, but normal men are not unscrupulous in the face of beauty, distracted, emotional, and emotionalin.

But the key is to have a sense of color, to achieve color without chaos, and it is easy to be romantic without being indecent.

Because people are not animals, they are responsible and sane people. They must be responsible for the marriage you have chosen and be able to love you desperately. * The woman willing to wash and cook at home for you.

In fact, a lot of times, men are lascivious, have nothing to do with love, love, love, appreciation and heart-warming.

calm at heart.

  Yes, everyone who looks pretty likes to look at it twice, and beauty is human nature.

The beautiful woman is picturesque and picturesque, like a flower like a moon, it is really pleasing to the eye, just like watching a picture, a pot of flowers, and a woman with bright eyes and meticulous manners occasionally walks on the street.Men and women will stop and watch.

Moreover, the high head rate of the road tour is a woman’s proud capital. No woman wants her beauty to be appreciated, and she is lonely in a orchid house like a flower. Even the sage Confucius has the words “food and sex.”

“Let’s compare color with food and distinguish it from sex. So what’s true of us earlier?

  However, from a woman’s point of view, especially a wife’s point of view, a man who is lascivious has a bit of embarrassment. He feels that a lascivious man is insecure as a husband, and he is always worried that he will be obsessed with beauty.

However, as long as you know your husband well, and he can know the man’s lascivious philosophy, as long as he is not indifferent, indifferent, not pornographic, or when he sees a woman who confessed to him, he will just mess up.Let him go.

  A gentleman loves money, and he has the right way. A gentleman should be lascivious, and he should have a “Tao”, especially the lustful philosophy of a married man. Contemporary disciples should really remember it.

That lust is bright, and he is definitely not derogatory.

  Men, passion is not wrong, passion is wrong.

However, one thing, especially married men, must not forget the lascivious philosophy of married men.

Bad emotions make it harder for babies

Bad emotions make it harder for babies

When your baby becomes stubborn, sticky, and always likes to cry, has difficulty falling asleep or sleeps well, and even has no organic reason for headaches, abdominal pain, or other “illnesses” for no reason, are you a mother?Have you thought that the real culprit may have nothing to do with other factors, but closely related to your bad mood?

  Xinxin’s annoying “problem” behavior Xinxin is a 2-year-old boy who has always been very good at bringing about this, because Xinxin’s mother did not exaggerate in front of her friends.

  However, recently, the little guy suddenly appeared a lot of “problematic” behaviors. Sometimes, during the day, the mother was not allowed to go to work; when the mother came home, she was entangled and could not leave at one step; she had difficulty falling asleep at night and often woke up several times at night for no reason.And crying every time I wake up.

Waking up at night is not worth making a fuss. Prior to this, Xinxin also occasionally woke up at night, usually because of peeing, or hungry.

As long as his needs are met, put him on the bed and pat it a few times, the little guy will soon fall asleep again.

But recently it’s not working, the little guy suddenly seems to be difficult.

Every time he woke up, even if someone was clapping and coaxing, he kept crying. He had to keep his mother in his arms and change someone else.

Even so, he also wanted his mother to have him constantly walking around the room.

Only then will he slowly settle down.

  Xin Xin’s mother is under a lot of pressure at work, coupled with Xin Xin’s trouble, and her sleep quality is not high, she is even more tired.

Once, Xinxin’s mother listened to a friend’s suggestion, and when Xinxin cried for no reason at night, she decided to ignore him severely.

Unexpectedly, the little guy actually cried for more than an hour, until his mother compromised, he only swallowed, and in extreme sleepiness, fell asleep in his mother’s arms.

The increasingly tired Xin Xin mother is even more upset, and sometimes it is inevitable that she loses patience with Xin Xin, so it is common to lose her temper.

However, Xinxin does not appreciate his mother’s hard work. On the contrary, his behavior has not improved at all, and even worsened, giving his mother an unprecedented frustration.

  Why Xin Xin’s “problem” behavior came to her mother to consult a lot of people, in addition to ruling out all the issues that can be thought of, such as lack of nutrients, diseases, poor sleeping environment, etc., did not make Xin Xin be more clever.

Xin Xin’s mother became more and more worried, and Xin Xin’s “problem” behavior continued to escalate, even the problem of shouting “belly pain” from time to time appeared.

Xinxin’s mother took him to the doctor several times, and some of the doctors did not find any organic cause.

This made Mother Xinxin very distressed. She even wondered: Did a baby as young as 2 years old learn to lie?

In the end, Xinxin’s mother was exhausted and had no choice but to give up.

  To Xinxin’s mother, she was relieved that some days, a friend who came to the house to do psychological counseling completely resolved her troubles.

After a short talk with friends and parents, Xin Xin’s mother realized that Xin Xin did not have any problems. The problem was entirely with her.

It turned out that Ms. Xinxin encountered some troubles in her work during this time. She was “distributed” by her boss from a more important position to another less important department, and her original position was seen by a person who looked far worse than hers.Colleagues replaced.

Although the boss called it “easy for her to take better care of her children”, Xinxin’s mother always worked hard when she thought of her work. She is a very good employee in the company. Although she has a child now, it has not affected her work., She will inevitably feel unbalanced.

  Before returning home, Xin Xin’s mother would be very happy to accompany Xin Xin to play, but since having this unpleasant experience of changing jobs, Xin Xin’s mother can no longer accompany Xin Xin as whole as before.

Even when she was playing with Xinxin, she used to be deliberate, always thinking about how to do better, and using actual actions to reflect her true strength.

Of course, in order to prove that she can work hard as a child, Xinxin’s mother often takes the initiative to work overtime and work harder.

Because of overtime, she has been with Xinxin for a long time.

  Friends pointed out that although Xin Xin is still young, he can also pay close attention to his mother’s perfunctory attitude and worry. Therefore, it is recommended that Xin Xin mom adjust her mentality and leave work behind Xin Xin with her wholeheartedly to accompany himTo comprehensively improve the quality of getting along with Showtime.

Sure enough, after a few days, Xinxin suddenly became well-behaved, and her mother’s troubles naturally disappeared.